I don't own Lost but you already knew that. This is my first ever Lost fic, my first move away from my precious Alias fanfics! I haven't finished writing it yet, so updates will most likely be slow. I will try to update once a week though! Enjoy! Thanks to my friend Claire for beta'ing this.


Kate was staring out to sea, her eyes unfocused; her mind somewhere else. She heard someone come up behind her but didn't pay attention to it; she was too wrapped up in her own thoughts.

"Kate? Are you okay?"

She turned around in the sand and gave Jack a small smile before looking back out over the waves.

Jack sighed as he sat down in the sand beside her. It was the evening after the raft had sailed and it was nearing dusk, the sky gradually becoming darker.

"Kate. We have to go to the hatch."

Her only response was pulling her knees up even closer to her chest.

Jack sighed again, he would normally give her time to tell him what's wrong but on this occasion they had none to spare. The islanders had managed to find another way into the hatch and everyone else had already brought themselves and their belongings in there already. But Jack had noticed that Kate had been sitting in exactly the same spot ever since they came back from The Black Rock.

"I'll miss the beach." Kate said, suddenly bringing Jack out of his thoughts as she turned to look at him.

Jack let out a small laugh; of course, Kate loved it here. "It's only for a while."

"Yeah." She replied without thinking as her gaze returned, once again, to the sea.

After few moments of silence Jack tried again…"You miss him, don't you?" He said with a hint of disgust in his voice.

Kate moved her eyes to his again and gave him a tiny smile "Not miss as such; I just hope they're okay."

"Yeah, me too. It's almost too quiet around here since Sawyer left."

"Yup." Kate moved her eyes back to the sea again.

Jack followed suit for a while until he realised a drop in temperature and glanced around to notice the sun was setting.

They needed to get out of here soon.

"Kate. We have to go - "

"I know." She interrupted.

Jack stood up and shook the sand off him, holding his hand out to Kate.

She didn't move.

"Kate. We have to go now." He said with a sense of urgency in his voice.

She looked up at him from her spot on the ground and after a few seconds thought, she took his hand.

Jack shivered slightly at her touch, but he put it down to the fact that it was getting colder outside. Kate, however, kept his gaze. 'Did she feel it too?' His mind questioned but the raindrop landing on his head distracted him.

Jack looked up to the sky. "Stupid monsoon season." He muttered to himself. "Come on Kate!" He shouted to her as they started to run towards the forest, hands still joined.

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