Neon Genesis Evangelion:RE-TAKE

Neon Genesis Evangelion belongs to Gainax, not me. This particular story comes from an Evangelion doujinshi series called RE-TAKE, by STUDIO KIMIGABUCHI If you like this, then try to buy volumes 1-3 of it, and the finale when it comes out in August 2006. My apologies to those that translated this- I'd credit you if I knew who you were. Notes- this story is a combination of the anime and the manga and that this is from Shinji's POV, so some stuff is left out. This is my first fanfic, so go easy on the flaming.

Thursday, May 26, 2016, 11:52 AM. The beginning of the end of the world.

Today has just gone from bad to worse. First off, just the other day, I had to kill someone that I had considered a friend- until, that is, I found out that he was actually the last Angel. No one really could understand how I felt- not, Misato-san, not that duplicate Ayanami, and least of all Asuka. She's been pretty much out of it ever since that one Angel showed up in orbit and mentally raped her. I just wanted to be left to myself, but nooo... Someone decides to call us the bad guys and launch an attack on us. A couple of soldiers were going to put me out of my misery when they found me hiding under a steel-grate staircase, but then Misato-san showed up and saved me, and promptly insisted that I get back to my Eva. After what happened to Kaworu, I really didn't want to pilot again. Misato-san had taken a fatal shot to her midsection during our trip to the cages and attempted to motivate me to pilot again by first trying to reason with me, then kissed me and promised we'd do the rest when I got back. However, I knew that was not gonna happen. When I finally got down there, Unit-01 was covered in hardened Bakelite, and I couldn't get to the plug. Meanwhile, Asuka, who somehow came out of her stupor, was fighting nine other Evangelions with only her Unit-02 on quickly dwindling batteries and no weapons other than what was already on board- her progressive knife, her shot spikes, and her AT field, to a point. I always thought the Evas could have been more heavily armed than that. She could have won had she targeted their cores better.

After I heard from Lt. Ibuki over the loudspeaker what was happening to Asuka out there, Mom decided to move 01 on her own and pick me up. When I got to the surface, it was not pretty-02 lay in pieces and Asuka had been killed. Was I ever miffed. My outburst had ramped up the output of my recently... acquired... core, and manifested wings of light. Then those white Evas proceeded to pick me up and use me in some sort of ceremony. I won't say what I saw, but it really creeped me out. Next thing I knew, I was on the beach of a massive lake of LCL with Asuka with a heavily bandaged right arm and an eyepatch over her left eye. Venting my frustrations, I proceeded to choke her as she just lay there. Then she raised her arm and caressed my cheek. Overwhelmed at what had just happened, coupled with Asuka's reaction at what I did, I screamed and blacked out.

I don't know how long I was out, but when I came to, I found myself looking a no-longer-unfamiliar-ceiling in one of NERV's hospital rooms. From what Ayanami told me, I was asleep for three days after emerging from the Sea of Dirac. I quickly dismissed everything that I thought I saw as only a bad dream. Soon after I got out of the hospital, Asuka, Ayanami and I had ANOTHER sync test. While contemplating what I had seen, my sync ratio went way up, past 80, in fact, and Misato-san notified me of that and told me to try to keep it up. But then I thought of what I thought I had done when Asuka was in the hospital, my sync dropped because of it, and I knew I should try keep it there- Asuka always gets so touchy when it comes to performance in the EVAs.

After the test, and washing the LCL off, Asuka came up to me and said, " Of course the top Eva pilot is none other than me! Got that? Don't get your hopes up just because you passed me for a few seconds! You have to be stable to be the ace! Fluctuating wildly like you... hmph. Useless." So I decided to compliment her on that. "You're so talented. We're so lucky that you're here together with us..." Beaming with pride, she said, "A-ha... So you've finally taken notice of my brilliance. Just leave the next Angel to me!" As we here heading back to the school, a wave of relief came over me. What I saw- 01 crushing 03's entry plug and killing Touji, the cloning tank of Ayanamis, and the winged Evas- all just a dream...

One day about a month later at school, Asuka said that it was lunch time and to get ready for it. Somewhat confused, I asked her, "You want to eat lunch with me?", but she reminded me that we were going to eat with Hikari and her friends. Then I overheard our classroom's resident military otaku, Kensuke, say that the Fourth Child had been chosen. As he went on, saying that he didn't know who it was, but he was jealous, I froze up. Remembering my dream, I had a BAD feeling about this... While walking down the hallway to the cafeteria with Asuka, she said to me, "You know, I was really surprised. Who'd have thought that Suzuhara would be the Fourth Child, of all people?" When she said that, I came to suspect that my dream was in fact not a dream, but more of a premonition. I was NOT going to let my visions come to pass. When it came time for Touji's startup trials for 03 in Matsushiro, I high-tailed it to NERV, changed into my plugsuit and waited for the Angel to take control of 03. By the time Asuka and Ayanami got to NERV, I was ready and waiting.

