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The sun hadn't even risen yet when the door to Sakura and Shikamaru's house slammed open. And in walked their worst nightmare. Temari and Kankouru with shopping bags. Shikamaru popped open one eye and groaned. The last time Temari showed up with shopping bags she had Sakura painted up like a hooch and him painted like a thug. Then she almost raped him. He shuddered, if Temari wasn't his friend or Sakura's best friend he would have seriously put up a restraining order on her already.

"SAKURA!!!!!!" Teamri jumped up and down, flailing her arms around like a mad woman. "TIME TO GET UP!! YOU HERE ME?!!! WAKIE, WAKIE PINKIE!!!" Sakura moaned and curled up, trying to block Temari's rants. "PINKIE- CHAN, UP AND ADAM. IT'S TIME TO GO!!! WE'VE GOT A BIG DATE TO GOT TO AND –" WHAM!!!Sakura snapped up and litteraly threw Temari across the room.

"What.. date..?" Sakura asked softly. Too softly. Anyone who knew Sakura knew that when Sakura sounded like that it meant pain was coming soon. Everyone n the room flinched. "What date, .. Temari?"

Temari kept her smile on, even though it was starined. She knew very well that her friend was ready to snap. It was one of the things her brother, Gaara, loved about Sakura. Her temper. Temari gulped. "Well… Kankouru promised Asuma yesterday that he'd leave him alone for a week if me and Gaara got to take you and Shiki-baby on a date. He agreed."

Behind Temari, Kankouru fell down, his body twitching before he screeched. "WHEN THE HELL DID I PROMISE THAT, THERE'S NO WAY I'M GONNA STAY AWAY FROM MY ASUMA-KUN YOU FREAKING-OOF!" He doubled over in pain, staying quiet as Temari decked him. She glared at him in warning.

Shikamru and Sakura sat on the couch staring at each other in thought. Wether what Temari was saying was true or not it would be helpful to Asuma if they got Kankouru away from him for awhile. And they knew Asuma's wife Kurenai would love to hang out with her husband away from Kankouru for awhile so.. they sighed. "Fine.." They muttered.

Temari squealed in glee, grabbing Sakura and Shikmaru up into a big bear hug while Kankouru cried on the floor.

Ino sat on the patio in the back of her huge house. She watched Tenten snuggle up to her boyfriend Neji on the grass. Ino sighed wistfully, she only she wished she could do that with Sasuke. But Sasuke was nowhere near the affectionate type; in fact sometimes she wondered how they could be called a couple. Sasuke never called her, bought her gifts, or called her sweet names. They never even kissed, hugged, or held hands. And when they went on dates it was only because she asked. She sighed.

Behind her Hinata watched with a frown. She knew since the moment she had came to Ino's house that certain things would change. Just as she knew that while Ino had been acting happy, she really wasn't. And she had a feeling she knew why. Shaking her head she approached Ino with a gentle smile. Ino just glanced at her. "Ino.. why don't we all go out tonight. Maybe to a club or something?"

Ino blinked, wondering why she didn't think of that idea first. She smiled. "Ok, why not? It sounds like fun!"

Sakura sat in the bathroom of her house wondering what she did in a past life to be tortured so. Behind her stood Temari, brushing Sakura's hair brutally. "I swear, Gaara's gonna slip on his own drool when he sees you." Temari cackled. Sakura flinched, in her opinion Gaara drooled over her enough as it was.

In Gaara's house in Gaara's room Shimaru sat on the bed wondering what he had done in a past life to be deserving of this. Kankouru stood wrenching Shikmaru's hair apart with a comb. Gaara leaned against a wall nearby, acoustic rock blaring from the stereo in the room. "When I'm done with you for once Teamri's goona be speechless!" Kankouru cackled.

Shikamaru snorted rolling his eyes; as if Temari would ever shut up for a minute! He scrunched his nose thinking that his life was definetly troublesome.

