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Chapter 5

Jack woke a couple of hours later; he assumed that it was the mutterings of the people outside that woke him as he slowly opened his eyes. The most beautiful sight welcomed him as he laid his eyes on a peacefully sleeping Kate, only a couple of inches away from his face. Jack could feel her warm breath on his skin. He watched mesmerised, as her chest moved gently up and down. Her body was still facing his, one arm by her side and the other dangerously close to his lips. Jack couldn't help but watch her, never seeing her as peaceful as she looked at this moment.

'She's absolutely beautiful' He thought honestly, smiling slightly as he remembered one time he'd thought it before…


It was the middle of the day, the sun beaming down on them from its high position in the sky as Jack and Kate carried water back from the caves. Jack was exhausted from the hike and he could tell that Kate was too, as she slowly took the heavy bag from her shoulders. They both took deep breaths as they leaned on nearby trees to help support them. Jack stared blankly ahead of him until Kate bent down in front of him to do her shoelace. His eyes immediately moved over to her body, glancing at her smooth curves in a complete daze.

'She's so beautiful' Jack thought to himself. He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't even realise when Kate gave him a playful grin.

"You checkin' me out?" Her voice pulled him out of his reverie.


"There's no harm in it, it's just…"

Jack laughed at her innocence and smiled back at her. "Trust me. If I was checking you out; you'd know it." He chuckled. 'The only thing is,'Jack thought 'I think she might already know it…' Jack stood there admiring her smile, mentally slapping himself for doing so as he tried to focus.


Kate's slight movement in her sleep brought him out of his daydream as he watched her nose crinkle slightly in the most adorable way. Jack sighed, wishing things weren't so complicated between them. If only he knew how she felt. Now that Sawyer had gone on the raft, things were slightly less tense between them but still as uneasy. Then again, the way she looked at him, the way she listened to him, the way she held his hand…their relationship had to be more than just friendship, right? Jack was so unsure of where they stood, but as he lay watching her sleep, he knew, he wanted more than friendship. Before he knew what he was doing, his hand was on her cheek, slowly caressing the surprisingly soft skin under his thumb. Jack watched intently as Kate leaned into his touch slightly in her sleep. He smiled softly even though no one could see it and gently let his lips graze her hand before quietly sitting up, removing his hand from her cheek.

Jack could already hear the other survivors rustling about, getting ready for another day. A dim light shone through the room from the candles in the corridor as Jack started to get changed.

Hehe. Jack getting changed.

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