Back to the present…

Suspicious apprehension is focused on the frog tamer as he pushes the table against the curtain.

"What kind of present?" Naruto asked.

"The kind you'd like, a show." Jiraiya looks down sternly at the shinobis. "In order to get this present, place your arms at each side of the arm rest."

Since their arms were already on the arm rest, mechanical handcuffs latches around their wrists.

"What the hell is this!"

"What are you doing?"

"Let us go!"

"Ero-Sennin, you bastard! I'm gonna kill you when I get out of this."

Jiraiya scoffs. "You ungrateful brats. At the end of the night, you'll be thanking me later."

The shouts of angry protest continue.

"Now back to the rules. You are not allowed to get up until your released. Don't bother trying to pick the locks, they're chakra proof. If you break any of these rules that explosive tag under your chair will go off. When the music starts, keep your eyes on the curtain."

The snow-haired man walks towards the door waving. "I'll be downstairs taking care of the bill. You boys have fun tonight."

"You son-of-…"

"Oh, one last thing. The cuffs are a preventative measure for the show. It's a reenactment from a scene in my next movie. You can't touch them but they'll have their way with you."

The door shuts behind him. Click. 'They have no idea what they are in for.'

Everyone struggles against their chairs. Naruto and Sasuke knew that the jutsus in their arsenal were too strong and could set off the tag. It's all up to Shikamaru to think of an ingenious plan.

'Kuso, Every time I'm in this damn uniform I get in the worst situations. Think, just think.'

"I think he's bluffing." Neji commented as he sends a surge of chakra through his wrist. "Maybe not."

"Shit! That means my Kage Ninpo jutsu won't work either."

Right on cue the music starts. (Get ready to play this song if you know the lyrics)

Mike Jones opens this classic favorite with his flowing introduction.

The black curtain slowly rises exposing a stage captivating the attention of the four. Lights of pink, violet, green and blue descend on the floor illuminating the shine of four polished poles.

T-Pain's smooth voice then takes over as four heavenly bodied women wrap their toned legs along the pole, sliding down until their stiletto heels touch the ground. Each of them sexily dressed accordingly to the light they are dancing under. (I wonder who?)

Got the body of a goddess
Got eyes butter pecan brown I see you girl
Droppin Low
She Comin Down from the ceiling
To tha floo
Yea She Know what she doin
Yea yea yea
She doin that right thang
Yea yea yea yea ea
I Need to get her over to my crib and do that night thang
Cause I'm N Luv wit a stripper

The men stare in awe at the sight of the dancers who happen to be wearing their ANBU mask.

Neji resists the temptation to watch, turning his head away. 'I-I can't watch this, it's wrong.'

Sasuke exhibits his infamous smirk. "Relax Hyuuga, and take a good look at her."

Underneath the pink light, a busty brunette wearing his white and emerald bird mask spins around her pole with a front split. The cheeks of her bottom peek out of her backless, skin tight, baby pink brocaded mini qi pao. The open sweet heart neckline crushes her cleavage as the rest of the dress hugs her hips.

Once Neji realized who was behind his mask, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

'I'm not going to be the only one who's in for a surprise tonight.'

A true blue light shines in Naruto's corner. 'This is one hell of a show.' He peers into the white eyes behind his white and ruby fox mask. In response, she smiles back at him.

Her curves are caressed by a three piece silk outfit. The navy shelf bra trimmed with powder blue lace barely holds her in. A matching wrap-around mini-skirt is tied by the side strings, underneath it is a T-string that is also designed in the same manner.

'I know that scent anywhere. When she gets closer, I'll pull that skirt off with my teeth.'

The dancer's indigo locks sway from one shoulder to another as she climbs the pole. Her legs are spread in a side split, exposing everything yet revealing nothing. The golden pole covers her vertical smile as she bounces her hips against it while gliding down.

Naruto catches Sasuke's quick peek at the Mrs. "Keep your eyes on your side, Teme."

"That goes the same for you, Dobe." Sasuke warned as he saw the reflection of his private dancer in cerulean eyes.

'These girls bring a whole new meaning to teamwork.'