After three and a half hours of chasing Sakura, Teamri finally pinned the pink haired to the ground. Pulling a baby pink halter top from behind her back she thrust it onto the struggling, and then fitted on a white mini skirt and pink stylish flip flops. Jumping off Sakura, she grinned at her handiwork. Oh baby brother, she thought, you are so gonna love me for this.

As if on cue the doorbell rung. Ignoring a muttering Sakura, Temari skipped to the door and opened it. And nearly fell out. Standing at the door in a black buttoned up shirt and blue jeans was her dream guy. His normally black pony tail was gone leavinf his somewhat long hair down and parted. A silver chain swooped around his neck as a stud sparkled in his ear. She sputtered, speechless for once on her life. Shikmaru looked hot, real hot. She flushed as she met his intense gaze. Good God, she thought, no wonder I feel warm when he's around.

Sweeping pass Temari Gaara marched inside the house and then stopped dead in the middle of the living room. There, standing up and composing herself was his obsession. His Sakura. The milky skin of hers teasing him under her baby pink halter top and white mini skirt. Her long legs showing to his pleasure. He breathed in awe as he glanced down at her ankles. A small golden anklet just called at him to study how ankles and small feet. All over again he found himself wondering if this beauty before him had a flaw. She was simply perfection. He found himself doing a very unlike Gaara thing, he drooled.

Ino stepped out into her living room in a white tube top dress and heels. She glanced at the other girls. Smiling to see the flushed Hinata in a long black skirt and a white tank top. Tenten standing in the back in a small black spaghetti strapped dress.

Ino nearly fainted along with Hinata when the guys walked into the room. They were all dressed in black and looking too hot for words. She felt like fanning herself as she studies Sasuke.

The guys all said the due compliments except Sasuke. He just eyed Ino quietly before walking away. His only words being, "Lets go.." Behind him, everyone followed but Ino. She felt like crying.

The club Temari picked out was a cross between classy and street. How did the club mange that? Neither Temrari, Shikamaru, Sakura, Kankouru, or Gaara knew. They all walked inside, gazing at their surrounding with slight surprise. The music came to every beat known to man. All types of songs were played as all types of guests appeared. The rich, the poor.. everyone was there.

The entire club was dark, it's only light came from the lowly lit lamps that hugged the walls. Tables lined up under the lamps. Quietly Temari lead her group to a table in the corner, carefully away from the crowds. Immediately when she sat down, she snagged a wary Shikamaru. He muttered. Across from them Gaara sat down, making Sakura sit as close to him as was possible. Knakouru grabbed the seat on the edge, his back to the dance floor.

"Isn't this great?" Temari grinned. Shikamaru shrugged. His mind wondering back to another blond, Ino.

The club was packed. That was the first thing Ino and her group noticed. The next things they noticed was how dark and mingled the club was. Everyone in their mother was there. Quietly they grabbed a table in the back in one of the darkest corners. Every couple sitting close together but Sasuke and Ino. Ino glanced sadly as her boyfriend remained at a distance.

Food was served at Temari table. Not that Sakura noticed much. Gaara practically had her in his lap and he didn't look like he was willing to let go anytime soon. She sighed, looking around the room when suddenly her eyes fell on one partcualr table. Her eyes went wide as she mentally wondered, is that Ino?

Ino sat at her table staring at Sasuke with a frown. How coud they be called a couple if they never acted like one?! Damnit she had to do something!! She grabbed his head and made him face her. He glared and for that moment she faltered. What was she doing?

Sakura sat nearly falling out of Gaara's lap as she stared at the table across the room. Now that she had a good look she knew that it was Ino and Ino's friends sitting across the room. And at the moment, Ino looked like she was going to kiss Sasuke. She gulped, praying silently to God that she was wrong.

The couple leaned close, she could see them both closing their eyes. No.. God please no.. The couple leaned in even closer, their faces tilted as in slow motion she saw their lips touch. Her mind went blank. A scream, a gasp, a something.. caught in her throat. She all but fell out of Gaara's lap, ignoring the questioning stares she got. She stood up, brushing the dirl off of her before promptly marching to the bathrooms. It was only when she got inside that she realized she had tears streaming down her face.

