Hey all! it's me again! Here's my Valentine's Day tribute #1! Hope you enjoy.

My Valentine's Day Tribute

She had always disliked this holiday. She found herself always alone, unlike the others. Her blonde haired, blue eyed team mate, Naruto, was off with her friend with short black hair and white eyes, Hinata. Her blonde, and old rival and friend, Ino, was off with the laziest guy in history, Shikamaru. And her other friend, the chocolate haired bun weapon mistress was off with her crush of silence, Neji. Well, actually, to be fair, all of her girl friends were off trying to woo the guys, all but her.

You see, she had somewhat given up on this holiday. Every year was the same, she made chocolates for everyone, but the one person she wanted to be with, was always somewhere else. He found her annoying and overall he disliked fan girls and sweets; especially chocolate. Yet, every year, she finds herself making chocolates for him, funny isn't it. Sakura decided that she would give in to tradition this year.

It was the day before Valentine's Day; the sun was shinning happily, birds were chirping lovingly, and she, well, was walking home after spending the day with her girl friends. They had gone to a café and talked about their ideas to woo the guys tomorrow. Let's just say, there is an 80+ chance of failure for her three girl friends. Hinata couldn't hold a conversation with Naruto, she'd start getting nervous and stutter a lot, then she'd faint; this would normally be an advantage… but Naruto is too dense to notice her feelings.

Ino had it pretty bad, considering she fell for the laziest guy in history. He sits around and watches clouds go by, not only that but he has a pretty high IQ, but of course, he's too lazy to show it. Ino is going to do something so outrageous that it gets his attention. And then there's Ten-ten. He's going to have one hell of a time. She fell for the second biggest ice cube in the whole city. She has an advantage though, she's on his team, and she never ceases to amaze us.

And then, there's me. Unfortunately, I fell for the biggest ice cube. He's quiet and you never know what in the world he is thinking. He isn't really close to anyone, he just pushes everyone away. Every once in awhile he'll do something with the group because he has nothing better to do, that isn't very often however. No matter how mean he is to me or how much he rejects me, I still love him. I got it bad, don't I?

I was on my way home, to my apartment. Yes, I have an apartment. I moved out of my parent's house so that I could become more independent and live a life of my own. I've had my apartment for about a month and half now. I was lucky, my room overlooks the forest with the small lake, I got a really great room. It's just small and dainty for me, and the occasional visit sleepovers from one of my friends.

I walk up to my door, take out my keys and open the door. I watch as the door slowly swings open as I push it. It's dark and cold at the moment. I enter the room and close the door behind me. I walk over to the window and open the curtains, making it so that the sun light can peer into my room, lighting up it's features. The room had light blue walls and an unusual dark purple almost black carpet.

I can't help but smile at the sight that the room overlooks. I can see the lake shimmering from what was left of the sun, and the tree seemed to be swaying against the wind. I close my eyes and reopen them. Right! Time to get down to business! I walk into the kitchen and roll up my sleeves. After about three hours, I was done. Now for the last touches. I took what I had cooked; my famous chocolate candies, and layered them into ten white boxes.

I took out many different kinds of wrapping and began to wrap them two at a time; a blue one with clouds and red hearts for Ino's and Shikamaru's, a green heart one for Neji and Ten-ten, a cute little ramen one with pink hearts for, you guessed it, Naruto's and Hinata's. I wrapped one with a silver background and pink hearts for Kakashi-sensei and Tsunade-sama, and a cute multi-colored hyper and happy one for Iruka-sensei. And for the last box, I saved my special wrapping for, even though the person who got it would probably throw the box away without even giving any thought. I wrapped his delicately in a light red one with black hearts and silver outlined tomato red dragons. Where I got this strange valentine's wrapping paper you may ask, well, that's a secret.