When we were deployed to intercept it, I replayed what happened in my dream and knew that I could have stopped it without forcing the activation of the dummy plug, but I did not want to hurt Touji. Asuka took point, and was being choked by 03. So I sprung into action. Without orders, I got 03's hands off Asuka. She tried to tell me that it was too strong for me to handle, but I would have none of that. While she was still talking, I took control of the situation, broke it's limbs, extracted the entry plug, then finished the job. After Touji was recovered, the med team examined him on the spot, and all that they found wrong with him was that his right arm got dislocated. He got off lightly compared to what happened to him in my dream- severed left leg, severe head trauma, ruptured spleen, and he succumbed from that.

Back at home, however, boy was Asuka upset. She chucked a pillow at me! When I asked, "What are you doing?" She replied, "That's what I want to say, dammit! You were going easy on me during the tests, weren't you?", since I was able to fight 03 like I did and with a sync well past 90. When I tried to deny it, she slapped me and said, "To think that I'd be pitied by the likes of you... I'd rather die!" and ran off. After she left, I thought to myself, " I didn't want THAT to happen... but is it okay to let her be like that?" And I considered my possibilities for tomorrow's battle against the 14th Angel. How to prevent 02's arms and head from being cut off, and whether or not if I could beat it without eating it, that is...

The next afternoon, I got myself down to NERV nice and early and when it attacked, I deployed myself up to the surface and began my assault. Over the comm, I heard Misato-san assign Asuka to backup me. Naturally, Asuka was upset and launched herself up to the surface. Good thing too. Even though I was fighting better than ever before, I was having quite a tough time. Asuka, not wanting to lose to me, moved to attack. I tried to dissuade her, but she still insisted on trying to fight. While we were arguing, the Angel unfolded its arms and thrusted to cut Asuka' head off. Knowing that the nerve connections could not be cut in time, I stepped in front of her and took the blow. It turns out that the nerve connections on 01 were somehow cut the instant before the blow was delivered, and 01 was still able to move on its own, grab the Angel's arm, and do something with its AT field that traveled up the Angel's arm and blew it apart. Seems that Mom did that. When my Eva lost its head, I blacked out and when I woke up, I found myself in the hospital again.

When I opened my eyes, the first person I saw was Asuka. She claimed that she was just passing through and came to see me while on her way. She stammered out, "" I thought that she was going to say "Thank you for saving me again!", but what actually came out of her mouth was, "Think you're so good, huh! Stop getting in my way!".

"I could have taken on the Angel all by myself yesterday, but you just had to butt in, didn't you? Did you want to show off that badly? Yeah, right.", she continued. I tried to say that she couldn't beaten it on her own. "Oh-ho... Then I guess I'll have to thank you, won't I? This lowly wench is so grateful that you, the Invincible Shinji, decided to help me out-"

I cut her off before she could finish that. "What? I don't want to be thanked!"

"Then just leave me alone! I don't need any of your help!"

"Shut up!" That really got her attention. So I said what I really wanted to for a while."I didn't want to see you hurt Asuka... I couldn't watch you be wounded. I was nervous. I won't stop helping you. Even if you don't like it, I won't stop helping you."

"...Hmm...Why? Why won't you stop?"

"I- I don't know."

"Okay..." That was really productive, I thought.


A while later, I was talking to Kaji-san in the office's cafeteria. "Hey- why the long face? Things not going too well with Asuka?" he started.

"Erk- Th... that's not it."

"Then you mean they're going well?"

"I don't know. Asuka makes fun of me, calls me names and does things I don't like. I really have no reason to like her. I'm just with her because of my job... but if she's hurt or turns me away... I hurt so much.. I can't stand it. I don't know why... but she's different than everybody else."

"Do you really need a 'why'? Even if you find out someday... the reason... by that time you'll already have lost everything. Later, you'll just come to regret it. Or are you thinking of throwing your feelings away? I'll just tell you one thing... Katsuagi was a real fox when she was your age. Enough to make Asuka pale in comparison. Who knows what makes people tick? Well... living true to yourself is not painless by any means, but it was a road that Katsuragi and I couldn't choose. I'm acting like a know-it-all, but in reality... the one who makes the final decision is yourself."

By the time we were finished, I realized that I'd be late for another test. On my way, I ran into Ayanami in the hallway. Without saying a word, she grabs my arm and pulls me along with her down the hallway. When I asked where she was taking me, she said that we were going to her room. I tried to get out of it, but she asked me, "Are you going there again? Where the Second is? Tell me."


"I see. It seems... it's still inadequate."