She poppin she rollin she rollin
She climbin that pole and
I'm N Luv with a stripper
She trippin she playin she playin
I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin
I'm N Luv with a stripper

The green lighting was more sexier than Sasuke could ever imagine. He tries to read her movements as she hides behind his white and sapphire mask. The rose-haired dancer's attire clings to her toned body. A two piece mint green vinyl outfit consist of a zip down crop halter and a scandalously short pleated skirt. That was not all that Sasuke was looking at.

She jumps up high, then grasps near the top of the pole. Her strong thighs support her weight as she wraps her legs around it. The dancer's hands release the top as she leans back, flipping herself upside-down. Using her free hands, she allows her fingertips to roam her body; tempting her spectator.

Sasuke shifts in his chair to a more comfortable position. Although his stoic face would never show it, he wanted to jump out of his seat and have her right there on the stage.

"Damn you, Jiraiya."

She poppin she rollin she rollin
She climbin that pole and
I'm N Luv with a stripper
She trippin she playin she playin
I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin
I'm N Luv with a stripper

On the center of the stage, a warm violet glows upon the white and amethyst masked desert blonde. Her breasts are near the brink of spilling out of her lavender corset with a large bow on her lower back. Below her slim waistline is a coordinating garter belt holding up nude colored thigh highs, along with a matching Brazilian cut string bikini. It covers enough not to present an eyeful but enough to leave one curious.

She twirls down the pole in a smooth and quick fashion. Once the dancer reached the bottom, her back was towards him. Using the pole to pull herself back slowly she wraps her leg around it. The rolls her hips against the pole while she leans back to gaze her lover's dark eyes.

Out of all the girls she be the hottest
Likin the way she break it down I see u girl
Spinnin wide
And She lookin at me
Right in my eyes
Yea She got my attention
Yea yea yea
Did I forget to mention
I Need to get her over to my crib and do that night thang
Cause I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper

Shikamaru's eyes follow every bounce and sway of her curvaceous form. But there was something else that caught his attention. A bright sparkle between the valley of her breast. He focuses in on the flickering object.

'Clever, Temari. I can't wait.'

The chorus plays again for the second time, cueing the girls for some serious playtime.

There was a reason why Jiraiya pushed the table against the curtain. It acted like a step off the stage so that the girls wouldn't have to jump and ruin their heels. The dancers approach the object of their desire who were currently fighting against the cuffs.

Each of them slowly remove their mask unveiling their identities. In over three weeks they were finally face to face. They stand before them looking into their eyes with a warm welcoming smile.

The dancers use their signature moves on them allowing the sexual tension to build.

Tenten eagerly straddles herself in Neji's laps, grinding him as she whispers huskily in his ear.

"I missed you Yachou (Night Bird)." She runs her hand against his inner thigh, feeling him grow in her hands. "Mmm. You must be real happy to see me."

His eyes light up light up in excitement. "Indeed I am. But I have another surprise for you, in my pants."

"Oh, let me see."

"Take off these cuffs and I'll show you."

"I can't do that just yet, I'm not done."

She teases him playfully biting softly at the nape of his neck while continuing to grind on him.

On the other side of the room, Sasuke sits coolly biting his bottom lip in anticipation, gazing into Sakura's fiery green eyes. She's on her knees looking up at him. Her strong delicate hands slide his thighs and tugs down his zipper as rubs her head in his lap. She then slithers up between his legs, rolling her warm body against his.

She reaches up to touch his face. "How ya been Okibi (Blazing Fire)?"


Sakura's eyes widen in worry. "Why?"

Sasuke tilts his head down at an angle, directing her focus to his left shoulder. "Being away from you for one, and I suffered nerve damage during the mission. I'm numb from the painkillers right now but I need surgery first thing in the morning or else I'll lose my arm."

"I can fix it. Right here, right now with my new technique."

"Is that so?"

The doctor nods confidently. "I'll need your help. But first, I have to get you riled up until you're ready to burst."


She leans in and kisses him passionately. Her sweet tasting full lips felt like hot silk against his. After unzipping his pants, Sakura charges her hand with charka; every touch enhances his sensitivity. This allows the pleasure receptors to open up and permit the maximum amount of her healing chakra into him.

Sasuke quivers beneath her. "Release me."

She licks his lips in reply. "No, not until you're ready." Sakura's hands slip in between his legs toying with hardening piece.

In the meantime, Hinata places herself in Naruto lap rolling her hips against his, grinding her barely covered bottom against his hardening groin. She then performs their favorite position, the vertical split. His eyes widen as he leans over Hinata's shoulder as she gives him a full view of what's to come.

