Ok, so I'm really nervous about this. It takes place in my normal fan fiction universe, so it's set after 'Double Date with Destiny', which is set after 'It's Only Rock and Roll', which is set after 'The Smell of Victory', which is set after 'The Mall of Shopping.' This story is a drastic departure from what I normally write, but it's been heavily sitting in the back of my mind for the longest time now. PLEASE BE GENTLE with your comments, as I bruise easily. So without further ado...

"Closing time, Raven"

Raven looked up from the ancient book she had been reading and glanced at the clock on the wall. 10 PM.

"Time flies..." she muttered to herself.

The cafe had long since been empty, with everyone filing out at around 9:30 or so. Only Raven stayed behind, engrossed in her latest book she had purchased at an antique store. The dusty leather cover was worn and faded, as it had seen many years of existence and oddly enough featured no text or any kind of markings on the front. Still, it was an interesting read and the empath found herself engrossed in it's musty yellow pages.

The owner of the shop, a young 20 something with a neatly trimmed goatee named Tim, smiled as he swept up on the blue tiled floor. "See ya again tomorrow night?" he asked. Raven put her book back into her book bag. "More than likely." she said, and with that was out the door.

For only being only 10 PM, Jump City was eerily quiet and serene. The moon shone down from the sky, illuminating the steel and concrete towers in an other worldly glow. A sharp cold breeze drifted through the night air, nipping at Raven's delicate skin. She had flown to the cafe straight after a battle with Cinderblock, so she never bothered to change out of her uniform and now she was regretting it, as she felt like thousands of tiny needles were simultaneously pricking the marble toned skin of her legs.

Her book bag slung over her shoulders, and with her hood now pulled up, the sorceresses was up in the air flying towards Titan Tower with merely a thought. No doubt Beast Boy was probably in bed, eagerly awaiting her arrival and needless to say, she wanted nothing more at that point to be in his arms. Flying over the city, Raven could get a birds eye view of what Jump City had to offer. It looked much different at night, so peaceful and tranquil.

The serenity was suddenly broken up as Raven could hear the cries of help of a young woman, her voice cutting through the night air like a razor. A quick scan of the area and Raven could see a dimly lit back alley, the young woman slowly being stalked by a tall man in a black suit, with the girl's back against a concrete wall and no where to run.

"Mugger." Raven thought to herself and flew down in the alley, a safe distance behind the apparent criminal. She could see the terrified young woman in the dim luminescence of the street light...but the mugger seemed to be nothing more than a dark silhouette.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" the Azarathian said as she commanded her own dark powers with her extended hand. Black tendrils rose up from the ground and wrapped themselves in thick coils around the assailant. Raven kept her focus on the mugger, her eyes gleaming a solid white. "Leave. Now!" she ordered the woman, who uttered a quick thank you and ran away down the street and away from the scene at hand.

The man never struggled or attempted to free himself, instead he merely stood there with his tall frame completely encased in Raven's powers. "And what, pray tell, do you plan to do with me?" he asked her, his voice calm and smooth as the finest imported silk.

"You're going to jail. Plain and simple." she replied, her voice cold and toneless.

The man merely chuckled to himself, and with that Raven's power ceased over him...the tendrils dissolving into thin air as soon as they had appeared. Raven's eyes returned to their normal amethyst hue, though not of her own will.

Not backing down, Raven immediately raised her hand and illuminated a nearby trash can with her energy and with a flick of the wrist, hurled the waste receptacle at the mysterious stranger. By this point he had turned to face Raven, his eyes a lifeless black and his skin tinged with a slight shade of gray. His eyes seemed to burn holes in Raven, as if she could feel them peering into her very soul.

The trash can hurtled itself at the stranger, but merely lifting his own hand, the trash can came to a complete stop and dropped effortlessly at his feet. "Sweet child, your attempts are pointless." he said, his voice sending shivers down Raven's spine. She attempted to hurl several more trashcans at him, but found she couldn't move. At all.

She struggled to so much as twitch a muscle, but found it was to no avail. She couldn't wiggle a toe, a finger, or even blink. She was completely powerless and defenseless.

The stranger slowly approached the paralyzed girl and it was then Raven finally managed to get a good look at him. He was tall and slender, with long skinny arms and legs. He seemed to be clad in a dark black suit, with a blood red shirt and matching black tie. His shoes were polished to perfection, yet offered no reflection in the light. His hair was just as black, slicked back into a solid piece of perfection. When he spoke, his voice was calm and seductive.

He leaned closer to Raven, smiling slightly to himself as he walked around her slowly, admiring every inch and curve of her delicate frame.

