I don't own X-men and I'm not making money with this story. This whole thing bases on X-men comics I've read and maybe alittle bit on the X-men movies. Also, I'm no expert when it comes to these things. This all takes a place after Antarctica and Gambit has returned to the Mansion, but he is still pretty unwanted there. AU.

Please, be gentle with this it's my first X-Men fic, and I don't read the comics in English…


Ororo Munroe (also known as Stom) walked trhougth her beloved greenhouse. She felt herself so old and useless. Even her plants didn't seem to need her anymore. And those people who really needed her… she just couldn't help them.

One of those people was her dear old friend, Remy LeBeau, Gambit. He really needed help. Her help and help of the others in the team. But sadly, only Beast and the Professor gave their helping hand. And even more sadly, their help wasn't appricited by Gambit.

What about others then? Well, Rogue despised Remy right now and she had her new lover, Joseph. Wolwerine was somewhere on his trips. Bobby did seem to have taken Rogues side agains Remy. Warren nor Betsy had never really liked Gambit. And Cykclops and Jean had too much in their minds, really.

Storm came out of her greenhouse and let great winds to carry herself to the rooftop of the mansion, and then lowerd herself throught the attic window into her bedroom. She shut the window and fell on the bed, weeping. Outside sudden storm began to rise.

Gambit walked to the now empty greenhouse. It was raining and he was all ready soaked wet, his hair dripping water. But he coulden't have cared less to tell truth. He stepped inside the dark greenhouse. Cold wind made leaves whisper and made plants bow. He shut the door of the greenhouse quickly and begun to walk further into the building. When he was allmost in it's center, standing besides the tall acasia-tree, he sat down on the tile-covered path that went throught the miniatur-forest, also konwn as the greenhouse.

He was so tired, tired of 'being'. Tired of living. He felt himself so… hollow. Future had nothing to offer to him anymore. He was ill… But that could be taken care of. No, it was Rogue. Rogue had left him. She had found another, she had found Magneto…

Suddently Gambit was torn from his deep thoughts, when he heared someone coming. He looked at the direction and sure enought, Marrow, Sarah, was coming down the path towards him.

"Bonsoir, ma petite chérie." He greeted her. They weren't exactly friends yet, but they were growing a little closer to eacht other.

"Hi, Gambit. Why are you here?" Marrow asked sitting down next to him. "Shouldn't you go inside before your cold gets worse?" She said some real consern in her voice.

"Remy will do dat soon, petite." he answered quietly, not loking at her.

"Well, I'll go ahead and make some hot cocoa, okay?" Marrow said standing up. "But promise me you come inside soon.."

"Oui." was all Gambit said.

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