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Chapter 1

Silver was no fool. He could sense the growing agitation of his crew and had no illusions as to the length of their collective patience. It they were not calmed, and quickly at that, they would undoubtedly give themselves away, jeopardizing the whole mutiny. They had managed to comport themselves with some amount of self-control for the past few months, which was a miracle in itself, but it was clear they were now nearing the breaking point under Captain Amelia's stern command. Were it not for his close watch and tight rein over them the good Captain Amelia would have been dead a hundred times over by this point, a fact which Silver reminded himself of every time she ordered him about as though he were some mindless oaf. Silver could tell when a crew was near mutiny, it became a second sense after decades of sailing with various pirate crews, though he had never been on the wrong side of one yet and he intended to keep it that way.

As he strode across the deck that morning he could feel the eyes of his crew boring into his broad back, he looked up and caught the questioning and derisive glare of Scroop. Silver halted his step and held the arachnid's gaze before nodding almost imperceptively in the direction of the galley stairs; he then turned his back as the majority of the crew scampered below deck without a care as to who may be watching their suspicious behaviour. He looked out over the etherium as if the curiously green morning sky held the answers he was searching for. After a moment he let out a sigh of frustration then squared his shoulders and headed below deck to deal with the impatient lot that awaited him there.

As Silver stepped into the galley he was assailed with the expected questions and complaints. He fought back the urge to roll his eyes at the stupidity of his crew, they seemed unable to comprehend the big picture, the one Silver had spent years of his life chasing. He would not let this bumbling pack of miscreants ruin his chances when he was now so close to obtaining the treasure he had nearly lost his life for.

"Look," said Birdbrain Mary as she hopped along side of Silver "what we're saying is we're sick of all this waiting."

"There's only three of them left." The massive Mr. Hands reasoned in his thundering baritone.

"We are wanting to move!" cried Meltdown, his fat body quivering.

Silver had heard enough, he turned and faced the crew raising his cybernetic hand which was clenched in a fist. "We don't move till we got the treasure in hand." He ordered.

Scroop stepped from the shadows, leaning in over Silver as if to override his authority. "I say we kill 'em all now." He hissed.

Silver's chest tightened in anger at the audacity of the bug. He grasped the surprised Scroop by the neck, squeezing as he did. "I say what's to say!" He growled angrily, barely keeping his rage in check. "Disobey my orders again like that stunt you pulled with Mr. Arrow," Jim's devastated face flashed before his eyes "and so help me you'll be joining him!" As he spoke he flung Scroop across the room and watched in satisfaction as he crashed into a barrel, almost knocking it over.

"Strong talk," Scroop said as he pushed himself to his legs. "but I know otherwise."

Silver watched cautiously as the arachnid slowly reached into the perp barrel. "You got somethin' ta say Scroop?"

The arachnid continued to grope around the barrel. His arm stopped suddenly, his buggy yellow eyes widening as a smirk spread across his face. "It's that boy."

Silver's brow furrowed in confusion at Scroop's words but his heart nearly stopped as he watched Scroop pull a struggling Jim from the barrel.

"Me thinks you have a soft spot for him." Scroop smiled evilly at Silver as he held Jim out in front of him. The crew around them, watching with rapt interest, voiced their agreement. Scroop held Jim by the collar, a claw poised to strike at this neck. For his part Jim made no sound, knowing anything he did at this point would most likely seal his fate.

Silver's gaze shifted from Scroop's glowing eyes to Jim's terrified ones then to the deadly claw that hovered by the boy's neck. Silver had no misconceptions as to the bug's killer instinct having seen him dispatch of many poor souls over the time they'd sailed together. All his plans for getting the treasure up to this point seemed to ignore Jim, a fact that Silver had been hiding from himself, not wanting to acknowledge the possibility that the boy may be in danger. Now that the possibility had become a reality Silver had no choice but to face up to it while trying to remain in a position of power over his crew.

Scroop saw Silver hesitating and used it to his advantage. "Maybe we should finish what we started Cabin boy." Scroop hissed at the boy, referring to their first meeting and holding Jim up a little higher as if on display for the crew.

"Don't press yer luck Scroop." Silver warned, he could feel the crew moving in toward him but didn't dare move fearing Scroop would not show any reluctance toward slitting the boy's throat.

