The Curse of the Werepire

Author's note: This fanfiction is co-authored by Cydra and Hamishwarfare who both agreed to use each other's characters.

Chapter 1: Trouble in Paradise

It has been a month since Lilo and Victoria were turned into experiments. It has been a month since Lilo blew up Gantu's ship and freed the other experiments captured by Hamsterviel. Gantu had been released from prison but has to live on Earth for the amount of years that he could have spent in years, which he accepted quite quickly and happily.Though he would rather that he did not have a parole officer especially one as strict as Cobra Bubbles. 625 was renamed 'Deli' and was living with Lilo, Stitch, and Angel. Victoria was put under the tutorage of Draco. Everything was fine. Or so it seemed.

Stitch and Angel were sitting in the hammock. There were seeing each other since Angel's rescue. They were trying to have a conversation but kept getting side tracked by something that had been bothering them. Stitch was having second thoughts about his relationship with Angel. Was he really in love with her? Lately when his thoughts were drifting around aimlessly he thinks a bit more about Lilo than Angel. He had felt a close connection with Lilo ever since she changed him from bad to good. But now that she has become an experiment that connection seems to be growing and something about her seems to be helping it along. He fell in love with Angel by sight and it seemed to strengthen with time. But this feeling towards Lilo was growing stronger, faster than his love towards Angel.Lilo, when she was human, was not attractive in his eyes. Though her personality gave him warm feelings whenever she used it, there was just something that was missing and when he saw Angel that void was filled. She had what Lilo was missing, looks, and because of that he fell in love with her. But getting to know her better he gets reminded of a saying that Lilo told him once "beauty is only skin deep." He spoke nothing about this to Angel or anybody; he didn't want to break their relationship. Though he was questioning his feeling for her, he still enjoyed the quiet moments with her. Completely unknown to Stitch, Angel was having the exact same problem. Her love for Stitch was slowly being replaced by Deli. She had shared moments with him in Gantu's ship. He understood her better than Stitch. Sure Stitch had a better figure, but there was something about Deli that was hard to resist.Maybe it was because that Deli actually listened to her. During her capture in Gantu's ship, she told him things that she has never told anyone. Nothing romantic or anything like that. Just small memories of long ago. Memories of old toys that she liked to play with when she was back in Jumba's lab, and similar things. She felt so embarrassed when she told him, but Deli just smiled at her before he started to tell her similar things. Remembering those moments slowly made her lose the romance that she once had for Stitch. They both soon gave up on the conversation and not long after they stopped talking, they left the hammock. Going in opposite directions of each other they both had the same thought wandering through their heads, "I think this relationship has ended."

Meanwhile Draco was having someā€¦ love problems of his own. He was teaching Victoria how to use her power of flight to its full advantage. Teaching her advanced flight skills and other things that only an experienced flyer could teach. During some conversations they had during these lessons, they discovered they had some similar interest. And now, slowly but surely, Draco was developing feelings for Victoria. She had an independent spirit with assertive power behind it. Draco respected and admired that. He also found her personality one that comforted him. It was a very caring one that told you she would always be there for you. Personalities like that are hard to come by in the experiments. There was one thing that bothered him, Snooty. He thought that Victoria liked Snooty more than she liked him. They had more in common species-wise and Snooty had been with her longer. Though she never really talked about Snooty during her lessons, Draco suspected that she did have feeling for him. He could not work out if she knew about these feelings or not, or how big these feelings were for him. All these thoughts and feelings were driving him off his mood and he hadn't been reacting to things like he normally would. It seemed like the whole group had their own love problems and no one had the answers they were all looking for.