Title: Valentines drabble
Author: ferretgirl1124
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, humor
Pairing: CyxJinx
Summary: A collection of V-day drabbles of all my favorite pairings.

A/N: (lays curled up in the corner, twitching) Need...insulin...

"We shouldn't be doing this."

"You sound like Robin."

"It's true! I'm a villain, and if it gets out that you're dating me your reputation is going to be destroyed."

"Yeah, but your worth it."

The pink-haired girl crossed her arms and looked at the cybernetic boy. "Feeling kinda mushy, Stone?"

"Hey, it is Valentines day."


"Well…" The boy smirked and pulled a small box out from behind his back. The villainess blinked, then took it and frowned.

"You got me something? Lemme guess…it has a tracker on it."

"Nope. It's clean. Open it."

She stared at the elegant box, then opened it and stared. "This…"

"Was made for you. Literally." He glanced at the pink stoned adorned necklace. "I made it myself."

"Stone…I can't keep this. It's way too expensive."

"It's a present. And that box," He indicated the velvety box it had come in, "Has a cloaking mechanism so you can hide it."


"'Cause." He wrapped an arm around her waist and grinned, "I wanted to make you happy."

"You did. But you did that before the necklace." He blushed and she kissed his cheek, smiling slightly. "Thanks for making this the best Valentines day ever."