This is my first fan fic ever! (i'm sorry about potentially bad grammer!)

Summary: House catches the chicken pox off a guilty Cameron. The pair are forced to give eachother some TLC
Pairing: House/Cameron eventually
Rating: T


Authors note: This is my first fanfic, so I'm sorry that this chapter is a bit slow, I'm still getting my bearings. I promise it will get better. Please review, so I know if people want another chapter. No flames but healthy criticism is welcome.

It takes about a week after you catch the virus to actually get the chicken pox so that's why Cameron is not scratching yet and House has no clue she has it

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Cameron came into work Monday morning feeling like hell. She had spent all of Saturday helping supervise a birthday party for her neighbour Jill and had woken up Sunday morning achy and with a runny nose.
"Man I should not have come in today!" she thought as she stared over the endless stack of paperwork on her desk.

"Hey Cameron are you are ok? You look kind of…rough" Foreman asked in an annoyingly chirpy mood.

"Gee thanks so much!" She replied sarcastically but with a grin on her face. "…I'm fine really."

"Yeeer right" he said raising an eyebrow.

Cameron walked over to where Chase and Foreman were sitting and laid her head down on the conference room table making a low moaning noise. Chase looked over at Cameron's pale form with a sympathetic grin forming on his face. He then got an idea on how to cheer everyone up on this dreary Monday morning! He proceeded to running his hand vigorously through his hair creating the, I've-just-been-struck-by-lightning look. Cameron and Foreman just looked on with a what-the-hell-are-you-doing expression. Chase then limped over to the whiteboard and in his best House impression said,

"Right people, Cameron looks like crap, differential diagnosis…"

Both Cameron and Foreman began to laugh; he actually did a really good House impression. Cameron began to list all her symptoms- body ache, numb skin, runny nose and cough, while Chase ignored her and started drawing silly caricatures of House and the white board, which caused everyone in the room to chuckle.
Their role play session was interrupted by the loud, shouting voices of House and Cuddy approaching in the hallway.

"Oh shit!" Chase mumbled as he frantically began to rub his House doodles off the board and run back to his seat.

House entered and looked around the suspiciously quiet conference room, his site landing on the crazy haired, out of breath Aussie.
"Jeez Chase you look like your hair has just had an orgasm" House pointed with a smirk "I mean, when you have fabulous hair like yours, you have to look after it… Anyway I'm the only one that can pull of the gruff, sexy look" he said while winking at Cameron. And with that said House strode back into his office, preparing himself for a morning of yoyos and destroying alien monkeys on his PSP.

"If you're sick you shouldn't have come into work today, you don't want to expose the patients to anything, or me!" Foreman continued, moving his chair back slightly as if she were covered in evil germs.

"I know but its not like we have a patient, and I finished my clinic hours for the week, I'm just going to get some paperwork done and then day will be over"Man I'm a workaholic she thought. "Just don't tell House, the last thing I need is him giving me extra work to do so he can watch me suffer!"

"Don't tell House what?" The three Ducklings jumped as House's figure had returned from his office and was leaning against the doorway. House's eyes narrowed as he stared over them one by one, hoping his intimidating scowl would scare them into telling. When no response came he let out a defeated sigh.


Later that day Cameron sat alone at her desk, coughing like a mad woman. She was starting to worry that this may be the start of chickenpox. Trust her to be one of the only adults never to have caught it. There had been an annoying kid at the birthday party covered in chickenpox that had followed her around everywhere she went. Cameron being too nice for her own good didn't want the kid to think she was ignoring her, so spoke to her for the duration of the party. She was interrupted from her thoughts when House popped his head round the door.

"I'm boooooooooooorrrrrreeeed" he whined making his pouty face that Cameron found adorable.

"Well I'm sure Cuddy has some clinic hours for you to do. That is what she was shouting about with you earlier, right?"

"Oh god no! You know Cuddy, she was all, House please satisfy my womanly needs, just for one more night!" House squealed in a womanly voice. "But you know me; I need a rest once and a while"

"Yeh, I guess you do need a rest from your hookers every night" Cameron joked.