When I was finally done I looked out the window. Good, it was night. It was the good time to drop off the chocolates. I carried them carefully to their respective people. I found Naruto at his usual place, Ichiraku (the ramen bar), he was practically crying when I gave it to him. I found Hinata not far away from Naruto, probably trying to attempt to talk to Naruto… again. She too was please to have my chocolate. I found Neji and Ten-ten training at the training grounds, Ten-ten was ecstatic while Neji gave me a nod and thanked me, those two are total opposites, I guess that just means they'll be a great couple. I found Shikamaru mopping around in Ino's store while Ino was trying to have a decent conversation with him. I gave them their chocolates and you could practically see the hearts in Ino's eyes, while Shikamaru commented that Valentine's Day was too troublesome, I somewhat agree with him. I dropped off Kakashi-sensei's and Iruka-sensei's chocolates at their apartments, they were so happy that they were dancing, it was pretty creepy. Then I walked to Tsunade's office and dropped her package off, she almost broke my bones from hugging me too tightly. I was able to escape from her grasp soon after.

And then I was stuck with my last box. Walked up to his apartment building and approached his door but stopped a yard away from it. I took out a kunai and tied a cloth to it with the chocolates tucked safely with in it. And I threw the kunai at the door; it thudded and was just sticking into his door, holding the gift. After that I walked home and waited to see what tomorrow brings.

I was pacing back and forth in my room, my hair was sticking up. I was nervous, very nervous. My eyes floated over to the package on my bed. I couldn't take it; there is no way that someone like me could do it. I continued to pace and then I stopped and walked over to my mirror. I saw my onyx eyes staring back at me. My raven black hair was spiked up as usual, and my ever so handsome features just made me smirk. I wanted back over to my bed and continued to pace.

I never did like the holiday. Every year I'd get a whole bunch of chocolate from my stupid fan girls, every single one of them! It annoyed the hell out of me, not only for the chocolates but when I left my apartment. Each year I'd be surrounded by them on that day, they just wouldn't stop popping out of everywhere!

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud thud at my door, and surprisingly I jumped. I walked over to the door and opened it; I saw nothing and closed it. Must have been my imagination. I walked back over to my bed and looked at the package. If I'm going to do it, right now would be the perfect time. With that I took hold of the package, opened my sliding door and jumped outside, from rooftop to rooftop.

When I awoke I found, to my astonishment, that it was a quiet morning. I got up from my bed and got ready for the worst day of my life, but I wouldn't let that get me down. I took a fast warm shower and dressed in my usual kunoichi clothes. While looking into the mirror I combed my hair, I noticed that my forehead wasn't so large anymore, I suppose my short hair makes it look that way.

It was around 7: 05 a.m. when I was finally done. Unfortunately, Kakashi-sensei said that since it was a holiday, we'd have no meeting today. So in other words, I have to walk around all day, bored as hell, until the stupid festival. Yay…

I opened my door and my mouth dropped. There lying before me was a bouquet of red tulips, orchids, some pink carnations, and in the center was one elegant pink rose. I picked it up carefully and a tag fell onto the ground. I picked it up a read it.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You're as sweet as sugar,

You stand in the center;

All elegant and happy too.

Truly one of a kind.

My mouth fell open. I was the only pink rose in the bouquet. I checked the tag again; there was no name, just the romantic poem. My heart was racing but then my eyes widened, what if it were from Lee? No that can't be, he detests the color blue, and there's a blue ribbon around the bouquet. Was it Naruto? No, it would be impossible for him to be THIS romantic and even write a POEM. Was it Sasuke? HA! Hell would freeze over before he turned romantic and wrote a poem.

I chuckled at the thought of a 'secret admirer'. I stepped back into my apartment and placed the beautiful bouquet in a vase and set them on my nightstand, next to the picture of team seven. After that I walked down to the streets and skipped through them to Ino's flower shop.

As I walked into the store, Ino's eyes seemed to almost pop out. She didn't expect me to be here today. I strode over to her and smiled. She of course found this to be suspicious.

"What is it Sakura?" She asked.

"Did anyone come by and buy a bouquet of red tulips, orchids, some pink carnations, and a single pink rose?" I smiled.

Ino raised her eyebrow and smiled, "Perhaps. Why? Did someone give you them?"

I giggled and nodded. I replayed the event to her and she was smiling.

"So that's who they were for. When he came to buy them I was really surprised. And when I asked him who they were for, he wouldn't tell me… instead he just blushed. That caught me off guard, him blushing; I never thought I'd see the day." Ino giggles.

"So they did come here! Who was it?" I was very excited.