Ino pulled away from Sasuke, an invisible fist clenching her heart. Somehow she felt as if she had just betrayed her own heart. Somehow she felt as if she betrayed Sakura and most importantly.. Shikamaru. She frowned, glancing at the ground.

Sasuke stared in silence for a few minutes. Somehow, kissing his own girlfiend somehow felt wrong. Very wrong. He had n o idea why but he felt as if he just betrayed someone important, but who?

Thw two stared at the ground with matching frowns before they both glanced up at each other with intense eyes. They both knew it, for the first time Ino and Sasuke had a mutual understanding. Something wasn't right.

Before eith could say anything, the lights went out and people began shoving them away from their tables. Ino screeched as a man thrusted her out into an open spacer she couldn't see and onto a firm chest. She glanced up, frowning.

"Alright, alright people..I am your D.J for the night and for right now.. we're gonna play a little fortune game. Your going to be pushed at someone in this room and that someone will be your danced partner and according to the game,, that someone will be your future partner." A loud voice rumbled out of the speakers.

Above Ino a voice cursed. "Damnit.. is this even legal? I swear I'm gonna sure this place.." The person growled. Ino froze. Maybe it was just her, but that voice sounded a lot like Shikamru?

Sakura stepped out of the bathroom with wide eyes. Her first and only thought being. Who turned out all the lights?

Before she could come up with an answer someone grabbed her and litteraly threw her. She yelped as strong arms caught her in midair. On instinct she began to struggle when the arms around her tightened. But it was no use, the person holding her made it clear that he had no intention of letting her go. She hissed, "Release me!"

"No.." She froze, glancing up in shock at the deep voice. "I'm not letting go."


When I look back on these times, and the dreams we left behind

I'll be glad cause I was blessed.. to get to have you in my life.

Ino felt her body move before she realized it. And it didn't bother her. She felt that she was exactly where she was suppose to be for once in her life. And to her surprise it felt right. It felt like she returned to a place she should been in a long time ago.

She knew it was Shikamaru holding her, and she should have cared. But she didn't. For right then and there she could have cared less about what was wrong or right. At that moment she was axactly in the place she wanted to be, even if it was wrong. She knew then that she couldn't lie to herself or Sasuke anymore. She cared for Shikamaru, still.

When I look back on these days, I'll look and see your face

Cause you were right there for me. Yes you were right there for me.

Sakura felt her body relax, Sasuke may not have answered her but she knew it was him. She leaned forward, putting her head on his shoulder. Surprisingly he didn't pull away or tell her to get off of him like she'd seen him to do Ino. Instead he rested his chin on the top of her head and made them sway. She was surprised at how they moved in rhythm with eack other. Each sway being graceful and in tune. She smiled into the dark.

In my Dreams I'll always see you sour across the sky

In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life

.I keep a part of you with me

So everywhere I am there you'll be…

Everywhere I am there you'll be

Sasuke knew that what he was doing was wrong. He was an Uchiha, when Uchiha's made commitments even small ones they stuck with them. And right then he had made a commitment to Ino as her boyfriend to not cheat on her or any of the sort. And yet here he was, holding her friend outrageously close, resting his chin on her head like they were intimate with each other. He should have felt bad. He should have pulled away. He should have sat down somewhere and waited this stupid game out. But he couldn't, he wouldn't, and he wasn't. That made all the difference.

He knew he was holding Ino's pink haired friend, Sakura. But he couldn't let go of her, it felt all warm holding her like this. And for someone as cold as he was, he could use all the warmth in the world.

Oh you showed me how it feels, to feel the sky beneath my wings

And I wanna thank you for all the strength that you gave to me

Shikamaru knew he was feeling Ino under his hands and he should have felt bad but he didn't. This was what he had always wanted. He hated to admit it but this is what he even dreamed of.

He had this stupid urge to go find the D.J of this place and go hug him or something dumb like that.