The blonde newlywed proudly recites the Lyrics of T-Pain.

"She trippin' she playin' she playin'
I'm not goin' nowhere girl I'm stayin'
I'm N Luv with a stripper!"

His cerulean eyes sparkle as a glob of drool leaks out of the corner if his mouth. "Quit playing girl and take me out of these cuffs."

"That is if you could get the key."

"Where is it?"

She giggles. "A place that's hard to reach."

The tip of his tongue licks the shell if her ear. "Oh Ho Ho. Where, oh where can that be?"

"Down, Kitsune. Be a good fox and I just might show you."

"I'm better than good, I'm yours."

She's every man's dream
She's God's gift to Earth
Women they love 'em too
That's what you call a women's worth
See I love all the strippers
Because they show me love
They know I never pay as free whenever I hit the club
But I can't even lie
The girls are here so fly
She slidin' up and down that pole got me mesmerized
Mike Jones don't ever trick
But god damn she thick
I can't lie, I must admit
I'm in love with a stripper

Shikamaru is not the type to be rushed. If he's not taking it easy, he puts in time, effort and patience to assure that the job is done right. Temari knows him too well. She already knows as well as he, that the key to the handcuffs is on a string around her neck and the rest of the girls.

That doesn't mean that she can't have a little fun with in the meantime. They used every pointer that Ayako gave them.

"Remember, make sure that he keeps his eyes on you the whole time. Adding props keeps it exciting. Constantly tease him until it's unbearable. Seductive choice of words enhances the play but don't talk too much, let your actions do the speaking for you. Last but not least, tonight kill him with kindness. Since he's already yours, spoil him rotten. Make him feel like he's the king of the world."

Maintaining eye contact was too easy. The mask, cuffs and key were the perfect props. The seductive teasing had just begun. All that was left was to spoil him rotten.

Temari didn't warm up to him just yet, she wanted to exhibit some of her new skills as a private dancer for the moment. Her hips sway sensually to the music in a figure-8 motion.

"It's been awhile, hasn't it Kagemusha?"

"Two months, four days, and ten hours Megami no Suna (Sand Goddess). Never mind that, show me what you got."

With just one look they can reach each other's thoughts. She turns her back towards him popping her hips round and round like clockwork, then she bends over exposing some of the dampness in her panties. Temari shakes her firm bottom. She then get on her knees and then turns to face him, using her hands she spreads her legs open, rolling her hips while doing so. The Sand Goddess runs her fingers through her sandy blonde hair with her left as the right one glides on her thigh then up to her sex, giving the illusion that she might be playing with herself.

She poppin she rollin she rollin
She climbin that pole and
I'm N Luv with a stripper
She trippin she playin she playin
I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin
I'm N Luv with a stripper

Now on her hands and knees, she crawls in between the Shadow Warrior's legs; letting her creep up his thighs before she settles in his lap. The globes of her breast are in his face now. Temari's eyes shift downward to the skeleton key in between them.

"May I have you now?"

"It's all yours if you can get it." She bounces her chest up so that the key pops up, giving Shikamaru a chance to catch it with his teeth. Fortunately for her, it didn't work.

Kagemusha had to use his lips and tongue to get to it now; kissing, sucking and licking his way out of confinement.

His soft licks tickles Megami. "Ha ha ha. You dropped it twice on purpose."

"So I did. Feels good doesn't it?" Utilizing his kiss, he sucks the key off of her breast. With his teeth he bites the thin string in half, freeing it. His tongue rolls the key so that he could bite on the handle and position the teeth into the lock.


Intelligence is Temari's main turn on about a man and Shikamaru had plenty of it. He liberates himself from the handcuffs with a quick turn of his head. The handcuffs were designed to open both constrictions on each side of the chair regardless of which lock was picked.

Shikamaru enthusiastic hands pull her closer. "You're mine now." He leans in and kisses her mouth hungrily, his busy hands perform a seal behind Temari's back.

She could feel his chakra increase. Before she even knew it, a second set of shadow hands trail against her legs then giving her ass cheeks a tight squeeze.


"Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu (Shadow Neck Bind Technique) complete."

The rest of the guys look in the couple's direction baffled on how Kagemusha got out of his restraints.

