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Over the River and Through the Woods—To Naruto's Heart We Go

"Kakashi-sensei!" a blonde boy yelled. "What are we going to do today!" the excited teenager shouted."

"Well, Naruto, today we're going to practice on what to do if you're held captive. (Though I must say I will personally kick all of your asses if you get caught on a mission!) Annnnnyway, when you're being held hostage and CAN'T escape, I'll tell you what to do."

Naruto was very excited-looking, while Sakura was watching Sasuke (who, in turn looked bored off his ass.)

"What do we do, sensei!"

"Well, Naruto, you think of a happy place—" Kakashi ignored the snort from Sasuke "—so you don't drift into unconsciousness or think about giving up. So, to practice, you have to dictate how you get to your favourite place. Sakura-chan, you can go first."

"Ahhh, sensei! It's too hot for this!"

Kakashi sighed. "Just go."

Sighing, she began her little tale. "Well, when I leave my house you have to turn right and walk for about a block until your reach the pharmacy, then you turn left until you pass the school then walk past Iruka-sensei's house; three blocks behind it is a grove is sakura trees … which is right by …" as this point, she glanced at Sasuke. "… And, yeah, that's my favourite place. Mm-hmm. The sakura trees."

Two of the three boys knew what Sakura was talking about, but the third (blonde) one was not in "the know".

"Oookaayy, Sakura-chan … that's … good. Naruto?"

"Hmmm, well!" his loud voice started, "Once you leave my building you gotta go through an alley-way to get to Iruka-sensei's house, convince him to come, and then you gotta go right and then left past the training grounds, then turn left at the bath house and there it is!"

"The Ichiruka stand?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah! That's my favourite place in the world!"

"I see, I see … okay, Sasuke?"

The boy did not reply.

"Sasuke, c'mon."

The boy thought for a moment. "Anywhere?" Kakashi nodded. "Okay. You start off under a big yellow sun with two big pools of bright blue water on either side of you, and a small mountain in front of you."

Kakashi's on eye blinked. He'd never seen such a place, but it seemed oddly familiar.

"You can go around either side of the mountain—climbing its gentle slop would be sure death.

"Once around, if you look over your shoulder you'll see two caves—ignore them. Start walked straight away from the mountain. On both your sides, you'll notice a little up behind and over from you that in the tan ground there are three scars marred into the ground. Wonder what happened? Well, too bad, they're not part of this story.

"Keep walking, and you'll come to a small field of light-pink flowers. Pretty, isn't it? Yeah, be careful. Sometimes a crack in the ground opens up, reading to swallow you …"

This was starting to seem waaay too familiar to the teacher.

"So, after you walk around the part of flowers—just for safety reasons, you understand—you'll come to a steep cliff. Be careful when you descend this, it can be dangerous.

"Once done, look before you. It's a big, big, vast, and big dessert of dark sand. What are you going to do? You're going to walk, of course. Hope you brought your water. AS you walk, you'll notice two slightly elevated planes with hard rocks on top. Go near them, if you wish. But be careful, they are very sensitive—kinda like a volcano."

Kakashi and Sakura both had looks on their faces—they had figured out what Sasuke was describing. But dear Naruto just waited intently for Sasuke to continue.

"Well, after you've been walking for a long time, you'll come to a little crater. Try walking around it, because it may prove difficult to get out. As you go farther and farther … south, you'll come upon a vast field of thick, coarse grass. You have to battle your way through, trying not to get lost. After it seems like it will never end, you come to a very large, hard—"

"Okay, that's enough, Sasuke!" Kakashi broke in.

"But I was just about to reach my favourite spot, Kakashi-sensei."

"Yeah, sensei—" Naruto burst in "—he was almost done!"

"Umm, yeah, sorry, our lesson for today is over. You're dismissed."

Sakura, a little green, left with Kakashi.

"Sasuke, wanna go for a swim and you can finish your story?" Naruto asked.

"… Okay …"

Uh-uh. Er … Yay!

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