Ino put her finger and wagged it in front of my face, "I can't tell you. I promised him I wouldn't if I found out who it was."

I pouted. But she continued, "He told me to tell you to meet him at the festival tonight at Ichiraku's."

I smiled and ran off. The day had gone by quickly and it was an hour before the festival began, so I ran home to get changed. I decided to wear something special for my secret admirer. I picked out my pink one with the multi colored pink, purple, and teal flowers on it. But his one was special; it had black dragons mixed in with the flowers, not only that but this kimono was once my great grandmother's.

I smiled at myself in the mirror once I was done putting my hair up with barrettes. I walked out of my apartment building and headed toward Ichiraku's. Along the way I caught the attention of many guys, but I just ignored them. When I reached my destination I stopped. The only people there were Naruto and Hinata. Hinata wore a lgith blue flowery kimono, and Naruto wore... well, a regular orange kimono.

Naruto waved to me, "Sakura-Chan!"

I walked over to them, I couldn't hide my disappointment, "Hi Naruto, hi Hinata. Have you seen any other guys around here? I'm… actually supposed to meet someone here."

I looked down and Hinata said, "Actually, there was a guy here not too long ago."

I looked at her and Naruto finished what Hinata was saying, "He told us to tell you that he'd meet you in front of the Hokage's building.

With that I ran off to the Hokage's building, ignoring the last sentence of words Hinata said. I passed by more crowds of people until the building was in sight. When I got there, again I stopped. I saw Neji and Ten-ten talking to Tsunade and Jiraiya. Ten-ten waved to me, she could see that I had 'bummer' written all over my face. Neji wore a starry black kimono and Ten-ten wore a more happier one made up of brightly colored flowers. Tsunade and Jiraiya wore their usual, nothing spectacular about them tonight.

Ten-ten spoke first, "What's wrong Sakura?"

"I was told by a guy to meet him here, and it doesn't look like he's here." I sighed.

Tsunade smirked, "Oh, there was a guy here just a few moment ago. He told us to tell you to meet him over by the fireworks stand."

I wasn't sure if I should believe this or not, I didn't want to get my hopes up for nothing. I thanked them and left to the fireworks stand. The closer I got to the stand the more crowded the area became. Went the stand was in sight I saw a tall man with brown hair. Could he be--- wait no, that's Shikamaru. Shikamaru was standing with Ino as I approached. Ino was wearing a yellow kimono with white clouds on it, and Shikamaru was wearing one that was exactly the same...

"Did he by any chance tell you to tell me to meet him somewhere?" I asked as I was starting to get annoyed.

"How troublesome." Shikamaru mumbled.

"Yeah we saw him." Ino said as she giggled and Shikamaru nudged her in the ribs, "He told us to tell you to meet him at the lake that your apartment over looks."

"Thanks." I hissed.

I ran off to the lake. Why didn't he say that in the first place, that way I would be trekking all over the damn city! Why am I even bothering with this anyway? As I approached I was getting tired, and I became very irritated at what I saw. Kakashi-sensei and Iruka-sensei were sitting on a bench talking to each other as I approached them, panting heavily. They didn't bother dressing up for the occasion, just the ususal for them.

"Ah, Hello Sakura-chan." Iruka smiled.

"Shouldn't you be out having fun?" Kakashi asked.

"I would be, but I was supposed to meet someone here." I growled.

"OH! Now that you mention it, this guy was here a few moments ago, he told us that when a girl came by to tell you that he's be waiting at the top of the big flowery hill near the memorial or KIA's." Iruka said.

I rolled my eyes and walked away. Whatever, I bet that if I go there, I'll find someone else who'll tell me he told them to tell me to meet them somewhere else. I've had enough of this. How dare a stupid guy mess around with me. Huh? Wait a minute…

I found myself at the foot of the big flowery hill surrounded by trees. Apparently my feet took me here. Oh well, might as well find out who is at the top. I traveled up the hill, dodging some trees along the way. When I finally reached the top, I found… nothing. No one was there.

I sighed out of anger and relief. I looked down the hill; from where I was standing it had a good view of the starry night sky and of the city. The fire works should be going off soon. I laid down, sprawling out on to the hill and closed my eyes. Stupid guy. How dare he make a fool of me. If I ever meet him, I'll take my revenge on him.