Raven felt like she was going to be sick.

The stranger than stopped for a second and leaning closer, curiously sniffed Raven. Taking a slight pause, he sniffed again, this time a slow smile spreading on his face.

"My, my, my...what do we have here? A half-demon, half angel? I've heard rumors of such a creature but believed them to merely be legend." He sniffed the air again. "Ah and not only do you have such a wondrous blood line, but you're a virgin too. Such a beautiful delicate flower, completely uncorrupted by the perverse whims of the male species."

"I'm not a creature. My name is Raven." she replied, her voice masking the ball of fear that was spreading throughout her body.

"Raven is it? Ah, well, what a lovely name. I suppose I should introduce myself since we are being cordial. My name is Dominic. Pleasure to meet you." he said, bowing before her.

"What do you want with me, Dominic?"

Dominic leaned down to confront her, his face a mere inches from her. "I only wish to give you a gift. A gift of eternal life." and with that, he smiled at her, showcasing two dagger sharp fangs.

"You...you're a vampire." she said quietly, her voice now starting to quake.

He never replied, instead he merely lowered her hood down to get a better look at her, smiling at seeing how beautiful she looked in the moonlight. "My what a gorgeous young lady you have become, dear Raven." Dominic made his way behind her, softly stroking her silken lavender hair. "Such a beautiful creature indeed."

His body was dangerously close to hers, as his hands made their way to her waist, rubbing every possible inch of her mid-section. Slowly and carefully, he made his way up to her breasts, caressing them and fondling them, his eyes closed as he basked in the touch of her soft skin. Raven felt repelled and aroused at the same time and hated herself for it, as single tear trailed down her skin.

Sensing her fear, Dominic gave her a gentle kiss on the back of her head, his hands finally leaving her breasts. "Dear Raven, please do not be afraid. I would love nothing more then to introduce you to a world of passion that you have only dreamed about, but those days have long since passed. So let your mind be at ease, your innocence shall remain intact."

"And now, dear sweet Raven, I do believe it is time."

"Please...don't do this." she begged, her face slick with tears. Dominic brushed a strand of her hair from her face before softly kissing her on the lips. "Fear not, my child." was all he said.

Dominic pulled her hair back behind her head and kissed her neck, before slowly licking it with his tongue. He teasingly nibbled and sucked on the tender flesh of her neck before sinking his teeth into the softness with surgical precision.

Raven gasped loudly, her eyes rolling back in her head. Her body felt like she had been struck by lightning, every nerve ending at full attention electrified with vivid senses. She could feel her life force being sucked out of her as Dominic greedily lapped at the crimson elixir that was now gushing from the pale girl's body. She whimpered slightly feeling her knees get weak, her muscles becoming weaker till the point where Dominic had to hold her by the waist so she wouldn't fall.

Finishing his deed, Dominic carelessly let go of Raven as she fell into a heap on the ground, her vision blurry as she slowly began to fade away. Wiping his mouth, Dominic took a sharp piece of jagged glass from the ground and with a swift cut, slashed his wrist offering the bleeding appendage to a dying Raven.



"Drink or you will die." and with saying this, he crouched down with the blood flowing out his wrist, close to her lips. Raven turned her head, choosing to die than life an eternal life of damnation. Not amused, Dominic grabbed her by the back of her head and thrust the wrist into her mouth. Feeling her very life slowly but steadily depart, Raven drank.

Dominic paused for a moment and watched with a smirk on his face as Raven drank blood for the first time.

"You've had enough." he said firmly and removed his wrist, the wound quickly healing back as if it had never happened. "Welcome, my child, to damnation." he cooed. Raven responded by groaning loudly, her body starting to be wracked with pain.

"You shall experience some discomfort, sweet Raven, as your body slowly begins to die." he said coldly as he stood back up. "We shall meet again, but for now, I'll let you return from whence you came."

Dominic helped Raven back to her feet, the empath in a daze of pain and horror at what had just transpired. Dominic gave her body one last loving stroke and with a kiss on the lips disappeared into the black night.

Raven gasped loudly in anguish, as she leaned up against a brick wall. She was blinded by agony and attempted to fly, but could not keep her concentration long enough to get more than a few inches off the ground. Reaching into her backpack, she produced her communicator and pushing the 'PAGE ALL' button send out a broadcast back to the Tower.

"R-Ra-Raven here...I...I need help..." she managed to croak. She dropped her communicator as the pain became too much, filling every single cell of her dying body with it's mind-numbing torture before she collapsed in a heap in the dark back alley.