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Sakura ran to the café, damn she was going to be late. She had promised her twin brother Shikamaru that she'd be there over 15 minutes ago! Glancing down at her watch she could see that now she was actually 20 minutes late. Damnit!

She turned the corner sharply, almost toppling some poor girl over. She stopped with a skid. "OmG, I am so sorry! Are you ok?" Sakura began to pick up the girl's things. She turned to help the girl up, "I am sorry."

When the girl looked up Sakura's jaw plummeted to the ground. The girl had white clear eyes, which meant that the girl was part of the incredibly powerful and rich Hyuuga clan. Basically meaning that Sakura was screwed. The girl could sue Saura and make her life hell just for looking at her.

Sakura felt her stomach drop. She looked around, feeling like a trapped animal. "I- I'm sorry..I… gotta go but…. I'm sorry!" She turned and ran as fast as she could.

She turned the corner and nearly toppled over a hot dog cart and a sales man. She flushed in embarrassment but kept running until she reached the café. She strolled in to the usual spot then sat. Sighing, she was safe.

She looked over to her brother. For once happy to see him sleeping. That meant he would never no she was late and therefore never get to tease her about it. Aw, life could be sweet.

15 minutes later Sakura dumped a glass of cold water over her sleeping brother's head. He shot up like a spring. He took about 7 minutes before realizing where he was and why he was wet. He glared at Sakura. She smiled sweetly in answer.

As much as brother drove her insane, she loved him like crazy. He was her twin, one looked nothing like her. He didn't even act like her. But when it came down no one knew her best.

She smiled, "So we'll order the usual Shiki? (yes, in this fic Shikamaru is Sakura's non look alike twin)."

Shikamru snorted. Sakura grinned and ordered their usual morning breakfast. Or actually late breakfast. If there was one thing the 2 had in common it was the ability to sleep like the dead for the hrs.

After chatting or in their case muttering for about an hour, they took a walk. Passing by their best friend Ino's house. They bith sighed, Shikamaru looked at it longingly. Sakura turned to watch her brother, her heart wrenching for him. Though Shikamaru would never admit it, he had always loved Ino. Ever since they had all first become friends, some 10 yrs ago. They had been 8, and Ino had save Sakura from bullies. Shikamru took one look at her and fell in love. Which meant of course that he called her annoying and ugly.

Ino had always been the girl with confidence and spunk. Sakura and Shikamru had always admired Ino for it. The 3 of them had always been best friends. Until their first high school year, Ino was sent to a boarding school in Korea. They wrote to each other once in a while, but it's been almost a year since they had last gotten a letter from Ino. Sakura knew it broke her brother's heart.

She glared at Ino's mail box. Damn Ino.

Sakura and Shikamru headed to the beach. Shikamaru was a born surfer. He could surf like no other. Not that Sakura was so bad herself but her specialty lied in volley ball.

Stripping down Shikamaru stripped down to his bathing trunks. Sakura stripped to a navy blue string bikini top and navy blue guy swim trunks. Her hair was in a pony tail like her brothers. They headed to their regular rentals and the dove into the sea.

MEANWHILE: Ino stepped onto the beach of her hometown, God how she had missed it. She turned back to her friends, the one's she had made in boarding school. She licked her lips when she eyed Sasuke. He had been the heartthrob of the school, it had been only by luck that she had managed to become his friend. And it had been even more luck that she had managed to convince them to all come to her house. They were all rich and decided that instead of heading to Malibu it might be nice to head elsewhere. Ino was thanking God they had decided to go with her to her home. She hadn't seen it in ages.

She frowned and wondered if she'd run into the twins, her long time friends. She desperately wanted to see them.

She walked over on the boardwalk, being the tour guide and showing off all the cool spots to her friends when she saw the beach crowd. She glanced over.

"Ino? What's going on over there?" The small Hyuuga girl that was with them asked.

Ino bit her lip, "I don't know. Lets check it out." They walked down the beach to the bleachers and saw 2 surfers surfing what had to be about 7 to 8 foot waves.

Ino's mouth dropped. They were good. They made barrels look like nothing when she knew for a fact that they weren't easy.

She watched the 2 come walking out the water at a jog like pace. The girl behind Ino, one of Ino's friends Tenten grinned. "I'd like to meet them. Those two sound cool. Maybe later we should all surf. I love to surf it's fun." The group nodded.

Ino walked to the rental booth. There was something familiar about the 2 surfers. She frowned and marched forward. Ignoring her friend's calls. She stopped when she ended up shoved into the face of what she thought was probably one of the hottest guys she had ever met.

Long shaggy black bangs fell over dark brown eyes and a firm face. His shark tooth necklace gleamed over a smooth tanned chest that had a six pack stomach and ropey muscled arms. His hair was pulled back into a small pony tail. His eyes flickered over her in surprise. "Ino..?"

She gasped, she knew that voice! Her eyes went wide. "Shiki!"

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