My mind drifted to what I could've been doing now, but no… I trekked throughout all of Konoha looking for that stupid guy. I could've curled up in my nice warm bed and read a book. Or I somehow could've gone with my friends. I could've sat on my balcony and watched the fireworks from there. Or I could've done something else, but no… I'm stuck here because I'm tired. I'm tired because of that stupid guy. And if that stupid guy didn't give me flowers in the first place, I wouldn't have had to do any of this! I was blazing mad now.

My mind was too busy thinking to notice that someone was standing over me, that was, until I opened my eyes. At the sight of the person my eyes dilated. My green eyes met dark onyx ones. I pounced up but still sat on the grass.

"S-Sasuke-kun! What are you doing here? Don't scare me like that!" My heart was racing in surprise.

"Hn. I can go wherever I want to." He glared at me, I felt very uneasy.

"Oh… yeah. You can." I looked down.

"What are you doing up here?"

"Don't start." I hissed. "There's a reason why I despise Valentine's Day, especially today."

I glared at the grass. Grass is lucky, it doesn't fall in love or bother with everyday problems like it do, it just sways in the wind. I loathe you grass. I felt Sasuke's eyes piercing onto my skull, and I looked up at him. He had his usual emotionless face… except for his trademark smirk. He looked way too handsome... no, he looked way too sexy in the moonlit night.

"Well, if you don't mind. I'll join you in your hating Valentine's day." He sat down next to me.

What's going on? Why is he here, no really? I laid back down and stared at him. Wait a minute! If he was just wandering around and hated Valentine's Day… then why is he wearing a navy blue kimono with silver dragons on it? Unless…

"Hey, you know what. I found these flowers in front of my door this morning. I read the tag and threw them in the garbage. I dislike those kinds of things." I smiled evilly as I saw him twitch and I could tell he was hiding something. "I really wanted to know who the moron was who sent them to me, that way I could pound him." I noticed that he was shifting on the grass slightly.

He turned to me, "Oh really?"

His voice sounded distant and sad, and then he turned his head away. I smirked. Leaning closer to him, I took his arm and locked it with my own. I leaned closer to him and snuggled against him. I leaned even closer to him, more like to his hear.

"I was kidding Sasuke-kun…" I whispered letting my words tickle his ear.

I could feel him jump. Was he… getting nervous? He turned to me and our eyes locked.

He leaned close to my ear and whispered, "I have a confession to make."

Sasuke took something out of his kimono and handed it to me. My eyes widened, I had only been playing with Sasuke to see if he was jealous of the stupid guy… but there right in front of me was a single pink rose.

"I was the moron who left the flowers in front of your apartment."

The words hit me rock bottom. I gasped as hell froze over. It was HIM! HE sent me the flowers! HE! Then I remembered something.

"So then… it was you…" I paused as my voice became bitter and I took my fist and punched Sasuke in the face, "…who made me run all over Konoha trying to look for you!"

Sasuke was definitely not expecting that. He cupped the part of his face that her fist collided with, his cheek.

"Damn woman! Here in was trying to be romantic and you punch me! What the hell! Women are stupid and…" His anger disappeared as he noticed that the girl in front of him, I, was crying.

I couldn't help it. I was happy that he did it yet sad because he probably didn't mean any of it. He doesn't love me, if he did, the apocalypse would come the minute he spoke the words I've been dying to hear for so long now. But he would never say them, he would never love me. The next thing I knew, there was a sudden warmth around my body and strong arms hugging me.

"Shhh… It's alright." Said Sasuke's…calm and gentle voice?

I looked up at him, tears still spilling from my eyes. What the hell is going on?

As if on cue he continued, "I'm sorry. Don't cry."

The words echoed in my head. Since when did the great cold Uchiha do romantic things, write poems, comfort people, and say sorry to people! If hell could freeze over again, I'm sure it would.

"W-what?" I sniveled in shock.

He held me closer, I could feel his heart beat. "I'm sorry, please don't cry. You know those chocolates you made were great."

