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It had been two weeks since Raven and Beast Boy's humanity had been restored and Beast Boy was trying to put the event behind him as best he could. It didn't take long as many all-night sessions of "ROBOT ZOMBIE APOCYLASPE III" with Cyborg had quickly erased most of the bad memories of Dominic.

Raven on the other hand couldn't rid herself of them so easily. Dominic had done more than just humiliate her...he had managed to scar her deep inside, finding ways to mess with her soul in means she never thought possible. At this current time, the empath was floating several feet off her bed mediating in her lotus position, with her eyes tightly closed as she attempted to push out Dominic's thoughts and desires from her mind.


Her body was calm and still, unmoving except for her soft and gentle breaths.

"Ah yes, the key to the treasure chest..."

His words still echoed in her mind as if he were standing right next to her. She thought about opening an eye to check and make sure that the perverted vampire wasn't there breathing heavily next to her.

"Don't be foolish." she thought, chastising herself. "Dominic is dead. Just focus on purging his influence from you." and continued her mediation.


In her mind, she pictured Dominic leering at her with lustful intent gleaming in his eyes. Then almost as if he were made of sand, she pictured his body being blown away piece by piece, molecule by molecule. It started from his hair, then down his face, till his entire head was gone. It was a slow process but it was working...with each passing moment the hurt and trauma he had inflicted upon her was dwindling down to nothing more than a distant memory, similar to if one stubbed his or her own toe and were recollecting on it months later.


The dust was now being blown away from his mid-section, down past his thighs till there was nothing left of the lecherous vampire. She slowly opened her violet eye orbs and breathed a sigh of relief. Dominic was gone. Completely.

She gently floated back down on her bed and glanced at her alarm clock. 9:24 PM. She had been mediating for 6 hours straight.

"And Gar says I don't have a social life." she dead panned, sighing to herself. She summoned her cloak from it's rack across the room, encasing it in her dark energy, and fastened it back on making her way to Ops. Before she had begun her mediation, Beast Boy had mentioned something about going to play Gamestation 720 with Cyborg and Robin. Raven assumed they'd still be locked in an intense battle for nerd supremacy, with Starfire playing with Silkie in the background.

When the doors slid for Ops slid open, Raven was greeted with utter and complete silence. Nobody was there. Curious she flipped the light switch, the white florescent lighting of Ops humming to life.

"Rather odd..." she said to herself. It was then the empath noticed a sticky note on the front of their big screen TV. Peeling it off the glass, she noticed it was Beast Boy's hand writing.

"HEY BABE! If you get this meet me on the roof! Luv, BB"

The note filled the pale girl with a sense of curiosity at what exactly the green changeling had planned for this evening. "Only one way to find out." she thought to herself, and without so much as a second guess, she was off to the roof.

Raven slowly pushed open the door to the roof, exposing the night sky to her. The temperature outside was perfect to her own personal tastes...warm, with just a slightly too cold breeze that would cut through every and now and then, but not often enough as to make one uncomfortable. The sky was completely clear with not a single cloud in view, the stars shone down from their pitch black host in the heavens, shining like thousands of tiny lights.

A bit away from the door was Beast Boy dressed in a light brown suit that looked it was straight out of 1978. The changeling was sitting down in front of a small card table, with a red and white checkered table cloth covering it, his face planted on the table, as he was sound asleep. The only non-star light was a large black candle from their bedroom sitting in the middle of the table. At this point, the candle had been lit for awhile and had burned down half way to a waxy, melted stump.

Squinting her eyes Raven could make out a Bloaty's Pizza Barn box in the dim candle light, the familiar grease stains soaking through the cardboard box. The Azarathian made her way over to the sleeping prankster, a small puddle of drool coming down from his mouth on the table.

"Gar...Gar..." she said softly, shaking him gently to wake him up. Beast Boy slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes as they adjusted to the darkness of the night sky. "Rae?" he asked, still half awake. "You're done mediating? I guess I fell asleep waiting for you."

"Mm-hmm." she said, nodding her head slightly. "What's with all of this?" she added, motioning towards the candle lit pizza dinner. "Oh yeah! That!" Beast Boy said, his energy coming back to him now that he was woken up. "Well, like...I was thinking how we've never really had a real date since we started dating, right? So I figured, 'specially since the Domino vampire dude is gone, we should totally celebrate."

"With pizza?" Raven replied with a raised eyebrow, the dryness of her voice betraying the amusement she was getting at his honest effort to impress her.

