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The wedding reception was magnificent, the catering department had worked long and hard on the culinary delights that were being served to the guests, there were mounds of every food you could possibly imagine, from piles of chocolate éclairs to ham and cheese sandwich's, made especially by Alanna. (Please note the guests were giving these a wide berth!)

There were fountains of champagne, barrels of the realms finest ale, a spectacular bowl of trifle and a wedding cake with four layers complete with two marzipan figurines, which had been coloured and sculpted until they vaguely resembled the bride and groom.

Even as Kel watched, Ben, Dom's five-year-old cousin, dipped his hand into a bowl of chocolate covered nuts, which were about the size of marbles and stuffed some into his mouth, and let the rest fall to the floor.

There was a general hubbub of chatter as people milled around, eating food, socialising and dancing. Halfway through the evening the orchestra stopped playing, everyone stopped talking to focus on Dom and Kel, who were about to cut the wedding cake. In Tortall it was traditional for the bride and groom to share the first slice of the cake, so our couple fed each other crumbs of cake and sticky icing, the crowd cheered.

Perhaps the most eventful moment of the party was when, at ten minutes to midnight, the doors burst open and in flew Neal, as he ran towards Kel, he shouted ecstatically, 'I'm a Dad, I have two beautiful daughters, can you believe it? I'm a …aaah!' Neal, in his excitement had not noticed the chocolate coated nuts on the floor…As though in slow motion, Kel saw Neal trip, fly through the air, and crash onto one of the food tables, his head buried in the half eaten trifle.

He emerged, with cream dripping from his hair, cherries stuck to his forehead and custard coating his face! Everyone burst out laughing, Neal however didn't seem to care, wiping cream and custard from his eyes he continued 'I'm a Dad!'

Kel and Dom rushed over to their trifle covered friend,

'Congratulations, mate!' Said a laughing Dom, 'From now on, I'm going to have to call you trifle head!'

'How's Yuki?' Asked Kel.

'Tired, but exhausted, but she told me to tell you, on no account should you leave the party to see her, but can you save her some wedding cake and trifle…' Neal trailed off looking at what remained of the trifle.

He sighed, 'Ah well.'

Neal skipped off, bowl in hand to scoop up some of the trifle still left in the bowl, and some wedding cake, whilst Alanna congratulated him.

Dom and Kel watched him collect his food order, and return to his beloved wife. The orchestra began to play again and Dom pulled Kel onto the dance floor.

If Yuki was disturbed to see that her husband now resembled a trifle, she didn't show it.

'You know Neal, that when I said bring be some trifle, I meant in a bowl?' Said Yuki teasingly.

With a flourish Neal presented her the mixture of wedding cake and trifle.

'My hero.' Said Yuki giggling and tucking into the trifle.

Neal stared at Yuki and realised what was wrong, 'You just laughed.' He stated amazed.

'And what is wrong with that?'

'Nothing, I just meant..' He trailed off.

'I know what you meant. You see Neal, while you were gone, I felt so happy, the happiest I've ever been, yet who would know that if I had to hide my emotions? It seems such a waste of emotion, feeling it, yet not being able to show it. Yes there is a time for hiding what you feel, but now, I'm so happy…' And she pulled him into a kiss.

'I see my son's habits have begun to rub off on you,' said Duke Baird, and seeing Yuki's confused look said, 'You just gave him a speech!'

Yuki began to laugh.

'Neal, precisely why do you resemble a trifle?' Asked the Duke.

Yuki laughed harder.

Neal explained that he had been running, when suddenly the ground moved and he had ended up in a bowl of trifle.

'It could've been worse' he reasoned, 'I could've ended up in the cheese fondue!'

By this time Yuki was laughing so hard, tears rolled down her cheeks, when she had regained control of herself she said, 'That felt so good, like years of bottled up emotion coming out.'

She looked tenderly over to the cot where her two baby girls were sleeping. 'Have I ever told you how much I love you?' She asked.

In reply Neal kissed her again.

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