Jaden was walking down the hall with Syrus

"Jaden? Do you think anyone likes me?"

"Sure do. What's not to like about you?"

"I don't know, you tell me."

Just then Alexis walked up

"Jaden, can I talk to you for moment." Alexis looks over at Syrus whos smiling.


"Uh, sure Alexis." Jaden said walking down the hall with Alexis

"Jaden, I'm leaving for the summer, to visit my parents, and they want me to bring my.. boyfriend."

"So what's the problem? Parents don't like him?"

"No, no not that, it's just... I told them I had one and I don't, and I was just wondering if..."

"I'd go with you to meet your parents as your quote un quote boyfriend?"

"Uh, yeah something like that, but you would? Seriously, you would! That would be great Jaden!"

Alexis said as she walked down the hall

"Your welcome!" Jaden said after her

"Your welcome for what?" Syrus asked

"I think I'm going out with Alexis?" Jaden said

"Way to go Jay!" Syrus shouted

"Sy! Keep it down! I'll explain it to you in our dorm."

Jaden said as they ran down to their dorm.