Title: Vindication
Author: Aurora-Kayd
Beta: Point-Earedpain
Disclaimer: I own nothing ;.; Slash ahead!
Summary:The first in a series of letters between Link and Sheik, set post game. Yes, we know, canonly, Sheik is Zelda. But who cares about canon? Since when has that ever stopped a fanfic writer? Oh, and if any one can guess the inspriation for this fic they get browine points!
Rating: uh.. lets go with Pg-13. For angst.

Dear Link,

I love you.

I suppose you don't believe me. Why should you? I doubt I would if I were you. But maybe you do? Perhaps you're less jaded, cynical than I am. How could I possibly love you after everything I've done? After all I've said. You shouldn't be able to lie to someone you truly love. It shouldn't be so easy right?

In some twisted way, it's easier. It's easier to convince yourself that the lies are better; that they will protect the loved one. Keep them from being hurt. And it's true I suppose, as long as they don't come to know the truth. As long as you can keep up the charade, as long as it doesn't come crashing down in a sudden, terrific epiphany.

But it can't last, can it? There are no safe havens that horror and hardship and reality can't reach.

Love conquers all. Ha. Except life. Or fate. Loss of trust. Betrayal. Supposed destiny.

You were mine. I let her take you. Because of 'destiny.' But it was the 'right thing to do.' Because everyone would be 'better' and 'happier that way.'

Except me. Except you.

It's not her fault. It's mine. Honestly. Don't blame her. She was as naïve as you were. It was me.

But I digress.

I had convinced myself that the lies were ok because it was best for you. That I had forgotten how part of you was still a young boy. I was wrong, of course. Now you know the truth. I was even more clueless that you thought you were.

I should never have let any of it happen. You should be with me now. In my arms. You should be happy. It's the least you deserve. The very least. You were used. It was so unfair. You might have said yes to Deku, but you were, what, ten, eleven, twelve, when you started? You had no idea what you were getting into. What they were asking of you. But did they care? No. It was 'destiny.' (How I loathe that word. Nearly as much as I loathe myself.) You were never given a choice, were you? Not by Deku, not by Rauru, not by Zelda. Not by me.

Goddesses. What did I do to you? Did I push you? If things had been different; if things hadn't been so hurried and pressured and life threatening and hopeless and unending; If things had been normal, would you have let me be with you, hold you, love you? I pray to Farore that your answer would be yes.

But I'll never know.

Again I deviate from the point.

I never told you. I always felt it was never the time, never the place. I was probably wrong about that too. So this letter will have to do.

I love you. And I beg your undeserved forgiveness for… everything. For lying, for not telling you in person, for failing you.

I love you.


A/N: Just some clarification for some plot issues Anna pointed out:
"Quick nit-pick, because I am finicky. If they slept together, why would Link still believe that Sheik was really Zelda? Not even Link's that blonde. He knows girl-bits from boy-bits...At least I hope he does."
On the whole 'boy-bits' issue, in my head Zelda explains it away as when she becomes Sheik it's a complete transformation (to seem authentic) and her sub-consious (or something like that...) takes over so she doesnt betray her identity through manerisms. Or something like that... >.> heh heh
"Let's just pretend we and Sheik know how old Link is. ...I am still disturbed that Sheik is, in effect, sleeping with a 10 year old."
Ah yes, the age thing. Ok. I've always thought that Link was at least 10 when the game starts. I've heard that's he supposed to be 7... but I'm sticking with 10... So when he meets Sheik he's at least 17. Now I figure, just like with Lord of the Rings, that the whole 'Saving Hyrule' bit takes a while so Link ages to like 18 or 19. So it's all legal - At least for the canon of this fic.