Hi everyone! This is my first (and hopefully not last) fanfic. I've been thinking about writing a fanfic for some time but I've never had heart and courage to do so. But when I started watching "Lost" and fell in love with it, I've finally decided to join all those people out there who share their talent and feelings about this series, and write wonderful Lost fanfiction. I hope you'll enjoy it and please forgive me my mistakes as I'm Polish and English isn't my mother tongue.

The story takes place about a couple of weeks after the episode "What Kate did".

Unexpected gift


It was late afternoon. The sun was slowly sinking below the horizon, covering the sky with a vast array of colours. A light breeze came off the ocean.

Jack was catching the last rays of the sun, admiring this extraordinary spectacle. It was one of those rare moments that he didn't have to trouble about the shortage of food and water, the dangerous monster hiding in the darkness of the jungle or the mysterious others. He could just sit alone and think. People were slowly preparing to make fires for the night.

'It's funny', Jack thought, 'how all this turned out. It's been almost three months since the crash and things seemed to get back to normal. Well, at least as 'normal' as it can be' he chuckled to himself.

So much has happened during the past weeks. Some people decided to return to the beach, while others moved to the caves (including Sawyer). The newcomers from the tail section have been finally accepted although some of the survivors had doubts about Ana Lucia. Locke went on hunting boars and trying to solve the mysteries of the hatch.

Jack smiled as he saw Charlie who unsuccessfully tried to calm Aaron by making faces. Claire was preparing dinner for the three of them and she looked very pleased. So did Charlie. They seemed to be very happy together.

Happiness. It reminded him of Kate and the day when they finally kissed for the first time. It was when he found her in the jungle horrified and convinced that she was going crazy. He tried to console her, to tell her she was not alone and then it happened. He didn't know who initiated the kiss – him or her but the fact is the he didn't hold back anymore. This kiss made all his feelings for Kate come to light, he didn't have to hide them anymore. He wanted to tell her about his affection but she broke the kiss and run away.

Jack was afraid that the whole situation was only the outcome of the unstable condition she was in. However, that evening she came and confided in him. She told him everything – about her past, about her initial crime, her friend who got shot while he was helping her and the black horse that she saw on the island. That day everything has changed. She finally trusted him enough to let him in on her secrets. They both finally realised what they mean to each other and it led them to their first night together. From that day Jack and Kate decided to move in together and started living in the beach.

Jack still couldn't believe his luck. He couldn't believe that Kate chose him and not Sawyer who always claimed that there was a connection between them. However, Jack and Kate were linked by a bond that was much stronger; one that cannot be broken easily.

Jack smiled while he was thinking about all of this. He knew that Kate should be here soon - she went to the jungle to pick up some fruit and said she'd be back in the late afternoon. Normally he would freak that she went there alone but this time Hurley offered to go and help her.

Just as Jack was day-dreaming about Kate, he heard some voices coming from the jungle and then two figures – one tall and slender, the other shorter and loaded with plenty of fruit.

It was Kate and Hurley. As they came closer, he could make out what they were talking about.

"Hurley, it's nothing. Don't bother about me", said Kate, "You should let me carry at least some of the fruit."

"It's nothing? How can you say it was nothing?" Hugo exclaimed. "You freaked me out, I didn't know what to do."

"Hey, what happened?" asked Jack as he joined them.

"Dude! You won't believe it. She passer out in the jungle and she keeps saying it was nothing."

"What? Hate you're okay?" Jack asked with concern touching her arm.

"Jack, I'm fine." Kate answered with stern look in her eyes. "I was tired and didn't drink or eat much, that's why I felt weak but now I feel better."

"I don't think so, you look pale. You should rest and eat something." said Jack.

"Yeah, he's right" said Hurley as he was getting hungry with each passing minute.

"I told you both that I'm fine so don't worry about me, I can take care of myself." She said bluntly and rushed toward their tent.

"Kate!" Jack called after her but she didn't react.

"Dude! What happened to her? She has never acted in this way."

"Yeah, I wish I knew."

"Well, I'd better get this food and start preparing something to eat. Bye." said Hurley.

"Bye." Jack sighed deeply.

Many thoughts were flowing through his mind as he tried to find out why Kate had behaved in that way.

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