No Need For Time To Stand Still

No Need For Time To Stand Still/ Chap.1Ryoko and Mike friend's for ever

( pov. Ryoko)

" Tenchi don't you love me?" I asked him " Ryoko you're my friend, but…" " but you don't love me, who do you love Tenchi who?" he didn't answer he just looked at me for a few moments but it seemed like forever I stared into his eyes and could not stand it any more. I took of the ground "Ryoko……" "Ryoko wait….." he called to me, but I kept on. I saw Ayeka and Washu talking to each other, the I came across two kids playing and I thought of him.

*flash back*

I was sitting on the green grass of a forgotten planet the of it was Madses (madzas) I was reading a book when a boy my age stepped up to me " hello" I said to him "hi, my name is Mikern." He said the only man with tat name was he prince " prince Mikern!?" I almost yelled "um um yes" the yes was almost silent but I could hear it so I bowed to him " what are you reading?" he asked " it is called Madses 3000" "what is your name?" " Ryoko!" I said to him " Ryoko will you spend the day with me?" "yes I will" after that day we were friends but Kagato attacked looking for me he heard I was strong and brave so he wanted me. Me and Mike as I called the prince had been friends for years and now the planet we lived on was to be destroyed. I looked at him he looks like Tenchi in a way……..

I could not think of it any more. Then I saw him a man reading a book I took a close look at it the book was Madses 3000 and the man reading it was Tenchi no he was

at his house I went down " hi" I said to the man " hi Ryoko" he answered back to me…….

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