Neji gets the Hiccups


Neji and Tenten were walking in the field after a day of training.


"Hicc" Neji Hicced.

"Hicc" Neji Hicced again.

"Hicc" Neji Hicced another time.

"Gosh! Would you stop Hiccupping! It's annoying!" Tenten yelled to Neji.

"I –Hicc- can't these –Hicc- are automatic –Hicc!" Neji said.

"Drink some water!" Tenten said.

"There's no –Hicc- water in this –Hicc- field!" Neji replied.

"Hold your breath then!" Tenten shouted.

"I don't –Hicc- feel like –Hicc- it!" Neji said.

"Gosh you're so stubborn!" Tenten said.

"Hicc….. Hicc….. Hicc….. Hicc….." Neji continued Hiccupping.

Tenten was really annoyed now.

"Ha! You're –Hicc- getting –Hicc- annoyed –Hicc- now!" Neji said.

(weird… I think its Dashavu?)

Tenten was really steaming.

"I have the –Hicc- Ups and –Hicc- there's nothing –Hicc- you can –Hicc- Do about –Hicc- It!" Neji said.

Tenten went in front of Neji really mad and….

Tenten kissed Neji in the lips for ten seconds.

Neji was sort of shocked at this, but surprisingly he kissed back.

Tenten was also shocked that Neji kissed back.

They stayed there for about fifteen second.

Then they let go to breathe.

They were both blushing when they stopped.

"Umm" Neji said.

"That was to umm stop your Hicc-ups." Tenten said blushing.

"Umm thanks?" Neji said also blushing.

"Hey your umm Hicc-ups stopped." Tenten said.

"Yeah..." Neji said.

Then they walked to their own houses.

Neji walked Tenten home.

"Hey Tenten." Neji said.

"Yeah?" Tenten replied.

"Let's keep this a secret from Gai, and Lee. Okay?"

"Sure" Tenten blushed.

"Oh also!"


"If that's what I have to do to get what happened today then I'll do it again!"

"Grr… Whatever!" Tenten left.

They were both furiously blushing when they left each other.

The End!


How was it? This is my first Romance story!