CassyG here... saying that I have another FanFic that I have to get out of my head! It will have multiple chapters! My editer thought it would only have one chapter!

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It was might time in Amity Park. Everyone was asleep except for Danny Fenton. The stars were shining clear as clear could be and, being an espiring astronaut, he had to get a look at it with his telescope.

Danny angled his telescope exactly where he wanted it and looked up in the sky with amazement. Jazz went to the roof to see if Danny had gone to bed, but ofcourse he hadn't.

"Danny, are you still awake?" Jazz asked, rubbing her eyes and hugging her old bear. "It's already 1 am!"

"I'll go to bed in a minute, Jazz," Danny said.

"You said the same thing an hour ago," Jazz began. "Do you have to look at the same sky for 6 hours?"

"Yes," Danny began. "Well, I don't have to. (yawn) I like to. It makes me feel better ... and forget about my super freaky powers that scare the shit out of me."

"You have school tomorrow... which is now today," Jazz said. Danny quickly packed his telescope up, ran down to his room, grabbed a towel and clothes, ran into the bathroom, and took a shower. (He did all of this in less than eight seconds because cartoons can do that)

He was done showering in a matter of seconds, too. Then he ran out of the bathroom, (fully clothes, you sicko) ran into his room, packed his bookbag, ran down stairs, made breakfast, and ran out the door.

"Danny," Jazz yelled to her stupid brother through the front door.

"Yes, Jazz," Danny answered.

"School doesn't start for seven hours," Jazz said. Danny walked back into the house, dropped his backpack on the floor, and gave Jazz an evil look.

"Ya' think?" Danny asked sarcastically. Danny marched back up stairs, grabbed his telescope, and started to the roof.

"Where ya' going, Danny?" Jazz asked.

"Back to the roof," Danny replied. "The sun doesn't rise until 6:30 am! I still have five hours and thirty minutes to look at the stars!" Danny ran to the roof with his telescope, leaving Jazz alone in the kitchen.

"Do you EVER sleep!" Jazz yelled. Danny popped his head back into the hallway.

"I'm a ghost," Danny said, quickly. "I don't need sleep!

So, did you like it? I thought it was way less funny than the stuff I usually write, but I wasn't in a funny mood!