"What was that you said …'You've got the makings of greatness in you'." He mimicked, laughing with delight at the look of sheer hatred the flashed across Silver's face, one that was mirrored on Jim's.

As Scroop laughed Silver spotted his chance as the arachnid moved the boy slightly to the side, giving him a clear shot. In a flash Silver flicked his wrist and exchanged his hand for his pistol, he leveled it and fired at Scroop before anyone in the room could blink.

In the next moment the room erupted into chaos. Scroop howled in pain as the laser caught him in the shoulder forcing him to release Jim, who dropped to his feet before quickly rolling away. Several members of the crew threw themselves at Silver who was caught off guard and knocked to the ground. Silver fought back as he yelled for Jim to run for it while dodging punches from his assailants. As he lay there on the galley floor, for the first time during their voyage, he was thankful that Amelia had locked up all the weapons, believing he still had a fighting chance. Silver managed to throw the pirates off him and momentarily gained his footing before a bench was smashed over his back and head. Silver fell to the floor in a daze but rolled out of the way of the next blow as the barrel that was intended for him shattered on the floor. Silver aimed his pistol at Hands, his blurred vision making the task difficult but it still had the desired effect,the giant alien froze as did the others around him. Out of the corner of his eye Silver saw Jim's escape being blocked by Mary, he pushed himself to his feet and, keeping the gun trained on the more dangerous members of the crew, made his way over to the boy.

"Let us by." He ordered. Coming up beside his cabin boy he laid a comforting hand on Jim's shoulder. Jim angrily shrugged it off and Silver felt a stab of anger towards him, the boy obviously didn't understand that Silver had just effectively signed his own death warrant by crossing his crew. Unfortunately for Silver that one moment of distraction was all that Scroop needed as the arachnid crawled up behind Silver and slashed at his cybernetic leg, slicing through the heavy rubber housing at his knee joint and releasing a rush of pressurized air causing Silver excruciating pain as his leg gave out beneath him and he collapsed once again to the galley floor.

"Silver!" Jim cried out in shock at the man's yell of pain. Realizing that he and Silver were in immediate danger he grabbed Silver's arm and fired the pistol at Scroop, hitting him squarely in the chest, sending the pirate flying backwards to land in a motionless heap.

"C'mon," Jim slung the cyborg's arm over his shoulders and, offering what little help he could, the two headed for the deck.

"What's going on here?" Asked Amelia as she and Doppler, along with the rest of the crew, gathered at the head of the stairs. Clearly the noise of the fight had not been lost upon the Captain she carried a pistol in her belt, as did the good Doctor.

"They're pirates. They tried to kill me but Silver- " Jim cringed as Amelia shot a laser bullet past his ear.

"Hurry then, Master Hawkins." She said calmly as she fended off the pirate's that were trying to grab Jim and Silver from behind.

Silver, having sufficiently composed himself, was firing warning shots at the pirates that stood on deck. "We should be gettin' somewhere safe Cap'n." He suggested as the pirates ducked for cover under his fire, though he was still leaning on Jim for support.

"Capital idea, Mr. Silver." She replied. "Would you gentlemen care to join me in my stateroom?"

"Well, under normal circumstances I'd 'ave ta decline, not wantin' ta compromise yer honour Cap'n. But considerin' the present options I believe I'll be takin' ye up on the offer." Silver joked.

Jim looked at Silver with concern for the cook's voice was edged by pain. "Are you-" He started to ask but Silver cut him off.

"T'ain't nothin' Jimbo, just help me get to the Cap'n's stateroom and we'll all be a shade better off, eh." He flashed a crooked smile at the boy as the hobbled along but the pained look in his eye betrayed him.

The Captain and Delbert gave Jim and Silver cover fire until the two were safely within the stateroom before the latter quickly followed suit. Amelia shut and barred the door against the oncoming hoard prior to turning a questioning eye on the cook and cabin boy.

"Would either of you care to tell me just what exactly is going on?"

Jim and Silver exchanged a glance before both starting at the same time.

"Well ya see-"

"I was just-"

The two were quickly silenced by the sound of splintering wood followed by a loud roar of voices.

"What in the galaxy was that?" Doppler asked, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

"That, Doc, would be the ammunition room door breaking." Silver stated nonchalantly.

To be continued…