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Later At School

Danny had fallen asleep in astronomy class and Sam tried to shake him awake, but Mr. Lancer had already seen him sleeping and slammed a book on the desk.

"25,068,921!" Danny yelled.

"Excuse me, Mr. Fenton, but may I ask you… why were you sleeping in my classroom!" Mr. Lancer asked with a stern teacher look. "And what does 25,068,923 mean?"

"Actually, Mr. Lancer, it was 25,068,921," Danny said. "That's the number of stars I identified last night. I stayed up late because… um… never mind, sir," Danny concluded, sinking into his chair.

"Danny, I'm going to let you off with a warning this time, but next time you'll get a detention," Mr. Lancer said and went on with the class.

At lunch, Danny was even sleepier, and Sam and Tucker couldn't keep him awake for the life of them.

"Danny, wake up!" Sam yelled, trying to hold his head up off the table.

"I don't think he's gonna wake up," Tucker said. "What did he say he was doing last night again?"

"Jazz said that he was up all nigh t with his telescope… again," Sam replied.

"And now you're jealous of a telescope," Tucker teased. "I would love to be you!"

"Can I hurt you?" Sam growled, giving Tuck a death look, when Danny finally woke up.

"Hi guys," Danny said, dazedly. "What'd I miss?"

"Just Sam threatening my life again," Tucker stated. Sam stuck her tongue out at him.

"Okay?" Danny said. "Why is Sam holding me?"

"Um…" Sam automatically dropped him. "Holding what? I'm not holding anything!"

"Okay?" Danny said, yawning. "I'm so tired!"

"Maybe you shouldn't have stayed up so late," Sam stated.

"You should've seen it, Sam," Danny began. "You would've loved it! They looked like… well… I don't know, but they looked awesome!" Danny paused for a minute and gave a weak laugh. "You're probably not gonna believe this, but it told me stuff."

"Stuff?" Sam asked. "What kind of stuff?" Danny grabbed his notebook off of the lunch table and hid it behind his back.

"Just stuff," Danny said. "Ya' know, stuff stuff! The kind of stuff that's stuffy!" While Danny was saying things that made no sense, Tucker stole his notebook.

"Whoa!" Tuck said, reading a random page from Danny's notebook. "I think your mind is seriously warped."

"Tucker, give it back!" Danny yelled. "That's mine!"

"February 2, 20006," Tucker read. "They keep talking about a girl. I don't get it! I'm not very smart. That's probably why I don't understand what they mean. They said that I don't know how good I have it and that what I'm looking for is right in front of me. I hate metaphors! Last week, they told me to take a chance; throw away my fears, but I can't! It's too soon and she doesn't like me anyway. One day, I will take that chance, but for now, the only chance I'm taking is risking my life fighting ghosts." Tucker concluded.

"Give it back, Tuck!" Danny demanded. Tucker handed it back to him.

"Um, Danny," Sam began, questionably. "Who exactly is they?"

"They is just…they," Danny said. Sam gave him an I-know-you're-lying-look and he caved. "They is referring to the stars--but I'm not crazy!"

"Who is she?" Sam asked.

"She?" Danny replied. "She refers to a girl…at school. (pause) They want me to ask her out, but I can't ask her out because…because…because I'm a scared little ghost boy!"

"I meant a name, but I already have a pretty good guess of who she is," Sam replied.

"It's not Paulina!" Danny yelled.

"I never said it was," Sam replied.

"But you were thinking it!" Danny stated. (pause) "It's not Valerie either!"

"I believe you," Sam said, sarcastically. "Scared little ghost boy!"

"Kyohaku told me you'd say that," Danny stated.

"Who is Kyohaku?" Tucker and Sam asked.

"He's the head elder," Danny explained. Sam and Tuck just stared at him which in English means 'What are you talking about?' "The powers that be?... The dudes talking to me from the sky?"

"Oh!" Sam and Tucker said, finally getting it.

"The really weird thing about the powers that be," Danny began. "is that they keep saying that Sam likes me! Isn't that freaked!"

"Clueless!" Sam said and then started to her next class.

"Sometimes, I feel like I don't even know her anymore," Danny said to Tucker. "Rei said that Sam was weird, but I can't argue with her because Sam is pretty weird."

"Rei?" Tucker asked, confused. "Who is Rei?"

"She's another member of the ptb. She's one of the newer members."

"What do you mean by that?" Tucker asked.

"She's fourteen," Danny said. "She is so weird, though! One minute she's an angel, but as soon as I mention Sam, she wants to bite my head off!"

"Really?" Tucker said with an all knowing voice. "(singing) I think she likes you! She is so jealous of you and Sam!"


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