Chapter 1

Harry was sitting in his room at Privet Drive reading a book that Hedwig had sent to him from his former Proffessor, Remus Lupin. It was mostly stuff the mauraders had came up with when they were at school, it kind of reminded Harry of Tom Riddle's diary. Only it wasn't evil, thank goodness. Still, why had Remus sent it to Harry? Harry was trying to figure that out as he flipped through the blank golden pages.

Uhm…hello? Harry wrote. That sounded stupid. Harry thought just as words appeared in front of him. Hello, we are The Mauraders how can we be a service to you? The words read. Wow, it worked. Harry thought. "I don't know." Harry wrote back.

"Well why the heck did you bother us for? Geeze."

"Don't be rude Padfoot."

"Am not Moony, I was simply stating a fact."

"Am sorry, I didn't mean to bother you." Harry wrote.

"Don't mind Padfoot here, still you must have had a reason though to write us huh?"


"Shut up Padfoot!"

"Uhm…a friend of mine lent me this, I just wanted to see what it was." Harry wrote back. "Hmm… that's something. Only a Maurader would have possession of this book. Who gave it to you?"

"Uhm…Remus Lupin." Harry wrote.

"Ah… Moony gave it to you huh? You must be a true Maurader if he gave it to you."

"I wouldn't say that." Harry wrote.

"None sense, if you want we can evaluate you."

"Oh so now your mister goody, goody huh Padfoot?"

"Shut up Prongs."

"I don't know. It's not safe for me right now." Harry wrote.

"Don't be such a downer." And before Harry knew it, he was being sucked inside the mauraders book.

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