The summer night was so hot! No, he couldn't still be in the same continent. Somehow, he must've been teleported to the Sahara Desert, or maybe to India, or somewhere like that. He couldn't beat southern Scotland, in his house. But when the 16-year-old Remus Lupin opened his eyes he was still in his small room, in the house his parents had such a hard time to keep. Well, he guessed having a werewolf for a son didn't help either… Waves of pure guilt made him shake uncontrollably for a couple of seconds: it was his fault. Having to buy new clothes so often, having to buy every now and then new iron restrains, for the ones he used when he came home in the full moon invariably got torn apart.

Still, (amazingly, he thought) Remus had friends. The best friends he could ever hope for. James Potter, captain of Gryffindor's Quidditch team; Peter Pettigrew, an untalented yet very nice young wizard and Sirius Black, the most popular guy in school, who was always very sweet to Remus. Together, the four of them were the Marauders. And, in the third year when they discovered of Remus's lycanthropy, they decided to become animagi to help their friend through his difficult transformation. Finally, last year they succeeded, and each was rechristened (at least for one another) with a name regarding their animal forms: James, the deer was Prongs. Peter, the rat, was Wormtail. He, the werewolf, was Moony. Sirius, the dog, was Padfoot.

Yes, Sirius was Padfoot. His shiny and soft black hair was copied to the dog's hair and his gray eyes too, they were in his dog form. Oh, how both of them were beautiful, both the dog and the man. He wished he could spend his life caressing their hair…

"For Merlin's sake, what the fucking hell am I thinking?" Remus was shocked, to the point of swearing (which was always a worrying event whether from his mouth or in his thoughts). "Now, I can think like this about Sirius! He is my brother! My best friend!" He was speaking it as to make the images disappear from his mind. "My very best friend! OK, you know what, its time to go to sleep, you're getting too hyperactive!" he said to his own brain, and closed his eyes.

"Moony, I love you so much! Please be mine!"

"You… You love me?" he asked in disbelief.

"Always have."

"But you never gave a hint!"

"Oh, come on! What about those times I held your hand after the nightmares? And when I stayed in the dorm taking care of you when you got that flu, and it was a Wednesday! OK, maybe I liked cutting the classes too, but that's not all there was to it! You really didn't see these as signs?"

"Pad, I waited for this for so long!"

"So have I… I am yours, forever!" Sirius said, kissing him violently, like there's no tomorrow.

"Mmmm" Remus moaned, and in an intense surge of pleasure, he woke up from his first wet dream. And definitely, the dream was not the only thing wet around there.

Moony stayed there, breathing heavily, completely frozen, sweating heavily. His hazel eyes were as wide as they ever were, and his light brown hair was soaked in sweat. When he could finally move, after a few minutes, the revelation fell on his head like a very heavy brick.

"Oh my fucking Merlin! I'm in love with Sirius!"

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