"Ahh Touche" he replied with a grin. "So wanna watch some TV with me?"

Cameron's mouth dropped open in shock and stared blankly while trying to figure out if his invitation was a joke or not. House let out an impatient sigh, signifying he didn't have all day. The truth was that he wanted to find out what she didn't want him to know about earlier and thought the best way would be to charm it out of her. Cameron nodded and followed him into his office. Paperwork could wait.

They both sat and watched silently as monster trucks zoomed by on the screen. Cameron blushed slightly at the memory of their "non-date". She was trying so hard, to suppress her urges sneeze and cough in his face. Her breathing went slightly shallow as House's leg brushed against hers on his small office coach. She always found it hard to relax when in such close proximity with him.

One hour into the program House was starting to get annoyed, Cameron was letting out annoying coughs and sniffles every two minutes and he couldn't concentrate.

"You sick?" House blurted out. One of the best diagnosticians in the country and all you can say is"Your sick", House thought as he said the lame question.

"Just a soar throat" Cameron lied. The last thing she needed was House joking about her gradually turning into a chicken and laying some eggs. He just nodded and went back to watching the TV. Cameron's pager went off and she got up to leave, annoyed that she had got to spend over an hour alone with House and their conversation had consisted of a few words. The silence between them had been a comfortable one, which she was relieved about though. House only had one friend who he seemed to talk to and that was Wilson.
As if reading her thoughts Wilson made an entrance into House's office giving a quick wave to Cameron as she walked out the door.

"Was I interrupting something?" He asked teasing House.

"Yeah, I was just about to make the moves on her, damn your timing Jimmy!" he replied with a smirk before looking back to the TV. Wilson just grinned. He was glad to see House's sense of humour had returned. He had been grouchy ever since Stacy had left his life three weeks ago, returning home to play happy families with Mark.

"So how's the lovely wife doing? Thrown any hair dryers at you lately?" House asked thinking back to the last conversation they'd had. That Julie had a nasty temper. Wilson blushed slightly at the memory, thankful that the hairdryer had missed him in the end.

"The wife is erm…fine. Well actually I think she's going to be a lot happier with me very soon!" he said was a smirk, sitting down on House's desk chair.

"And why's that?"

Wilson waved his hand signifying for House to come over to him. House rose from his chair and walked to stand by Wilson's seated figure. He watched as his younger friends pulled out a red velvet box from his pocket with a white gold ring inside.

"Now Jimmy, I don't think asking me to marry you is going to help impress Julie. I mean however many nights I have fantasised about becoming the 4th Mrs Wilson, I think I'm going to have to decline your offer." House joked, apologetically patting Wilson on the shoulder. Wilson rolled his eyes and continued.

"No it's a promise ring. I was thinking lets just make a fresh start to the marriage and hopefully this ring will signify that to her."

"Hmm fresh start…well I guess that's less effort than getting a new wife" he smirked.
Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by Cuddy storming into House's office, face red with anger, ready for a screaming match for why he had been up here all day watching TV rather than doing his clinic hours. She however stopped in her tracks at the site of Wilson holding up what looked like a wedding ring to House, who towered over him. Knowing what Cuddy was thinking, House smirked and yelped in a louder then necessary voice,

"Yes, Yes, Yes, a million times yes Jimmy!" Taking to ring out of the box he placed it on his pinky finger and shuffled over to Cuddy. "Am I not the luckiest diagnostician in the whole wide world!" he squeaked shaking his finger in her face.

"Don't joke about that House, there are enough rumours going round the hospital about you two as it is" She replied, nodding in Wilson's direction. House smirked and threw the ring across the room back to Wilson, who gave an annoyed grunt as it disappeared under the desk. That ring had cost him a lot of money!

"House! Downstairs, clinic now! ASAP! I know you don't have case right now, so get your butt down there." Cuddy scolded, getting the subject back to matter in hand. House grunted making a disgusted face.

"Fine. And to think I was gonna ask you to be my Best man!"

Wilson and Cuddy shared amused faces as he slumped defeated and marched to the clinic, looking like a man who had just been given the death sentence.