A/N: So this is going to be my first Sailor Moon fic, that I'm posting, that is, so please keep that in mind. . Oh and if you're one of my regular readers and are reading this by some sort of chance or accident and kind f wondering what happened with all those fics I left hanging... then... I... will answer that another time.-runs.-

Title: Saturn tries destroying the world - The series?

Summery: A short story, or a collection of short stories if I decide to do more, of Taru-chan's attempts to use her most dangerous attack every time she loses confident in the world. Or something pisses her off. O.o;;;

Timeline: Anime based. Some years after Stars.

Note: I love BSSM. It was my first anime and probably the only one I like. And I love each Senshi, so this is not meant to insult them in any way. I just like to poke some fun with them. Taru-chan and Haruka-san rank number 3 and 4 in my Senshi list so I have nothing against them.

Disclaimer: I down own Sailor Moon or any related stuff. They belong to Naoko Takeuchi and other's I no nothing about. But it doesn't matter, cause she's the creator, so bow down!-sweat-drops.-

Chapter 1:

This was it. She was going to do it this time. Today Hotaru was going to bring down The Silence and destroy the world in one swoop. Sure, she may had rushed to judgment that one time she wanted to used The Silence when it started raining tha time they went to the beach. And maybe the destruction of the world was a bit too much punishment for getting a flat tire that other time. But this time she had a good reason.

She stepped out into the beautiful Kaioh Mansion, where she was living with her "foster parents" Haruka-poppa and Michiru-momma. The air was calm and the sky was clear. The world was not expecting the devastation that was about to fall onto it to bring the end of humanity. She took a firm grip at her Silence Glaive. Her Henshi started with the power of her thoughts and soon enough her Sailor fuku was covering her now no longer frail body. She took a deep breath and lifted the Silence Glaive. One drop and it would all be over. She started to bring down the Glaive when…

"TARU-CHAN!" Haruka's rude tone screamed from behind her. She turned to see her fellow Senshi rushed out, her beer can in hand and a rather startled expression.

"Yes, Haruka-poppa?" The Senshi of destruction addressed.

"What in the name of Kami-Sama are you doing?" Haruka scolded, trying to take Saturn's weapon from her hand.

"Humanity has let me down once again. I must bring the end of the world so it can be reborn into something new." She explained calmly, not making too much effort in avoiding Haruka's attempts to take the Silence Glaive away. Being in Sailor Senshi form gave her better reflects and she could easily take Haruka's normally stronger abilities. "It's what I must do."

"No! It's what you always try and do every little time you get upset lately!" Haruka scolded some more. She was aware of how little patience Hotaru really had. To other's she may seem sweet and shy, but when it came to pissing her off, she was in fact a scary child. "What made you want to destroy the world again?" A small vein appeared on her forehead. "Might I add this is the fourth time this week alone, Taru-chan."

"I know my reasons may have been a bit in the heat of the moment situations, but-"

"You tried to end it last night because you thought someone stole one of your lamps and only stopped when Michi told you she had your room cleaned and just change it from where it was."

Hotaru sweat-dropped. That wasn't her finest hour. "Well… she never told me she moved it." She tried defending herself. "But, this time my reason is justified."

"What? What could possibly justify the destruction of mankind now?" Haruka yelled and sighed. They really needed to find Hotaru a hobby.

"The lady down the street gave me a rude look and didn't wave hi to me when I did."

Haruka sweat-dropped. "That's it?" Hotaru was getting more irrational with her reasons. "Um, maybe she was having a bad day. Don't you think you could let this one slide?"

Saturn took a moment to ponder the thought. Looking back on it maybe she had been to quick on her judgment yet again. She sighed and her Silence Glaive faded away with her Sailor fuku, returning her to the frail, black clothes clad young girl she was. "Fine." She sighed again. "But next time I won't be so kind."

Haruka watched the other girl as she walked back inside and gave a huge sighed of relieve. Maybe giving such high power was dangerous to a temperamental teenager wasn't a good idea. But, nah. She shrugged, took a well deserve swig of beer and went back home.


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