Warnings: slight OOC and events happen that is beyond common sense O.o

Title: Half and Half Don't Make a Whole

Chapter three

"Welcome to the Hokage Main House." What he presumed to be a butler stands beside Raiha to bow and greet them. Recca didn't notice though, his eyes never left the cold purple ones.

"Master Ohka sends his sincerest apologies for his absence. He has promised to make sure to make it in time for dinner and that young master Kurei will be his representative to formally welcome young master Recca into the household." At the mention of his name Recca saw the man who held his gaze twitch.

There was a long pause and everyone anxiously awaits the eldest son to "welcome" the youngest. He took a deep breath and calmly takes a step down from the stairs.

"Let's get things straight idiot. This whole fiasco is brought about by my father. I do not wish nor want to be involved. Stay away from me and you'll find your stay here not so uncomfortable." Satisfied of the threat he caused, Kurei begins to make his way up when…

Recca's first impression of the Hokage family:


Nice house

Many servants

Family members…

"He's an asshole."

Loud gasps were heard in unison.

Kurei's eyes widen then suddenly harden into a glare.

Raiha roared with laughter.

"Nice going kid." He gave thumbs up for added effect. "No one has ever called Kurei-sama that…ever." He laughs again.

"Recca! Excuse yourself." Kagero exclaims.

"Why should I?! I shouldn't force myself to put up with him just because I was force to stay here!" he counters.

"You and I will not get a long." Kurei cuts of.

"Ha! You made it pretty clear with the shit that came out from your mouth earlier."

Multiple gasps were again heard. Kurei started to stride towards the younger but the read head maid suddenly runs to interrupt them.

"Kurei-sama! Ohka-sama called and said that he will be home in an hour and a half in time for dinner. Recca-kun your rooms are ready would you like to come unpack?"

"Neon you have great timing as always!" Raiha comments

"Eh? Did I miss something?"


Recca was left awestruck by the mere size of his room. This room is definitely bigger then their second floor. The walls were shaded in off white tones that were strongly accented in blue modern art pieces. A queen size bed with fine navy blue sheets was discreetly positioned between two tall windows. There was a study area that had a built on desk done in dark wood. On the desk was a black covered Macintosh computer. On the other side was a complete entertainment system. There were two other doors. One was the entrance to the bathroom and the other he presumes was a walk in closet.

"That is too much space just for my clothes." He thought out loud as he stared at the two fully packed duffle bags he brought.

"HOLY~" Recca dropped all his belongings to the floor as he saw one corner that he never expected to see in his room. He quickly runs toward the neatly displayed sets reaching out slightly but not enough to touch as if he was afraid that it will just disappear.

"This is a CHIGIRIKI!" Recca could not hold his excitement as he examined the weapon. "It's well maintained. But no doubt It came from a very highly skilled smith!" he looks further to the right only to feel his heart almost stop. Assorted shuriken's with very intricate designs was arranged and box framed on the wall. "I don't even want to know how much these things costs!"

"Haha the shurikens are about one million five hundred yen." Recca quickly turns to where the amused voice came from.

"I guess this proves how much my blood truly runs in you veins huh?" There was a man leaning on the door frame in a relaxed pose. The man, although gave a half smile gave a gentle. "Our family came from a long line of ninjas and I guess time just couldn't erase the fascination from the line."

Looking at the man, Recca had no doubt that this man was his MIA father.

"You have your mother's eyes." Ohka took his time at observing how much his youngest son have grown basing from the last picture Kagero sent him and that was a very long time ago.

"People say that too." Recca replies a little rushed.

The older man chuckles and says "I would tell you not to be so tense but being in your position…" he pauses to scratch the back of his neck.

"I guess I'm in no place to tell you to relax huh?"

"Not really."

"Well then Recca…" The older man started, testing his son's name as if it was the first time saying it when in reality he had been saying boy's name every time his mother sends a letter and a picture of Recca. "This may sound weird but I'm your father Ohka. It's nice to finally meet you in person and…" Ohka opens his arms, inviting his son into a hug which the boy complies embarrassingly. "Welcome home."

The sincerity of the man's words had somehow relieved the heavy weight inside Recca that he was not aware of. This man with his two words made him feel at home and he could not hold the soft sigh that came out.

Ohka also releases a sigh of relief. For the past three days he was mentally preparing himself for the hate and spite that would come from the boy's mouth he spent restless night thinking if what he did was the right thing to do but going back he had really wanted to give his son the life he should have and a father that should have been there for him. He has grown up.

"Thank you." and he meant it too. Somehow he felt that his father… 'Is it this easy to call him that?' His father had really shown how much he wanted him to be here and he could not utter a single hateful word at him for not even trying to see him for fifteen years. For now he would trust this man and open up to having a father.

"Well then." They both let go of each other. "Now that we had our sweet reunion I almost forgot why I insisted to the board that I had to go home early." Ohka pats his son at the back and his eyes could not hold the excitement. "We prepared a feast to welcome you here and have a father and sons bonding time. I'm sure you and your brother would get along."

And everything came coming back.


He was having dinner with the asshole.


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