B TITLE: "Lord Arthur II"

SERIES NAME: Keys to the Kingdom

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Arthur x (new) Monday's Noon// (new) Monday's Dusk x Arthur// (new) Monday's Noon x (new) Monday's Dusk// Monday's (new) Noon x Arthur x Monday's (new) Dusk

Disclaimer: All characters and storyline belong to Garth Nix… any tweaks are mine… because you know; it is a book for children… so we 'elders' are left to fill in our own p0rn!
Summery: Sequel to Lord Arthur I, hat do you get when you add two times of the day with the heir of the House and a prudish Dame Primus? Threesome-SLASH!
Rating: M+ (R)
A/N: Whoooo! Slash… only for mature readers, and people who aren't homophobic! Arthur is about 18 here, so no one is a pervert! Threesome, Slash, etc.


Last part…

A/N: this is in Arthur POV. After XXX it becomes Normal POV again.


Chapter 7

Lord Arthur VII

When I entered the Dayroom, it was to the site of two dripping wet Times of the Day chasing each other around the sofa in nothing but a towel each. I laughed softly, and it was enough to catch their attentions, because their head snapped around and blushing brightly with embarrassment they gave up the chase with each other and advanced on me.

With a shriek I legged it towards the bedroom, but was grabbed as I reached the door. Wet arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back against a wet chest. Wet lips pressed against my neck as wet hair brushed my cheek.

"We're getting his clothing wet," Noon's voice against my ear.

Another wet body moved to stand on the other side of me, wet lips pressing into my dry cheek. "Then we should remove them brother."

Working in-sync the Times, undresses me for a second time that day and pulled me back towards the sofa. "Bed?" I asked.

"Why not be original?" Dusk suggested and pulled me from the sofa and to the floor. "We haven't done this yet."

That was right; Noon and I in the bed, Dusk and I against the wall, Noon, Dusk and I on the sofa… now I guess the floor did deserve its turn.

With a moan, I let him straddle me, his erection lined with my rapidly hardening penis. Without warning he and Noon switched places, except Noon kneeled between my legs and without prompting I spread them wider. He pulled them up over his shoulder and without fingering me this time, pushed his erection into me. I groaned and raised my hips for more.

Dusk stood behind his brother, and using one hand to part his arse-cheeks, used the other to guide his penis into position. Noon stopped moving long enough for Dusk to sheath himself, before the two of them began to thrust in time with each other. I raised my hips as well, once I'd gotten used to the pace, my head thrown back, twisting from side to side, and my mouth open in a silent scream.

Dirty blond hair was brushed out of the way as Dusk buried his face against Noon's neck, his tongue flicking out to lick the sweaty flesh, his mouth sucking and marking, before moving down to his shoulder and back.

Noon leaned forward, kissing my neck and chest, his hands gripping my legs. As I came, I heard a gasp but I couldn't be sure who uttered it. Noon came silently after me, followed by Dusk who groaned loudly, the noise muffled by Noon's shoulder blade.

I whimpered in disappointment as Noon pulled out of me, both men leaned down to kiss me and as I locked lips with Dusk second, I realized who had gasped.

"Shit!" I cursed into the pale blonde's mouth.

"What?" He said back just as quietly. Noon, who had looked up after he left my lips, coughed discreetly causing Dusk to look up. "Ah, that." He whispered back to me. I pulled him down on top of me, and buried my face into his chest.


"Arthur Penhaligon! What in the Architects name is going on here?" Dame Primus shouted from the doorway, her folder having dropped to the floor in her shock, papers scattered around her feet.

"I think that would be rather obvious, my lady." Dusk offered with a smirk.

She huffed at him and bent to pick her papers up. "Arthur, come out right now!"

"Arthur isn't home right now, please leave a message with either Monday's Noon, or Dusk and he'll get back to you…" Came the heirs voice from under Dusk, "…if he hasn't died of embarrassment in the mean time." He added so only his lovers could hear it.

Dusk got up, and pulled on his pants while Dame Primus looked away, Noon did likewise. Sighing in defeat, Arthur followed their example. "Traitor!" He hissed at Dusk under his breath as Dame Primus grabbed his arm, when he was decent, and dragged him to the sofa.

"I wouldn't-" Noon started. Dame Primus jumped away from the sofa before he could finish and began to drag Arthur out of the room. With a long-suffering sigh, the heir to the House and it's controlling ex-Will, was led out of the room.

"Why didn't you interrupt when you got there?" Arthur wondered.

"Uh, well…"

"What!" The teen asked worriedly.

"And ruin the experience for you?" She huffed, "I don't agree at all, but I don't want you put off sex forever either. I mean one bad experience-" Arthur cut her off with a laugh.

"It's not like that was my first time or anything." He laughed again, "but thanks, I appreciate the thought."

Dame Primus huffed, and carried on walking, muttering something about 'cheeky heirs', and 'Times who should learn to keep it in their pants'. Arthur laughed again.

His second meeting of the day was well under way to being his favourite yet!


The End

Ok that's done… The end… buh bye… no more! Please tell me you don't want more! I can't think of anything else!

That wasn't actually how I wanted that to go, I wanted Dame Primus to have a major freak out, and threaten to cut 'it' off if 'it' ever went near innocent Arthur again… but hey, it's good the way it happened anyway!