"Hey, Shikamaru! When did you get out?" The blonde fox asked, the others wait for the answer.

The Sand Goddess and her Shadow Warrior look into each other's eyes. "I don't mind if you help them out."

"I found the key. Here's a clue." Kagemusha uses his hands to softy massage Megami's breasts. His tongue left s hot wet trail on the side of her neck.

They had their moments of exhibitionism before, but never like this; expressing their love so openly and in front of close friends. They needed each other like their next breath. Soft moans of pleasure escape their kiss addicted lips. All eyes are on them, and they didn't have a care in the world who was watching.

She can pop it she can lock it

Teddy Pender ass down I'm bout to see this sexy girl
In My bed
She don't know what she is doin
To my head
Yea She turnin tricks on me
Yea Yea Yea
She dont even know me
Yea yea yea ea
I'd have got her over to my crib to do that night thing
Cause I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper

Neji quickly activates his Byakugan to see what is underneath Tenten's dress. "I see it now."

She gives him a come hither gesture with her index finger. "Come and get it then."

He follows Shikamaru's suit using his mouth teasingly to get his key to freedom. The others find the shining skeleton key with the help of the clue and their ladies luscious 'in their face' cleavage.

Clink. Clink. Clink.

Finally free to let their hands roam, fervent caresses move all over their lover's body. Each of them are in their own world, becoming lost in the connection that could be only felt between a man and a woman. After all at the end of the day, that's all that mattered.

Every kiss Shikamaru and Temari share triggers a flashback of their last night together. Except in his mind, those visions of the past were painful. The difficult interrogation with her brothers; followed by the black and white photos of her in the hospital, connected to life support. Then leaving her to attend to another mission. His Goddess is in his arms right now but this time there is something missing between them.


"I can't do this." He pulls away from her kiss and retracts his Shadow Bind Jutsu. "Why did you do it?"

Out of guilt, she avoids eye contact by holding her head down. "I'm sorry."

"Megami look at me." Kagemusha guides her chin up, his eyes demand an explanation. "I would have been fine if you left like I asked you to."

She gazes at the reflection of herself in his onyx eyes. "No, you wouldn't have. There was a 62 men ambush hot on your trail. You could barely hold your own kunai, what made you think you could utilize hand seals efficiently?"

"You're right… The back up and medics I called for arrived ten minutes late. Still, you should have told me. Why did you hide this from me?"

"I couldn't because… I couldn't remember whether or not it was true. I didn't want to hurt you if it was a lie."

"Can't you understand? I need you…" She interlaces her fingers with his, then places them over her belly. "We both do."

His eyes bulge widely. "M-Megami? When?"

"The last time you came over to visit me. I went to the doctor for a check up but nothing showed up, except for anemia. On the way to Konoha I was feeling sick. Once I got here, Sakura gave me a second examination. It's true, we're gonna have a b-a-b-y."

Megami reaches around her bow behind her corset. She presents Kagemusha with the small blue package that he left behind in her Suna apartment, placing it in his hands.

"I believe that this is yours."

He examines the box carefully. "I already know that you opened it; it was a figure-eight knot before I left, now it's square." In a joking manner he teases her. "You know, I could have you arrested for this."

She blushes brightly. "Busted!"

Kagemusha takes the lustrous Moissanite engagement ring out of the box and holds it up to her left index finger, then proceeds to slide it on. "So tell me Megami, does it fit?"

"Perfectly. Please Shikamaru, there's no longer a mask between us. I would be honored if you called me Nara Temari."

(Tsk.) "Troublesome woman, you ruined my perfect proposal. But having you as my wife will make the rest of my life perfect. I love you, Nara Temari." Before she could say a word, he silenced her with a kiss. Melting away the troubles of the past.

Shikamaru withdraws his kiss once again, this time out of worry. "Wait. Before we go any further, is it ok… to go all the way? I don't wan-"

"It's fine, you won't hurt me." Temari places a soft kiss on his lips, "Now where were we?"

"I was right here." The set of Shadow Hands return to squeeze her ass cheeks tightly peeling off her Brazilian bikini as his own hands unfasten the hooks and eyes of her corset.

In the Uzumaki corner, Naruto is hot and bothered from all the teasing. He lifts Hinata by the hips, catching the silk string of her wrap around skirt with his teeth. As it falls to the floor, he turns her around to face him. His hands lightly tug at the sides strings of the T-string thong.