"Well...I didn't exactly PLAN on pizza. I was gonna make this really awesome pasta Cyborg had made for Sarah once, but I was gonna make it veggie friendly and not use any meat. And like, everything was going good, ya know? But Cyborg's hand writing on the recipe card is hard to read and his 2s look a lot like 7s, so instead of cooking the sauce for 20 minutes, I cooked it for 70..." he said blushing, scratching the back of his neck.

Raven had to smirk at that, her subtle grin of approval putting Beast Boy's mind at ease.

"And the suit?" she added, again monotone, though her smile was giving her true feelings away.

"I wanted this night to be special, so I figured I'd dress up all fancy and stuff...but then I remembered 'Dude! I don't own a suit!' and I'm kinda broke at the moment, but I found this at a garage sale for a buck fifty." he said, grinning over his bargain hunting skills.

"I have to say, I'm impressed." she said, smiling softly.

"AWESOME! Ok, so sit down and dig in!" the changeling exclaimed, pulling back her chair for her. Raven gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before adjusting her cloak to allow her to sit down properly. Beast Boy could hardly contain himself as he helped push her chair back in.

"Cheese and Tofu Bacon...can't say I'm surprised." the Azarathian said, helping herself to a slice from the cheese pizza half.

Time passed as both Raven and Beast Boy enjoyed their greasy culinary delight and more importantly, each other. With Dominic purged from her soul, Raven could focus on the more important aspects of her life, one of them just happening to be a certain green-skinned wanna-be comedian. Eventually both Titans were full, with Beast Boy having engulfed most of his pizza and Raven having two slices to fill herself.

"Anything else planned?" she asked, as she carefully dabbed her mouth with her napkin to dry of any excess grease or sauce.

"Actually..." Beast Boy said as he stood up, making his way to his beloved Azarathian goddess. "...may I have this dance?" he offered, his hand extended towards her. Raven blushed slightly, feeling her cheeks get hot. "Gar...I don't dance.." she said quietly. "Oh c'mon Rae!" he protested "Just ONE dance, that's all I ask."

Raven sighed, knowing how he was and his habit of consistently pestering her till he got what he wanted. "Fine." she replied, grasping his hand. "Just one dance. I'm tired Gar, and need rest."

Beast Boy helped her out of her seat and gave her a quick kiss on the chakra, as he was really starting to love that, and produced a small boom box from underneath the table.

"Gar, just exactly what music are we listening to?" Raven asked apprehensively. It went without saying that despite their mutual attraction, they never saw eye to eye in musical tastes. "Just relax, Rae. The song I picked is perfect! You'll totally love it." and without further ado, pressed PLAY. He walked over to his pale skinned beauty, wrapping his hands around her waist. Raven reached and clasped her own hands around his neck, expecting Britney Spears to come blasting out of the speakers at any moment

Instead the music that did come out caught her off guard, as it wasn't Ms. Spears or anything else she would find objectionable, but rather it was from her own CD collection. She looked straight into his eyes, the glimmer of her own serving as her silent way of thanking him.

Just one look into your eyes

One look and I'm crying

'Cause you're so beautiful

Just one kiss and I'm alive

One kiss and I'm ready to die

'Cause you're so beautiful.

His arms were wrapped around her waist now, as he slowly swayed with her in perfect unison. Their eyes zeroed in on each other as if they were the only people in the entire world. And at the moment, they might as well have been.

Just one touch and I'm on fire

One touch and I'm crying

'Cause you're so beautiful

Just one smile and I'm wild

One smile and I'm ready to die

'Cause you're so beautiful

Raven leaned forward and rested her head on his chest, feeling his heart beat. She closed her eyes and let the song carry her away.

Oh you're so beautiful

My darling

Beast Boy gently laid his head down on top of hers, his own eyes closed as well. He could smell that the familiar scent of rain had returned to her hair, the very aroma sending goosebumps all over his body.

Oh you're so beautiful

You're so beautiful

Oh my baby

You're so beautiful

The song repeated the chorus a few more times, as the two slowly danced in the blue moonlight. When the song ended, the CD stopped, as Beast Boy had set it to play that song only. The changeling slowly lifted his head up, Raven doing the same, and they made eye contact again.

And then they kissed.

They had kissed before, that much is for sure, but this time was different. No, this kiss just wasn't a simple declaration of love, as they've had plenty of those since they had begun the relationship. Rather, this kiss was a promise between the two. A promise between two lonely hearts who had met each other when they needed love the most. Love had bloomed between a pale sorceress and a jade skinned prankster, two people who couldn't be more different...yet they shared a deep bond that could never be broken.

Who knew that one kiss could symbolize so much?