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Chapter #6: Escape at last

The sun rose over the city of Uru'baen to a usual sight. The palace was already alive with movement, and the screams of terror from the dungeons. No one knew why the only screamed in the morning. Another usual sight was the single girl in the soldiers practise courts. Fighting with any sword handed to her as long as it wasn't a sword. From his perch at his windowsill, Murtagh watched his apprentice sadly. Every day he saw her magic skills, ancient vocabulary, and fighting skills improve, though she still couldn't use a sword to save her life. Soon he would have to take her before Galbatorix, and that day sadly, was to be tomorrow.

It had been three weeks since Murtagh had begun to train Selena and either he was an amazing master or she was a fantastic student. Neither was very likely so he called it luck that she had learned so much. He was confident that she could hold her own against anyone other than a rider and he thought that that should be enough for Galbatorix. He sighed as he remembered why he was so worried; a week ago Thorn had told him that the little Emerald (The green dragon's name) had refused to keep growing. He had grown to a size that would fit in a large pack and then no more.

Murtagh had asked Selena about it and she admitted that she had blocked her dragon out after naming him because confining Emerald to her was against what she believed in. He knew that Galbatorix would not understand since he barely understood it himself. Murtagh looked up at the sky as he felt Thorn tap his mind, no thoughts were exchanged but both knew what the other meant, tonight, they would escape from Uru'baen.

Looking back down at the practise courts, he realized that Selena was no longer there. He scanned the surrounding area but couldn't see her, that wasn't very surprising as she often disappeared for up to a few hours at a time. Her guards had gotten so used to losing her that they didn't bother reporting it anymore. Sighing, Murtagh walked over to his bed and waited, soon enough there was a knock on her door and Selena came in. "Hello Ofricoi, how are you today?"

"Please stop calling me honourable idiot Selena," He said standing up. She smiled, "Ofricoi does not mean honourable idiot, I've told you that so many times! I've even said so in the Ancient Language!" He nodded, "True, but have you forgotten that you never say the truth when you speak in the Ancient Language?"

She rolled her eyes, "May we just start my magic lessons master?" "Oh so now you're calling me master?" He smiled as she yelled in frustration, "Today we will be learning about the ancient word for sleep."


As the watchman called the midnight hour, Murtagh's eyes opened. He washed the sleep from his face, dressed, and grabbed his traveling pack and weapons. He opened his door a crack and peered outside. No one was in the hallway. He slipped out and made his way to Selena's room. He slipped inside and shook her awake.

Placing a hand over her mouth, he pointed to her, his bag, and than the practise courts outside, "Meet me in half an hour and don't get caught." He left her room and ran towards the large treasure room Galbatorix had shown him. Slowing to a walk as he neared the doors he smiled to himself as the guards bowed, "What bring's you here so late my lord?"

"My business is my own. But if you see my father tomorrow tell him I said good bye." He raised his hand at them, "Slytha." With another magic word he pushed open the doors and dragged the unconscious guards inside. He filled a bag with gold and placed it is his pack, looking around he found a long rider's sword with an emerald in the hilt. He scanned the room to see if there as anything else of use and saw a small unadorned silver ring on a pedestal, without a thought, Murtagh placed it in his pocket and left the room.


Selena could hear her heart thudding loudly in her chest as she hid in the shadows of the practising courts. She had never been more nervous in her life, or at least from what she could remember. When Murtagh had told her his plans after her magic lesson she had been in shock. When he had woken her up she had still been in shock, but now that the cold night air had woken her up, she realized the folly and madness of his plan. More than anything, she wanted to pinch herself and find that the last month had been a horrible dream and that Murtagh was still just a faceless name.

Hearing a soft purr she looked down to see a beautiful white cat looking at her from the bushes. Grabbing the feline and placing it on her lap, Selena began to absentmindedly stroke it, "Poor kitty. Are you too a prisoner here?" The cat only purred in response. "Well than you can escape with my lord and me."

"Selena. Why are you talking to a cat?" She looked up to see Murtagh standing next to her holding the reins of two horses. "Oh…I uh…" He shook his head, "Forget I asked." Passing her the reins of a light bay horse he signalled for her to follow him.

As they neared the side gate, he signalled for her to mount her horse. When they were only a few feet away from the guards, Murtagh raised his right palm to the guard on the left, "Slytha." He handed her the reins to his horse before running to the gates. Selena took care of the other guard before he could sound the alarm. Murtagh pulled the gates open only so far so that they could slip through. No sooner had he closed the gates that he mounted his horse and they rode off. Selena's kitten of her lap.


It was late evening when they finally stopped. Selena was practically asleep in her saddle when they set up a small camp. Murtagh, who was used to riding for long distances, offered to keep watch while she slept. He lit a small fire and unrolled a map he had taken from the library earlier that week. He looked down at the map sadly. Where can we go? We are free for know, at least until Galbatorix realizes that Selena and I aren't just gone for the day.

He looked at a few places he had marked down and carefully reviewed over which would be the best place to go. Anywhere north of where we are right now would be a bad idea seeing as how we'd have to go by Uru'baen again. So most of Alagaesia is out of the question. We could go to the Beor Mountains but we wouldn't be able to stay there forever. We definitely wouldn't be allowed in Surda. Just seeing Thorn and me would be enough of an excuse to give their soldiers an order to shoot first and ask questions later.

He rolled up the map and placed it back in one of his bags. As he sat back down next to the fire, the cat that Selena had found jumped onto his lap, clearly desiring to be petted. He smiled slightly and gave the cat what it wanted. The peacefulness of the moment seeped into him and he found himself thinking of the past. More precisely, the battle of the burning plains and Eragon. He had found himself foolishly hoping that he would be able to side with Eragon when he escaped Uru'baen lately, but he always discarded the thought before long. This time however, he was replaying the battle in his mind, from revealing himself to taking Zar'roc.

A smile tugged at his lips when he remembered watching Eragon's – no, his – cousin kill the twins. What was his name again? Oh that's right, Roran. His hand stopped in mid pat as his mind quickly made connections with things he had overheard in the palace. There was a girl imprisoned by the Ra'zac in Helgrind. He remembered overhearing a messenger tell this to the king. He also remembered the messenger telling the king that the girl was important to Roran. He returned to patting the sleeping cat as he realized that Roran and Eragon would probably try to rescue the girl soon.

Picking up the cat and placing it next to Selena he rolled out his sleeping mat, he had decided where they would go. After he had spoken to his brother he would decide exactly where they would go and if Eragon would be willing to take Selena with him. With her safe, Thorn and I will finally be free. Yes, was his final thought. And with that, he drifted of to sleep.


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