Mirror Image

By SyberJedi, with lots of imput from Unit One

Author's notes: First off, Unit One gets credits because this fic was originally his idea. He was sweet enough to give it to me to write. Also, on top of that, some of the elements of the story are his ideas. He wanted certain things to take place, so I made sure to include them. Unit One also helped resolve one idea block for me as well, and in a way that it fit into the story. Also, I would like to thank Unit One for beta reading it as well. And along with him, I want to thank my other beta reader, the Snow Queen.
Secondly- this is an TOS Battlestar Galactica and The A-Team crossover. (TOS stands for The Original Series, for those who have not heard or seen it used before.) The whole premise of the storyline is based on the fact that Dirk Benedict played the original Starbuck on Galactica, and then later on portrayed Lieutenent Templeton "The Faceman" Peck on the A-Team.
Lastly- there will be some minor elements used from Galactica 1980. However, for all intents and purposes, the events of Galactica 1980 did not happen where this story is concerned.

Disclaimers- I don't own either the A-Team, or the characters from TOS Battlestar Galactica/ Galactica 1980. They belong to their creators. However, I'm more than willing to take both Face and Starbuck. The story idea belongs to Unit One. The card game Fizbin comes from classic Star Trek. Everything else is mine, well, some of it did come from Unit One, and he knows what is his.


Apollo and Starbuck were flying a long patrol in their Vipers. Both men were long accustomed to spending long hours confined to the cramped interiors of their respective starfighters. Still, being used to something did not mean that the repetition of the duty didn't get to either of them.

"I don't know about you, Apollo, but I'm glad that we only have to pull this duty once a sectare." Starbuck lightly grumbled, trying to start a conversation to relieve his boredom.

"It could be worse, Starbuck. We could have to pull it more often, if there were fewer pilots, and more encounters with the Cylons." Apollo pointed out.

"True. You don't think we, as in the fleet, gave them the slip completely either." The sandy blonde man stated.

"No, I don't. They're still around, just leaving us alone. Trying to lull us into a false sense of security." The other pilot replied. "They're following us. Maybe not right behind us, but they're back there."

"Not that the Council would actually believe you if you told them that." Starbuck said, following it up with a slight yawn.

Apollo chuckled at that comment. "I wouldn't even bother trying to tell them that anyway. Mainly because you are correct."

Both men went silent for a bit after that, in somewhat better spirits. However, it did not last for very long, because Starbuck noticed a brief flash off to the starboard side of his Viper.

"Apollo, did you notice that?" He asked his best friend.

"Notice what Starbuck?" Apollo queried. He had not seen anything at all. "Where?"

"Starboard. I saw a flash. It was brief." Starbuck answered. "I'm going to go check it out. Back in a few centons."

"Alright. Keep communications open." Apollo ordered.

"Of course." Starbuck veered his Viper off in the direction that he thought he had seen the flash in. He then punched in his turbos for a moment, quickly outdistancing his wingmate.

Apollo listened to the running dialog from his best friend, as he followed their original course. He didn't like it when either one of them had to go check out something that was spotted, no matter how brief it was. It was one of the purposes behind the long patrols, since they were looking for traces that could have originated on Earth, or Cylon activity. Anything could be behind such occurances.

Starbuck scouted for a bit, not finding anything that could have caused the flash he thought he had seen. He was getting ready to head back to Apollo, when another flash caught his attention.

"There it is again Apollo. It seems familar." Starbuck informed his friend. He then groaned in pain, as a high pitch noise filled his helmet.

"Starbuck, familar how?" Apollo asked, a worried note in his voice.

"I'm not exactly recalling. It's a..." was Starbuck's response, followed with a cry of pain. He had brought his hands up to the areas which would correspond to his ears, had he not been wearing a helmet, as an intense, high pitched whine filled his head. The blonde warrior then passed out.

"Starbuck? Starbuck?" Apollo called out, trying to get an answer from the other man. No answer came.

The Captain quickly changed course, and headed for the area of space where his friend's last transmission originated from. There was no sign of the other Viper when he arrived. Apollo searched the area as long as he could before turning back to the Galactica. He would not have left then, if it was not for the fact that his fuel reserves were low, and that he needed to let everyone else know that Starbuck was now missing.

The lone Viper landed in Alpha Bay. Apollo climbed out of the cockpit, threw his helmet aside, and beelined to Decontamination. He refused to talk with anyone, heading straight to the bridge once he was cleared. Tears glinted in his green colored eyes, as he walked up to his father, Commander Adama, and Colonel Tigh.

"Father, Starbuck is missing." Apollo reported, fighting to keep from breaking down. Adama whirled to look at his son, an expression of grief briefly crossing his own face.

"Are you certain about that, Apollo?" Adama asked. He hoped that it wasn't true. Starbuck was part of his family, another son to him, even if there were no ties of blood. And that was besides the fact that the Lieutenent was a valuable Warrior, being one of the best pilots within the Fleet.

"Yes. I searched for him as long as I could, just leaving myself enough fuel to return." Apollo answered.

"Captain, along which vector did Lieutenent Starbuck vanish?" Tigh asked, his voice calm and business like.
Apollo showed the older men the area where his friend had vanished from.

"It's not that far off of our flight path." Apollo pointed out. "It wasn't even 5 centons from the time his last transmission came through before I arrived in the location he was last in. There was nothing there. No debrie, no nearby planets, nothing."

"As the Fleet draws closer to the area, we'll send out search patrols to see if any trace can be found. We'll keep looking as long as we can, until the Fleet draws out of range." Adama decided. "That's the best that can be done."

"Thank you, Sir." Apollo replied. He then gave the rest of his report, before being dismissed and given the rest of the cycle off. Apollo headed to his quarters.

"Adama, you know that Starbuck's odds of surviving are not very good. He won't have enough fuel by now to return to the Fleet. And his oxygen reserves will be almost gone by the time the Fleet reaches the area where Apollo heard his last transmission." Tigh pointed out to his long time friend.

"We still have to look for him. Starbuck has overcome greater odds than the ones currently against him now." Adama reminded Tigh.

Tigh nodded in agreement. "I know."

When the Fleet reached the area where Starbuck had vanished from, search patrols were assigned. No trace of the brash Lieutenent was found. Starbuck was listed as missing in action- presumed dead.