Author's Note: I really badly got hit by a plot bunny after watching Constantine. This is Chastine so don't read it if you feel you may be offended.

I'm writing this as a long story, but each chapter is going to be written in drabble style. This is to help form John Constantine's thoughts. This is set after the movie.

Reviews will be very appreciated and I hope you enjoy!


The first thing John Constantine noticed when he woke up was that his bedroom was silent, and the only smells on the air were that of old smoke and alcohol.

To many people, this would not be a strange thing. But to John, it broke his heart. He had never realised how much he would miss waking up to the scent of bacon sandwiches and tea brought in every morning by a loud, slightly annoying but still cute, curly-haired youth.

"Fuck." John groaned and closed his eyes against the weak sunlight fighting in through his curtains.

Ironic really, that after all he had done to fight against his fate of going to Hell, now he had another chance at life he couldn't see the point. Not without Chas.

He wanted a cigarette. He badly wanted a cigarette. He had given up the day Chas had died.

The day Chas had died. So much more had happened that day, but that was all that remained in John's mind.

Two weeks without Chas. Two lonely weeks. Every day, John would wake up, and he'd be fine in the morning. By afternoon the shouting would come. The anger, the hurt. He would scream himself hoarse. After that, only tears were left, raw emotion pouring down his cheeks.

Then came the drink.

John had a hangover now. He slid out of bed, padded into the kitchen, the air cold against his bare chest and legs.

Filling a glass with water, he remembered watching his apprentice do the same so long ago, his shiny brown curls hanging in his face, which was dark with disapproval. He had dropped the aspirin in with a cluck of his tongue, but had made no comment as to John's hangover. Then, he had held John's nose as he drank it with a shudder.

John dropped the aspirin in himself today. He watched the water fizz. He had always hated taking aspirin.