Teen Titans


The alarm went off at 6:15 sharp, a rapid sequence of beeps and buzzes. Suddenly, a wave of heat reduced the digital clock to ash. Real mature, thought Connor Kent. Clone of the world's greatest super hero uses heat vision as snooze button. Rubbing his now uncomfortably warm eyes, he stumbled from bed, clad only in Superman logo sweatpants and sandals he had stolen from Robin. Crossing to his bathroom, he glanced at himself in the mirror, and began brushing his teeth. As he rinses, he looks again in the mirror, only to see an obscure figure lurking in the shadows not far behind him. Instinctively, he swings at the shadow, and only a brief moment of clarity causes him to pull his punch substantially. Irregardless, his target is carried across the room, striking the far wall with a loud THWACK. Connor quickly identifies the crumpled mass now across the room not as some mysterious assailant, but as Tim Drake, the latest to bear the mantle of Robin.

"Geez, Tim you alright?" Connor's concern was well overwhelmed by his attempts to stifle the rather large case of the giggles he seemed to have developed. However, he excused himself, as the sight of the usually composed Robin head over heels balanced against a bathroom wall was one he could not pass up. Seconds later, the mass that had been so crumpled began to move slightly.

"Ugh," moaned Tim Drake. "I get woken up by yet ANOTHER alarm clock being reduced to ash," Connor couldn't help but to smile at this, "and I decide to come all the way down the hall to make just a little fun of you, and how am I rewarded? Thwack. This sucks."

Still laughing from seeing the Boy Wonder in such a state, Connor forces out, "Maybe if you weren't wearing that creepy mask at six o'clock." He began to walk over and help up his friend, but was interrupted by the loud cackling behind him.

The two teens look to see Bart Allen standing in the doorway, nearly doubled over in laughter. "Look at the two…of you….I've got it now…the new super-effective, danger BATHROOM!" Surrendering to laughter once again, he leaned against the doorframe to keep himself standing. As his eyes watered again at the scene in front of him, a knowing smile crossed the face of Tim Drake.

"Yeah Bart, real funny." With that, he released a batarang so fast, it was imperceptible by the human eye. But Bart Allen was something more than human. A blur to his friends, he easily sidestepped the weapon, and it carried past him, out of the bathroom door.

"Ha, you missed me!"

"Sure Bart." Both Connor and Tim were wearing grins now. "I missed you."

Without warning, the projectile came back, and slammed into the head of Kid Flash.

"Now that's funny," chocked out Superboy. He hit himself in the head, mimicking what had just happened to Bart. "Thwack!" He trailed off in a chorus of laughter with Tim.

"Funny guys." Bart was still rubbing his head. "Real funny." Suddenly, both Tim and Connor stopped laughing as Robin's utility belt appeared in Bart's hand. "Let's see what else you got."

The bathroom was engulfed in flash and smoke grenades, the sounds of which were partnered with the grunts and thrashing of three teenage boys fighting in the dark. Their wrestling was interrupted from a voice on high.

"Ahem." As the dust settled and the din quieted, the three entangled boys were left in a literal knot on the ground, staring up at who had broken them up. There stood Cassie Sandsmark, better known as Wonder Girl. Her sapphire eyes settled on the scene before her, and she couldn't control the smile that flashed across her face. "Cyborg wanted you to know that breakfast is ready." Attempting to save face, she turned on her heel and headed out the door. But even in leaving, she could not help but comment on what she had seen.