A/N: Gomen. I like been slacking off... stuff getting in the way. Butdamn it! I'll push my own agenda in this story even if it kills me... er, I mean tell a story. Heh. What agenda? I'm not looking to built and army against dub version fans that will end with their deaths... nope. not me.-coughs.-

Title: Saturn tries destroying the world - The series?

Summery: A short story, or a collection of short stories if I decide to do more, of Taru-chan's attempts to use her most dangerous attack every time she loses confident in the world. Or something pisses her off. O.o;;;

Timeline: Anime based. Some years after Stars.

Note: I love BSSM. It was my first anime and probably the only one I like. And I love each Senshi, so this is not meant to insult them in anyway. I just like to poke some fun with them.

Disclaimer by Haruka: Alex doesn't own Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Cause if he did, I would be featured alot more, cause I'm his favorite.

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Chapter 9:

"NO!" Saturn screamed. "I will not allow you to make a mockery out of us by making us more American!" She stuck her Silence Glaive. "I'll destroy this world before you can change it!"

"Hotaru-chan!" Moon and Venus screamed as Saturn raised her Glaive and quickly brought it down, nothing stopping the earth from complete destruction.


Nothing happened. Everyone stared in silence over the lack of… silence. "What?" Healer asked confused. "Why did nothing happen?"

"Silly Japanese people!" Lunar-dubbing said coldly. "We can't allow you to show death to young children. Therefore any death scenes or reference are removed with my power."

"A world without death..." Healer was pissed. "Lies! STAR SENSITIVE-"


"-FLASH!" Healer sweat-dropped as her attack merely was reduced to a flash.

"Such violent names, girl!" Sailor DiC started. "We have to be a good example for kids."

"Speaking of which…" Sailor Cloverway started. "Her Sailor suit is too revealing."

Healers face became red with anger. Sailor Lunar-Dubbing took a pose. "This is just a warning. We'll be back to alter you once and for all soon." The Sailor Scouts of the Dubbed moon teleported away in a very cheesy bad 3D effect that totally does not fit the type of animation this show has.

Late that evening at Hikawa Shrine, the Inner Senshi, along with Artemis, Luna, Yaten and Hotaru were in the middle of a heated discussion about how to handle the new enemy. "We've never seen people that can do this. Alter our reality this way." Luna ever so sagely led the meeting.

"Luna is right." Artemis added, backing her up. "This is worse than anything we've faced."

"How is Michiru-san?" Makoto asked worried.

"She's still delirious…" Hotaru said darkly. "She believes Haruka-poppa is her cousin. And she talks like she was mentally retarded."

"We need to stop this!" Yaten yelled a little annoyed. "They reduced my greatness and we can't have that!" Minako patted Yaten's shoulder while actually trying to feel him up. Yaten sweat-dropped.

"Why didn't the mystical Silver Crystal heal Michiru?" Ami asked after everyone stopped staring at Minako's ecchi behavior.

"We're not sure…" Luna admitted looking at a very saddened Usagi. "It seems there powers are beyond ours really."

"Yeah…" Rei began. "I mean, their power stopped the Silence from falling on earth." This sparked a vein of anger on Hotaru's head.

"How do you know I wasn't just having a bad day?" The Senshi of Destruction snapped all of a sudden. Her fragile body being pumped with anger. "I mean, I could destroy the world right now if I wanted."

"Heh." Yaten all too causally sneered while getting a nose bleeding Minako off his lap. "Why don't you just admit you've lost your spark?" He snickered and slapped away an idle Minako hand.

"How dare you, you gender confused thing!" Hotaru snapped coldly.

"Guy…?" Makoto tried to reason.

"NO!" Hotaru yelled and her Sailor Fuku covered her fragile pale body turning her into the great Senshi of Doom. Sailor Saturn. Her Silence Glaive shone brightly on her hand and she lifted it up to prove she could indeed bring down the Silence on such an ungrateful world.

"Akuryou Fuji no ofuda!" Rei yelled, holding up an o-mamori or charm and chanted the following: "Rin. Pyou. Tou. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Sai. Zen. Akuryou Taisan!" She yelled and threw the 'charm' on Saturn's face.

An awkward beat and then all of the Senshi sweat-dropped as they waited for a reaction from Saturn. "Um…" Saturn said and fell backwards returning to her fragile Hotaru form.

"Well… that's one way to stop her." Minako tried to joke all while again skanking it up with Yaten.


"Gyah… why does he always ruin my fun..." Minako sulked as she backed away from FEMALE Sailor Star Healer. The other Senshi took turns to grimace on the display and resumed worrying about the new enemy.

To be continued…