Hinata prevents him from undoing it by locking his fingers with hers.

Naruto leans in to kiss her deeply, running his tongue along her bottom lip. "I wanted to give you as that soon as I came home. I also want to congratulate you for being the first married woman to participate and win the SVG tournament."

"Arigato, Naruto-kun."

He trails kisses down Hinata's neck. "You look really sexy using my jutsu on the centerfold. But I have to know, how did you involved with SVG? Did that horny toad trick you like I said he would if I wasn't around?"

"Naruto-kun, it was devious of him to get us involved but he new that we would win, that's why he wasn't worried." Hinata giggles softly. "That is… until I used Juken on him. I was thinking we should have our share of fun tonight and then I'll reverse the damage later."

"You're so bad!" The blonde fox chuckles.

"I learned from the best. Did I surprise you?"

"Very much so. Was all of this your idea?"

"We all had a hand in it. The cuffs were Tenten's idea, she was inspired by the house key around Temari's neck. Temari always had a curiosity about what it would be like to wear Shikamaru's ANBU mask. Sakura asked for advice for a different way to welcome Sasuke home and try out her new medical jutsu. As for me, I had to track down which club you were going to tonight. Jiraiya-sama helped us sneak in undetected."

"What about the explosive tag under my seat?"

"The horny toad was just bluffing. The only thing that will be under you is me."

With that key phrase, Naruto's quick untied both sides of her navy silk T-string. "Then tell me what you want so that I could give it to you."

Hinata's eyes shift upward. "I want it like last time." Their bodies disappear in a black flicker.

She poppin she rollin she rollin
She climbin that pole and
I'm N Luv with a stripper
She trippin she playin she playin
I'm not goin nowhere girl I'm stayin
I'm N Luv with a stripper

Nearby, Neji unbuttons the collar of Tenten's dress to give him a better access to more of her flesh.

She slowly pulls away from him to look into his white eyes. "Hey, slow down. Where's this other surprise that's in your pants besides the obvious?"

Thinking about the setting, Neji reconsiders dealing with the situation later. "Um… Now might not be the best time."

Tenten puts on a cute little pout. "No fair! I helped you get out of those cuffs. I wanna see other prize."

Caught up in the moment, it is finally time to commence his plan. "Trade spots with me, you should be the one who should get comfortable for this."

"Really now, what did you have in mind?" Tenten raises herself to release Neji.

Once she was seated, she finds him down on one knee. "Eh?"

Neji takes a few deep breaths to steady his heart rate. "I've been thinking about this for a long time. You're the one Tenten, when I'm with you I'm free. When I saw the centerfold page of you in Shinobi Weekly, you presented yourself as Hyuuga Tenten."

As a weapons specialist, she has trained herself to have perfect aim. Tenten has taken down hundreds of enemy ninja, and killed without hesitation. Yet there was nothing in the world that could prepare her for this moment.

"What I want to ask you is…"


He places his hand into his right cargo pocket and pulls out the black velvet box. Neji opens it, the diamond has a sparkling sheen of its own; lighting up her brown eyes when he presents it to her.

"How would you like it if Hyuuga was a part of your name? Tenten, will you be my wife?"

Tears began to well up in her eyes, she covers her mouth from the complete shock. "…"

"Please say something."

"Yes Neji, I would love to be your wife."

Although he knew she would say yes, he lets out a sigh of relief. The Byakugan wielder slips on her prize, kissing her tenderly on the back of her hand. Lowering his head, Neji runs his tongue over his upper lip as raises the bottom hem of her pink dress. The warm, humid breath sends shivers down Tenten's spine, his kisses on her thigh causes her to convulse.

He soon reaches her pleasure center. "Oh God, Neji!"

On Sasuke's side of the room, Dr. Haruno emits her chakra from her right hand gradually into his injury. Mixing half of her energy and mixing it with his then focusing it at the damaged tenketsus. Sakura's surges of chakra unexpectedly activates his Sharingan.

"Stay focused, concentrate all your chakra to your shoulder. I'll take care of the rest." Sakura salivates into her left hand, lubing up his now slick member.

Panting heavily, "How am I supposed to concentrate when you keep doing that?"