Maybe he was losing his mind. Maybe he was just dreaming. But he prayed to God that if he was dreaming that he would never wake up.

Your love made me make it through

Oh I owe so much to you

You were right there for me

Oh, In my dremas I'll always see you sour across the sky

In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life

I'll keep a part of you with me

And everywhere I am there you'll be…

Sakura held on for dear life as Sasuke held her close, spinning them both in a small circle. Dipping he lightly so she could feel his breath puffing lightly on her chin. She felt tears build up. Even if it was wrong she keep this memory with her. The she would leave, she would not betray Ino. Even if they weren't that close anymore. No one deserved to be cheated on.

She was pulled back to her chest, she hung close. And in the back of her mind she wondered if it was possible. Could it be that she was actually.. falling in love? But that couldn't be possible, she barely knew him! It just coudn't be possible.. Could it?

Cause I always saw in you my light, my strength

And I wanna thank you now for all the ways

You were right there for me, yes you were right there for me

Ino could barely see straight as the tears bundled in her eyes. This was probably the most bittersweet moment of her life. She was torn between the past and now. Did she want to stay with Sasuke? Or be with the one she always loved. Shikamaru? Or Sasuke? Bith were good men, both were in her heart. But she could only have one.

She decided that it would be sesible to stay with Sasuke. He was rich, gorgeous, smart.. everything a girl could want. And she had spent years trying to get him, now that she had him did she really want to let go? No of course not but.. if that was her decision.. then why did it feel so wrong? She shook her head.. this was too much… she couldn't take this, she had to go…

In my dreams I'll always see you dour across the sky

In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life..

I'll keep apart of you with me

And everywhere I am there you'll be

Shikamaru felt Ino move away from him, he tightened his grip without really thinking. For a moment he felt hurt wondering why his Ino might want to leave him and then he remembered. This WAS NOT HIS Ino, and this whole thing was too damn troublesome. In his arms she whimpered pitifully whispering, "Let me go.."

Instead of doing as she asked like he planned too, he felt himself tug her closer and whisper back, "Never…" He didn't for the life of him no what was wrong with him. But he couldn't do the right thing and let her go. He wanted to continue holding for just a little longer cause he knew. While he loved her she didn't love him, which meant that after all this things would go back to normal. Bacl to it's painful, old normal self. Where she'd walk back to her new friends and of course . . Sasuke. And he'd walk back to his siter, Kankouru, Gaara, and that insane girl Teamri. He sighed. Yep, his life was definetly troublesome.

And everywhere I am there you'll be…

And everywhere I am there you'll be…

No matter how many times he told himself to let go, he couldn't. He found himself getting frustrated at himse;f and her. Damnit what the hell was wrong with him? Why did it feel right to hold her? Why couldn't he make himself let go?

He found himself holding her tighter as he felt the song come closer to it's end. He sighed, a strange feeling in him as he bent her. H leaned close to her as possible. His face in her neck. He felt her breath on him. She sighed too.

There you'll be….

Sakura's eyes snapped open in surprise before the song ended. The lights flashed back to it's dimness. Sakura was left in shock as Sasuke pulled away abruptly and walked. She pressed a finger to her lips as she watched him leave. "Did you just kiss me?" She murmured. "Sasuke?"

Ino slowly brough her head away form Shikamaru's chest. She stared up at Shikamaru's intense eyes. She trembled. "Shikamaru?" He leaned forward making her breath hitch. Was he going to kiss her?

"Ino.." Her head snapped to the left, her eyes meeting Sasuke glare. "Lets go.." He grabbed her arm and all but dragged her away. Ino's eyes flashed, she had the urge to snap and scream No when it hit her. 'What the hell am I thinking?' She wondered.

Shikamaru watched them go sadly. He noticed anything around him even his sister, Sakura, as she approached him. She grabbed him to her, hugging him tightly. In response he hugged her back.

Behind them stood three furious sand sibling. Broken glass cups in each of their hands. "I do belive we'd better put our plan into action and soon.." Temari hissed. Behind her, her brothers nodded.

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