Title: Beloved

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 253

Universe: Naruto

Theme: gayness—pain

Disclaimer: mur.

Warnings: yaoi. Drama

Pairings: Neji/Sasuke

Rating: M

Time Completed: 07:09 PM 2/11/06

A/N: I 3 Loveless

Neji was teasing him again, Sasuke's face was pushed down into the pillows—Neji's hair tickling the small of his back. Teasing.

There was moonlight streaming in from the half open window—playing tricks with the shadows. Sasuke started to make muffled sounds—he could feel Neji's slender fingers wrapping themselves around his waist.

There were going to be bruises there tomorrow—and love bites—and soreness.

Sasuke's entire body was a pale, pale, thing; his skin cold to the touch.

The only source of warmth was the place where Neji sheathed himself. His hands moved up to grip Sasuke's shoulders—leaving half-crescent moons of blood. The Uchiha's cheeks were dusted with a pink flush; a stark contrast to wide sordid eyes.

Sasuke made more muffled sounds as their pace quickened. Neji's breath was hot against Sasuke's back; this made him shiver.

The moon moved behind the clouds and momentarily the room was dark—in this darkness they were joined.

Afterwards Neji turned to suck feverishly at Sasuke's pale, bruised, collarbone. The only action incited from Sasuke was a soft sigh that he expelled. Neji finished his worship and threw a chiseled arm over Sasuke's chest; resting in the crook of Sasuke's neck.

Sasuke waited until shallow breath become deep—waited to let loose one silver tear.