I come bearing another part. Sadly, it's not the last part that the few of you still following might be waiting for. It's a bit of fluffy interlude once again. I hope you enjoy all the same. Many many thanks to those of you still reading and the amazing comments you have left.

Title: Idle Hours

Author: Aurora-Kayd

Disclaimer: © Nintendo

Summary: More fluff to break up the angst. And to keep you waiting.

Rating: PG

Link made his way cautiously out of the Temple of Time. Getting past the Re-deads in the area had become habit; the wrongness of that thought was not lost on him. He was happy to get happy to get back in the field on ride Epona once more.

Link had just spent two weeks I the past. The experience had been… surreal; in his mind he was still a grown up and being around people who had no idea what hell the next seven years would bring had severely dampened his joy at seeing Hyrule as it had once been.

After riding hard for a while, Link just let Epona wander where she might. He was well aware (though with Navi's constant reminders you would have thought otherwise) that he needed to finish dealing with the shadow temple in Kakariko, but he needed to gather his thoughts after his stint in the past more. 

Lost in his thoughts, Link had no idea where they were when he heard the distinctive sound of a lyre. Looking around, Link discovered the source of the sound sitting under a nearby tree. Link hopped off Epona and headed toward Sheik, knowing that if sheik had wanted to be alone, Link would never have seen him.

"Hello… Hero," Sheik greeted as Link sat down beside him, mock glaring at the use of the title.

"Sheikah," Link countered with a wicked smile. Link saw Sheik still bore a few wounds from the ordeal at the well, which he hadn't noticed in the rain and smoke. There was an abrasion from sliding in the dirt on his cheek and, guessing by the additional wrappings, one on his left hand and forearm and right knee as well. "You're looking a little worse for the wear."

"Nothing a little time won't fix. Not everyone fells the need to run off to a Fairy Fountain or a potion shop when they get the slightest injury."

"Ok, I did that, like, once at the Forest Temple! I was a little nervous. And the splinter had gone in deep." Sheik's smirk was evident through his mask. "The fountain was right there and it really stung. Shut up."

"Whatever you say." They sat in silence for a moment, giving Link time to sulk. "How was your trip back?"

"Disconcerting," Link admitted after thinking it over.

"I see. What are you going to do now?"

"Take a day off." As if to emphasize his point, Link stretched out on his side, propping himself up on an elbow. "You?"

"As it so happens, the same."

"What do you say we take it off together?"

"Sounds tempting… What would we do?" Sheik asked, turning towards Link.

"We could fish, attempt to map the lost woods, harass cuccos," Link ticked the option off on his fingers," or we could just stay here by ourselves…"

"I'm not much in the mood for mobbing. In fact, I just might have a lie down. And there just so happens to be a pillow right here." Sheik leaned over and pushed Link onto his back, stretched his arms and, pulling down his mask, made himself comfortable on Links stomach. Link laughed and ruffled Sheiks hair, pulling off his head wraps in the process, causing Sheik to let out an indignant noise.

They lay there for sometime, watching the sun and clouds drift across the sky.

"We don't many of these days left," Sheik said suddenly as the sun began to sink. Link propped himself up, forcing Sheik to do the same.

"We'll see when this is all over. I haven't had all my optimism beaten out of me-yet. And whatever the case may be, we can still make the days we do have count." Sheik couldn't bring himself to share Link's sentiments and just smiled slowly. He leaned in, closing the space between them and moved his arm to Link's other side, half covering him.

"Then there's no time to waste. This day is almost over." Sheik tilted his head down, bringing their lips together. Link hummed his approval as a hand found it's was back into Sheik's hair.