Sorry for the long wait. School consumes most of my time. I just hope this chapter is as good as my other four.

Chapter 5: A Janet and Wanda Quickie

"HOW?!" Wanda practically shouted as she and Janet walked back to their sorority house. "How does someone like Phoebe get a hot ass guy like Todd Fraser?!"

"Jeez, Wan…chill out" Janet said with a bit of concern in her voice.

"I can't just chill out!" Wanda snapped. "First Arnold, my crush since…I don't when…and now TODD FRASER?! What has the world come to?"

"Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?" Janet said, half laughing. But Wanda clearly wasn't in the mood for jokes. She shouted some expletives so bad that this author couldn't repeat, shot her friend an evil look and burst ahead through the doors of their sorority house.

"I hope you bleed soon" Janet muttered as she followed Wanda into the kitchen.

Wanda reached into the freezer and pulled out a half pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, grabbed a spoon and sat at the table, tossing off the top and began eating.

Janet watched her for a minute and then asked, "Feeling better?"

"NO!" Wanda snapped as she slammed down her spoon. It bounced off the table onto the floor. "HOW THE FUCK DOES A 6 FOOT TALL BEANPOLE GET 6'4" OF HOT SEXY MUSCLE?! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!"

"She's 5'9" Janet corrected.

"WHAT-FUCKING-EVER!" Wanda interrupted.

"ANYWAYS…" Janet continued, annoyed by Wanda's shouting. "Maybe he knows she's inexperienced in the sexual department…or maybe…"

"NO!" shouted Wanda, slamming her fist on the table. She kept doing this between every other word. "That's bulltweeps! She seduced him somehow! Otherwise, I'd be under him so fast…"

"Hey!" snapped a voice from the doorway. The two turned to find Tracey Phillips, a junior theater major. "Do you think you fresh meat, could keep it down some? People are trying to sleep!"

"Sorry, Tracey" Janet began. "Wanda's a bit upset"

"And why is she upset?" Tracey asked, coming into the kitchen.

"Why? Because some skinny ho has Todd Fraser's number! That's why!" Wanda snapped.

"Todd Fraser? The junior Chi Tau frat?" Tracey said with a mix of worry and concern in her voice.

"Yeah...why?" Wanda asked, calming down a bit.

"Todd Fraser is bad news bears!" Tracey said, sitting down at the table. Janet and Wanda sat on either side of her.

"He's my second cousin…but quite frankly…I don't like him. We haven't had contact since our sophomore year in high school"

"Why?" Janet asked.

"He has some…issues."

"What kind of issues?" Wanda asked her angry mood shifting.

"Okay, this is strictly Fraser/Phillips family business, but…when he was in the 7th grade, he got expelled for attacking a teacher. He was later diagnosed as bi-polar"

"So? So he attacked a teacher. So what?" Wanda said.

"He's been through five relationships grades 8 and 10" Tracey continued, ignoring Wanda. "He's abusive. He's estranged from his family because of his abusive tendencies. If you really care about your friend, you tell her to stay away from him" And with that, she got up and went back to her room.

"Wow…" Wanda began. "That's creepy. It's hard to believe someone so cute can be so evil"

"Looks have nothing to do with that. I think we should tell Phoebe" Janet said.

"Why? They're not a couple. They never be…"

"Don't be such a douche bag Wanda" Janet snapped "Look, you and I may not like her, but Phoebe could get hurt…"

"I'm not being a douche." Wanda sighed. "But I think we should wait anyways and be nice. Besides, Tracey hasn't spoken to Todd in over 3 years. He may have changed his ways…"

Janet thought for a moment. "Well…she did mention it was a family secret…"

"And besides, Todd's like 21 and Phoebe's 18. He may end up going out with someone older…" Wanda began.

"We're ALL 18 sweetie" Janet said, catching on to Wanda's idea. "And you're older than Phoebe by 3 months!"

"I'm still older" mumbled Wanda

"So you were born in January and Phoebe in April. Big deal…but you are right. We should…just wait" Janet replied.

Wanda just nodded, unsure if it was the right thing to do.

"Come on Wan, lets go to bed" Janet said yawning.

Wanda put her ice cream back in the freezer and followed her sorority sister to their bedroom.

The next morning, Wanda woke up at 8:00 in the morning for her 8:45AM Theater of the Arts class. She cursed the day she signed up for that class. It was one of those mandatory classes. Three unexcused absences and your grade would drop one letter. Anyways, Wanda rolled out of her bed and decided the clothes she slept in-a blue tank top and her blue and white plaid lounging pants would be good enough for the 45 minute class. She applied some deodorant and vanilla body spray from Bath and Body Works, grabbed her Green Day messenger bag and iPod and headed off to the main campus. The one thing she hated about living in a sorority house was having to walk to the main campus for her classes. Luckily, it was only a 10 minute walk. When she arrived on the main campus, she stopped in the student center for a quick breakfast- a bagel with cream cheese and freshly squeezed orange juice. As she headed towards the building where her class was, she spotted Phoebe, sitting on a bench, munching on an apple. Wanda walked over to her.

"H-hey, Phoebe"

"Hi Wanda" said Phoebe in a mocking voice "Are you here to say something mean you forgot to say to me last night?"

Wanda sighed. "No…." Her conscience was telling her to inform Phoebe of Todd, but her devil side prevented her. Instead, she said,

"Ummm…just wanted to say…I like your um…freckles." And with that Wanda quickly walked off. She heard Phoebe say,

"Drugs kill"

As Wanda walked down the path, she thought to herself "I'll tell her. I'll wait til after their date and I'll tell her. I really will. Eventually."