'Still?' It was then that I noticed something different about Ayanami. What she meant was that her eyes were now BLUE. She must have gotten a pair of blue non-prescription contacts from Dr. Akagi.

"Blue eyes the Second's...the eye color that Ikari-kun likes... But it's still not enough."

Rei pulled a bucket of red paint she had readied in case this happened and dumped it onto her head.

" The hair color that Ikari-kun likes... Just like the Second." she continued. "Anta... baka? What do you think, Ikari-kun? Now I am the same as the Second?"

I couldn't stand this anymore. "That's... enough. Stop it, Ayanami."

"Anta...baka?" Rei went on,

"Ayanami..." I said, stronger this time.

"Anta... ba-"

"AYANAMI REI! I like Asuka. There's nothing that can replace her. No matter how much you try and look like Asuka and do what I want. Still...if it's not Asuka... I...can't... I cant."

Apparently still not getting the hint, Ayanami continued. "In just a little while... my hair will grow longer. Long like the Second's. I will learn her speech patterns. I will also... make an effort to control Unit-00 better. So... come to my room... as well..."

To make things clear, I stepped forward, hugged her, and said, "I'm sorry, Ayanami. I can't come to

your room..."

After that was over with, I went back home. It seemed I was alone. I knew Misato-san'd be working late, but Asuka should have been back by now. Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm from behind. I turned around- and there was Asuka, wearing nothing but her headgear/hairclips. She hugged me and said, "Be quiet. The walls are thin."

"Ah...So... Sorry.- Not! What are you doing!"

"Shut up, dammit! You... like me... right...?"


"I heard you in the hallway earlier."


"Can you promise me? You... you'll never love anyone else in the whole world for the rest of your life. Only me. Do you promise?"

"Yes. I promise."

"Then.. from now on, you're mine from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Not even one hair is anybody else's."


"If you cheat on me, I'll kill you. If you even touch another woman, I'll kill you. No, come to think of it, I'll kill you if you even talk with another woman."

Now it was starting to get creepy. Is that even possible, what with Ayanami and Misato-san? Then I looked into her eyes. Determined. No matter what she says to me, it always seems like... I've seen her crying before. The tortured crying of her heart. And she sounded so loveable... "Alright. From now on... I'll only talk with you, Asuka. Promise."

"... Idiot. Don't make promises you can't keep. Then, me too... from the top pf my head to the bottoms of my feet... Every single bit of me, I'll become yours, Shinji."

So then we kissed. A real one, not like the time that one night in the kitchen when she was bored. That time, she told me to hold my breath, and we locked lips until I turned blue and had to break it off. Then she went into the bathroom and promptly gargled. Not just kissing. Everything else.

---------I'm no good at writing H descriptions, so just go and find the three volumes for all sex scenes and read it for yourself, if you are old enough to handle it. There aren't that many, though.-------------

After Asuka fell asleep, I thought that all this was because of that dream I had. Then I heard someone say, "That must feel good." I looked up, and it was Asuka. 'Huh? Two Asuka's?' This new Asuka was the one from my dream- plugsuit, heavily bandaged right arm, and her left eye covered with a patch.

"Am I... still... dreaming that dream?"

"Yes. To you, I am just something from you dreams."

Then she undid to top of her plugsuit and pulled it down, revealing scars all over her chest, I guess from when the white Evas ate her.

"Remember? Making everything alright all by yourself? Making me like this... Then running away, telling yourself it was all just a dream. You look happy. Sleeping with a clueless 'me'. Thinking you saved 'me'. I can't forgive you. You tried to kill me before." Then she was gone.

'Was it all... just a dream?' Then the phone rang, pulling me out of that line of thought. Misato-san had called and told me to give Ayanami the papers on the kitchen table. I had wanted to give them to her tomorrow at school, but she turned it into an order.

So I got dressed and headed over to Ayanami's apartment. I had rang the bell, but it was still broke. So I had to invite myself in again. When I opened the door, I saw Ayanami in her nightshirt. HANGING FROM THE CEILING. Reeling in shock, her words came back to me that she said a while ago about how she felt about my hands.

"The fist time I touched them I felt nothing. The second time, it was a bit unpleasant- I think. The third time, they were warm. Even through the plugsuit. The fourth time, I was happy. May I touch them again?" Ever since I had those visions, I was distancing myself from Ayanami, and her sync ratio had been falling lately because of it. But I never thought she'd go this far after being rejected...

-So that does it for volume 1. If you like this, tell me and I'll continue to work on it. If you worked on translating this, say the word and I'll stop and delete this.

Next time on RE-TAKE- Ariel and Ariamasel appear and die, the consequence of constantly having sex with no condoms, invitations, a self-destruction, a white-haired, red-eyed boy, and of course, more fanservice.