Title: Hurt

Author: Faker of Innocence (miraraykai88 at yahoo dot com dot my)

Summary: Kai thinks about his observation and feelings on Ray. He was so observant that it hurts. Does all the hurt worth it in the end? KaixRay, slight one-sided BryanxRay

A/N: I have quite some reviews on my Beyblade first fic, 'Pain', and some of them are hoping for a sequel. So sorry, but I WON'T write a sequel on it. But, this is the second version for that particular fic. If 'Pain' is Bryan-centric, this will be Kai-centric, according to the very same situation. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Disclaimer: If I own Beyblade, you can expect a lot of flirting among those gorgeous bladers. Do you see them doing that? Nope. So, I don't own them, and never will.


It hurts.

It's not the first time and Kai knows it wouldn't be for the last time either. But, this kind of pain is different from the pain he always felt back then at the abbey.

It hurts when he sees the Chinese teen talking to other guys in an affectionate manner. It hurts when he sees said teen hugs his best friend in a loving manner. It hurts when Ray laughs with his own best friend, the redhead Russian.

But the pain is not always there.

He's happy when Ray talks to him. He's happy when Ray hugs him. He's happy when Ray laughs with him.

And there are things that Ray only shares and does with him.

Ray only told him about his uneasiness when he noticed a certain Russian teen who keeps staring at him. Ray only shows his interest in drawing and music to him and only him when they are together alone in their shared room. Ray lets only him to brush his ankle-length raven hair. Ray shows only him his true self when they are alone.

And he shows only his genuine smile to Ray.

But, unknowingly to him, Ray also has a secret that he kept from him – a secret similar to his.

In the end, he is the happiest person on Earth when Ray accepts his love – the secret he had been hiding from the golden-eyed youth; it turned out that it is the same secret that Ray kept from him. And as they kissed, the pain in his heart vanishes completely into thin air, although he senses pain from a lavender-haired Russian teen standing not too far away from them.


So what do you think? If any of you haven't read 'Pain', I suggest you read it if you want to know the situation from Bryan's point of view. This is the second version for that fic.

And I want to say thanks to Angel (Angelique Starlight) for beta-read this fic. Love you!

And thank you for reading this fic.

Thanks to Rejiita, Milla Kuznetsov, Jinxmint, Butterfly Ishida and waft vixen for your reviews for 'Pain'! Love you!