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Over the River and Through the Woods—To Naruto's Heart We Go

The Story Relived

"So, Sasuke, why don't you tell me now!"

The two boys were wading in a large pond surrounded by lush green foliage that let the warm sun glow a soft colour of green. Purple buds littered the ground like paint speckles.

"Okay, Naruto, are you sure?"

"Yeah! I wanna know!"

With a look in his dark, dark eyes that Naruto could not quite identify, Sasuke swam over and pinned him against the edge.

"Well, there's the bright yellow sun." As Sasuke described it, he ran his fingers through Naruto's mesh of blonde hair.

A little surprised at the action, Naruto jerked back a little, but Sasuke didn't let him get far.

"And the two blue pools—" Sasuke looked directly into Naruto's eyes "—and the small mountain—" he ran his index finger down Naruto's nose. "Let's not forget the scars in the ground." He caressed the markings on Naruto's cheeks with his thumbs.

Getting used to the touch, Naruto leaned closer, waiting for more.

"And the soft field of pink flowers." Here, instead of using his fingers to indicate to what he was referring to, he rested his lips on Naruto's.

When he drew back, Naruto had a look of shock on his face.

"Want me to keep going?"

A nod from Naruto.

"And the sudden drop …" His lips slowly worked down Naruto's throat and stopped when he reached the middle of his upper chest.

By now, Naruto had started to enjoy it ad was biting the bottom of his lip in anticipation.

When Sasuke murmured the "two hard rocks" his lips brushed over his nipples slightly then continued trailing soft kissed down the bare chest, sending a wave of shivers down Naruto's entire body.

When he reached the top of Naruto's boxers, his tongue rolled over the majorly-sensitive skin, Naruto making a low moan of delight.

He didn't know what was going on—what Sasuke was doing to him—but he knew it felt good.

His long fingers wrapped slowly around the long strands of Sasuke's pitch-black hair as Sasuke slowly pulled down Naruto's boxers ("…thick grass…").

"Wha-what're you … oh …" He was cut off by the warm sensation low in his abdomen (and lower).

He almost fainted from the ecstasy rushing through his veins … when the hot feeling went away.

"Ehh …?"

When he opened his eyes Sasuke was running away with a sly smirk on his face, goading Naruto.

"Hey! Sasuke! Waaait! I wanna hear the story again!"

"Then you have to catch me, Naruto!"

The entire village of Konoha had never seen such a sight as two half-naked teen-age boys running around, yelling obscenities at each other for half the day. (Until Naruto finally caught up with Sasuke, then the poor village heard noise of a … different sort.)

Oooo ……. ahhh ……

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I will now list the "translation" of the last chapter. (AKA what Sasuke said and what part of the body to which he was referring, in case this chapter still didn't clear it up.

Sun – Hair

Ponds – Eyes

Small mountain – nose

Markings on ground – Scars on cheeks

Field of flowers – lips

Steep drop – chin/neck

Raised plains/hard rocks – pecs/nipples

Large desert – whole torso

Thick grass – Naruto's pubic hair. XD

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