In the Christmas Spirit

"Hey Dean, do you want to make a snowman?" "…Sammy, don't make me hurt you." Drabble.


A 12-year old Sam ran out into the snow excitedly, pulling his older brother along. He pointed up to the sky.

"It's snowing!"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Well done Einstein. Very perceptive."

Unfazed, Sam turned his puppy dog eyes to his brother. "Hey Dean, do you want to make a snowman?"

There was a pause where Dean just glared at Sam. "…Sammy, don't make me hurt you."

Sam pouted, turning his ultra-cuteness notch to the maximum. Dean flinched.

"Aw hell no you're not going to drag me into this again. I'm never going to forget last year!" Dean finally managed to say.

--1 minute later--

"I can't believe I'm doing this…again…" grumbled Dean, absolutely freezing.

"Now stand still Dean, or how else are we going to make the snowman?" Sam taunted as he patted the snow down on his brother who was standing still with half his body covered in snow like an imitation of a snowman.

"Don't make me kick your fat ass when I get out of here."

Dean only received a slap of snow right on his mouth.

"Cursing is bad. Try less colourful words. Utilize that empty brain of yours." Sam tutted.

"Sam! Dean! Come in for dinner!" called Mr. Winchester from inside the house.

"Coming dad!" Sam yelled, rushing back to the house.

"Sam! Sammy! Get your ass back here! Aw man! C'mon! Don't make this like last year…! Someone? Anyone?"


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