The words seemed to be in a foreign language to me. I couldn't understand what was going on. I had stopped crying when I realized he was comforting me, yes I knew that, but… Sasuke and any of these words: gentle, comforting, apologize, caring, kind, and whatever, do NOT go together in a sentence, well some might, but they have never been put together IN a sentence before… that was, until now. and he actually ATE the chocolates!

I gaped at him. "S-Sasuke-kun?"

He… smiled! He… smiled? He smiled at me? He's hugging me tighter. Hugging? There's another word that doesn't fit into a sentence with Sasuke. He loosed his hug and picked me up and set me sitting on his lap as if he had been carrying me bridal style. His cold, dark, onyx eyes were replaced with caring and…lustful? Caring and lustful dark onyx eyes?

"Sakura…" He breathed; his voice was calm and caring and soothing to me.

I blinked in confusion on what the hell was going on but my mind stopped think entirely as the fireworks finally went off, and something soft brushed onto my lips. I opened my eyes to see if I could have a better understanding of what was going on, but I was at a loss. He was… kissing me!

He broke off the kiss and again he smiled. "Sakura…"

I cut him off by pouncing onto him, kissing his lips. He was obviously taken a back but we stayed like that for a few more moments and he sat up with me on his lap. He put his arms around me and we watched the fireworks.

He leaned close to me ear and I felt the words tingle my whole body, "Sakura, I love you."

Oh look, there's the apocalypse.

Somewhere among the festival, three couples were looking up at the fire works. Neji had Ten-ten securely and gently in his arms. Shikamaru and Ino were leaning against a wall, holding hands. And Naruto Had Hinata sitting onto of his shoulders. They all watched the fireworks, until Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, and Iruka joined them.

Ino, Hinata, and Ten-ten giggled and said in unison, "Do you think Sasuke's plan worked?"

Everyone chuckled. Kakashi said, "Let's hope so."

"Who would've thought that Sasuke had it in him to do this, especially asking all of us for help…" Naruto grinned.

"That surely isn't like ice cube Sasuke." Ten-ten added.

Everyone nodded and their minds went up to the fireworks. They all smiled when they say one that was made of letters that read, 'I love you Sakura!'

"Heh, cocky bastard isn't he." Naruto pouted.

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Sakura slaps me across the face, "Hey! Don't get sad, get gladware!"

I stare at her with my eyebrow raised, "What the?"

"We'll find you a man!" Sakura yells.

Everyone around us just stares at us. "Uhm... no need to make a scene." I say.

"Hey! All you people who read this, if you're interested in this great writer as a friend or more then send her a message!" Sakura screams at you.

"Hey, hey. No need to bring the audience into this. I'll just go and abuse Koro in my writing..."

Sakura stops dead. Her eyes begin to glow, "Oh no you don't! You're not going with that pervert! I'll find you a man damnint!" Sakura goes and pulls a random audience member by the collar, "Hey you! Audience member! What do you think of my friend here?"

The poor guy is scared shitless, "U-u-uhm... s-she's a great writer?"

"Good enough!" She throws the guy back into the crowd and pulls out another. "What do you think abot her?"

This guy's eyes widened, "Sh-she's... uhm...pretty?"

"Is that so?" Sakura glarred at the guy and threw him back into the sea (sea of audience). "A good guy shouldn't go after a woman because of their looks, personality and compatabilty count too!"

Sakura looks around and spots a random guy walking by and she grabs him, "What do YOU think about my good friend here?"

He glarred, "How the hell should I know! I haven't read any of her work!"

An anger mark appeared on Sakura's head and she started to swing the poor guy savagely, "THEN READ IT!" The guy went flying into the audiece.

"Anyone else!" Sakura yelled.

"Uhm... Sakura... you're scaring my reviewers away... please stop."

"Wh-what? You... don't want me to help you?" Sakura sounded hurt.

I sweat-dropped, "No, no that's not it.." I started to say, but I spotted someone. "Hey lookie Sakura, it's Sasuke!"

Sakura quickly turned around and ran to Sasuke, "Mmm... CANDY!" she yelled as she pounced onto Sasuke.

I sweat-dropped, "Poor guy..." I turn toward the audience, "Well, until next time, this might be continued... but if it is... I encourage you reviewers to run for you life after reviewing... if you don't review, who knows what she will do to you..."