It was Sunday.

Or, rather, Neil hoped it was Sunday. It could just as well have been the very makings of an unpleasant Monday; all he could see was the Time, and that didn't help much at all. If it were Monday, it meant that he would get his arm back in twenty minutes. But it would also mean pointless repetitive tasks that dulled the mind and...

He decided to stop thinking of it, and resumed hoping it was Sunday. And, fortunately, his dwelling on pointless repetitive tasks was interrupted by the phone chirping.

The phone chirping so early was, usually, a very bad thing. At the moment, it was merely annoying, with the receiver on the desk... Just barely out of his free arm's reach. For all his efforts in getting it, it landed with the heavy thunk of plastic on bare floor.

The lady on the other end sounded just a little surprised.



"Are you alright?"


"There was this noise-"

"You mean the phone hitting the ground at thirty-two feet per second per second thing?"

There was a pause of understanding, "You must be Neil. Jacob told us so many nice things about you..."

"I'm sorry – who is this?"

"This is Jane's mother."

"Ah." That made sense. ... No, that only made some sense. Neil remembered Jacob as a very manic man, and specifically he remembered graphic threats of bodily harm. That made sense; the reputed nice things didn't make sense, and he felt as though he was missing something.

And... wait. Jane's mother? This was his room, right? Let's see... Century old office door, yep, there she is.

Neil wondered, briefly, if he should be worried at his girlfriend's relatives calling his niche of a home in the early hours of the morning.

"Is Jane there?"

"Yes," the answer was automatic, but half-right and suddenly suspect, "No, she's sleeping."

"Oh, I'm sorry – what time is it there?"

"Early." Sunday. He hoped, "I can tell her you called?"

"That would be fine, dear. It was nice to speak to you."


"Bye, now."

Neil thought this over as he found the phone a new home on the chair. He concluded that Jane's family was weird; and, staring at the woman herself as she kept his arm a helpless captive, he decided to tell her such,

"Your family is weird."


"Uh, You are asleep, right?"

Jane lifted her head, meeting his gaze with a unfocussed blink, and sighed, "...What?"

The End

Working Title: Virgo

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