Sakura explains her research study. "Arousal triggers adrenaline. It also causes other "pleasure chemicals" to be released. The closer that I can get you to come, opens up your chakra path so that my chakra can flow through. Adrenaline causes your chakra strength to increase, speeding up the healing process. It's for your own good, Sasuke."

Sasuke resists the urge to lay Sakura on the floor and give her a taste of her own medicine. He closes eyes and forces every ounce of energy to the site of his injury.


His eyes open suddenly from the unexpected the weight of ANBU cargo pants falling on his head.

Sakura yells in frustration. "SHANNARO! Dammit, Naruto!"

Sasuke looks up at the ceiling. "Baka! Can't you see that I'm concentrating over here."

Hinata's back is against the ceiling as Naruto locks her into a chakra secured missionary position in his boxers. She innocently stammers. "G-Gomennasai, Sakura-chan. I got carried away."

Naruto could not keep a straight face if his life depended on it. "Ha. Ha. Ha. My bad, guys."

After the pants dropping incident, the patient and doctor continue on with the treatment. Sasuke somewhat softened by the distraction. Sakura charges up her hand and quickens the pace of her hand job, alternating the movements of squeezing and gliding. She could now feel the veins of his cock pulsating.

It twitches in her firm grip. "Sakura, I'm close."

"Good." She lifts herself off of him to lift up her vinyl green mini skirt. Sakura turns around to the an upright reverse cowgirl position. With Hinata's expertise, Sakura found a special position that aligns as many of his pressure points as possible with her own.

This allows a full body healing if Sasuke's injuries were that severe. Since they focused the majority of their chakra to his shoulder, the remaining chakra will trace the path to the concentrated site.

"Sasuke-kun, whatever you do, don't stop until my chakra is completely depleted."

Sakura lowers her body onto him, his swollen member parts the lips of her glistening wet sex. The tightness of her vaginal walls clamp down on him. "Ahhhh!"

Zenkai Seiteki no Jutsu (Sexual Healing Technique) uses ones chakra to heal non-life threatening injuries without surgery by applying pressure to tenketsu, allowing healing chakra to flow through the injured system. This acts like a chakra transfusion, the healers chakra has to be completely drained. This explains why this jutsu is for lovers only, it leaves both parties exhausted yet happy.

Jiraiya leans back in his chair sipping more of his sake after he finished writing his last chapter. Behind the two-way mirror disguised as a painting in the V.I.P. room, the dirty old pervert used his former student and his friends as writing inspiration.

"Oh, ho, ho! I'm going to make a fortune with this last chapter."


The Aftermath

Based on his new research, Jiraiya creates a new addition to the イチャイチャ series. Icha Icha Adauchi, Make-out Retaliation. The runaway hit has currently been on the best-sellers list for the past six months after publication.

イチャイチャタクティクスIcha Icha Takutikusu Make-out Tactics the Movie became a box office success, out selling the previous two movies combined. All thanks to Karasu Rei & Co., who is now currently putting Make-out Retaliation into production.

A few days after this incident, Temari finally moved in to her new home in Konoha. Shikamaru and Temari are planning a double spring wedding in April; one in Konoha and the other in Suna.

Temari wore a shiro-maku. (traditional white Japanese wedding kimono) as she was given away by Kankuro while Gaara performed the marriage ceremony. Sometime in late November, The Naras are expecting a little girl. They plan to name her Nara Megami.

A week later, Sasuke not only popped the question during Sakura's surprise birthday party but planned out surprise wedding ceremony right after she said yes. After they were married on the spot, they ran off to a romantic honeymoon getaway. They are currently attempting to repopulate the Uchiha clan.

As for the Uzumakis, they are continuing to work on their developing creativity. Whenever they are not on a missionthey are currently working with the other actors and actresses on the set of Make-out Retaliation. In order to create more passionate "scenes", they are credited as body-doubles.

What Naruto doesn't know is that at the end of this year is that Tsunade plans to retire and that his Hokage promotion will be official.

Neji and Tenten are presently enjoying their engagement. They plan to marry sometime in mid-December. They are also working with Naruto and Hinata on the movie, as stunt coordinators. Tenten and Hinata also have a cameo in the upcoming film as opponents for the main protagonist, getting in the way of his "love".

Thank you for reading this. I told ya'll that I was working on a good ending. I gotta go now, I gotta finish my Defensive Driving.