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Kel slept most of the day and woke up only briefly to feed her new son. After a good nights sleep however, she decided that she'd been in the infirmary long enough and decided to move back to her rooms.

She was still not completely rested; Neal said that it would probably be about a week before she would feel back to her usual self. So she lay, wrapped in blankets on the sofa, cradling her new baby. Dom barely left her side, and if he did it was to fetch more blankets, food and other items. He fussed over his wife and child, and Kel, for once, her resolve weakened by her birthing ordeal allowed him to fuss over her.

When he was quite sure that his wife had everything she could possibly need or want, he snuggled up to her and together they admired and cooed over their new son. He was small, being premature, but was strong and healthy. He had tiny blue eyes, and a scattering of fine brown hair. His tiny fingers clasped the soft blanket within which he was delicately wrapped.

'He's so beautiful,' breathed Kel.

'Worth eight months of pregnancy?' asked Dom.

'Every second,' said Kel happily.

'So…the big question,' ventured Dom, 'What are we going to call him?'

Kel's brow creased, 'I really have no idea, I was counting on you for names.'

'Well, it's not a decision we need to rush, although we can't go round calling him baby for the rest of his life.'

Dom sat there, his arms around his wife, and felt like he was about to burst with happiness. Three days ago he had been preparing for the last long trek that would take them into the City of Corus, and he had been looking forward to being with Kel again. Now three days later, he had a newborn son.

News of Kel's unsuspected birth had travelled fast, shocking everyone, as some didn't even know Kel was pregnant and now Kel was back in her rooms, many people came to see the Lady Knight and her new child. Even the Queen dropped in to congratulate Kel!

The list of visitors was endless, Roald and Shinko, Merric, Faleron, Seaver, Lord Wyldon, and many of Dom's friends from the King's Own. Raoul, Neal and Alanna popped in regularly, chatting with Kel and Dom, and cooing over the baby. Kel and Dom had agreed to name Raoul, Neal and Alanna the child's godparents, all three of them had been delighted and all seemed determined to think of the name for the child.

Kel, suddenly remembered in horror that her parents, nor any of her family realised about her child and hurriedly sent out letters explaining about the birth. She had also sent a letter to Tobe, who was still living in New Hope. Yuki would also be in for a shock when she came home.

It was just after lunch when Lalasa came flying into the room.

'You've had a baby,' she squealed and proceeded to hug Kel, becoming quite teary eyed when she rocked the baby gently in her lap.

'I can't believe it Lady Kel, I really can't.' She had murmured, 'Oh but he looks so like you, except for his eyes, he has his father's eyes.'

Kel had smiled even more widely at this, 'It was strange, she'd only laid eyes upon her son twenty four hours ago, and yet already she loved everything about him. He didn't cry or scream like Hana and Maeka had, but instead gazed up at her with his beautiful blue eyes, and if he was rocked bounced gently, he made quiet gurgling noises at her.

'Oh, and speaking of surprises, I have something to tell you…' but at that moment she was interrupted by the door being flung open and Owen came flying in.

'Kel, I'm engaged!' he said excitedly, 'To Lalasa.'

'What?' said Kel flabbergasted, staring at Lalasa.

Suddenly Owen noticed that Lalasa was also in the room.

'Oops,' he said flushing bright pink, and he went over and kissed Lalasa full on the lips.

When they broke apart Lalasa was also flushed a brilliant shade of pink.

'It's true,' she told Kel, 'He proposed last night.'

'Congratulations,' Kel said, genuinely happy for both of her friends. Suddenly she exclaimed, 'He was your stalker!'

'I was not a stalker!' said Owen indignantly, and Kel and Lalasa began to laugh.

Trying to change the subject he said, 'Can I hold your baby?'

And Kel handed him the tiny boy. 'Hello,' said Owen as he took the tiny bundle, 'Just you wait till you're bigger, you're mum will teach you how to swing that pig sticker of yours, won't that be jolly and then…'

Kel wasn't listening, her mind was whirling in a wonderful swirl of happiness. She thought about all the things she could teach her son, he was a new human being, and she would be responsible for his care and bringing up. She would teach him how to ride, how to shoot, how to fence. He would be brought up without the prejudices of the noble class, he would treat commoners as equals, he would be kind to animals, he'd learn how to dance, he'd have many friends. She also thought of all the people who would help, he'd have Uncle Neal to teach him philosophy, and if he was interested in reading they could discuss books, he'd have Uncle Raoul to help teach him to joust, Auntie Alanna to help her teach him to fence, Dom to teach him to ride, fish, track and hunt. He would grow up knowledgeable of the Yamani ways and customs. She saw all of that potential in this tiny boy, and she was determined that whatever he chose to do with his life, whether he became a knight, a scholar, a soldier in the King's Own, anything he wanted to do, she'd help him to achieve his goals.

When she jerked out of her reverie, Owen was still fussing over her baby, and Lalasa was watching them with a loving expression.

Soon after Lalasa and Owen had left hand-in-hand, the three god parents arrived.

They had all come armed with lists of names.

When Dom returned with refreshment, Kel placed her child into his cot and sat down next to her husband.

'I've been researching said Neal in the book great Knights of the Tortallan realm in which my Uncle…'

'The names,' interrupted Alanna, who like Kel had had much experience with Neal's referencing. He was likely to mention who wrote the book, others like it, people featured in it, strange facts that no one else knew about the character on page four hundred and thirty five…






Kel sniggered. Neal scowled at her.

'Aaron?' suggested Raoul.

'Francis?' suggested Alanna.











Everyone stared at Neal, who shrugged his shoulders defensively, 'It was just an idea!'

After ten minutes Alanna and Raoul had exhausted their lists and admitted defeat. Neal however was still going strong.

'Adam, Basil, Dale, Ian, Jason, Nigel, Miles, Timon, Thedore, William, Hugh, Simon…'

'Stop! What did you say?'


'Before that…'


'Before that…'


'William, I like it, it can be shortened to Will,' suggested Dom.

'I like it,' agreed Raoul.

'I still prefer Lucien,' started Neal, and everyone stared at him.

'It was a joke, a joke!' said Neal hastily.

'William, Will,' said Kel, testing out the sound of the name.

'It's certainly original,' said Alanna, 'I don't know anyone with that name.'

'William it is then!'

'Hello Will,' said Kel, lifting her son out of his cot.

'I have a present for Will!' Exclaimed Alanna as she suddenly remembered. And out from her cloak, she extracted a small package. Inside which is a matching set of knitted boots, hat, and a scarf.

'Sorry,' she muttered sheepishly, 'I couldn't resist.'

The five of them laughed.

That evening would stick in Kel's memory for a long time. Maybe it was the naming of her first born son. Or perhaps it was the happiness of being surrounded by her five favourite people, all (with the exception of the tiny Will) laughing and joking. Or perhaps the retelling of Neal's escapades with the Llama, that left them in fits of laughter for minutes on end. And when Kel finally went to bed, her husbands arm holding her close, her tiny son sleeping gently nearby, she could've sworn she heard the chambers voice echo,

'I told you so!'

And, she thought sleepily, before she drifted off, could life get any better than this?

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