Another stupid publication party. On another dateless Valentine's Day. Buffy sighed.

The Trinity Publication parties were meant to encourage unity among the magazines, instead, they only encouraged drunkenness and jokes.

Buffy personally hated them. She'd get hit on and left, gossiped about by Cordelia Chase, and also offered bribes for information on her magazine's next issue. She ignored it all, ate a cookie or two, and read her current novel.

"She ran up the stairs, knees aching, only to find-"

"Hello?" A male voice asked.

"Hello?" She put her book down and looked up into the most gorgeous eyes she'd ever seen.

"Hey." He grinned.

"Hey." She smiled.

"Well, I'm kind of new to this. Can you help me?" He stuck his hands in his pockets nervously.

She stood up. Her flirty Betsey Johnson dress swooshed. "With what?"

"I'm so confused." He bunched his eyebrows and withdrew one of his hands from his pockets and offered it "By the way, I'm Angel. Angel O'Connor."

"Buffy. Buffy Summers." She shook his hand.

"What magazine?"

"Ellison." She sighed. "You?"

"McAllister Media…" He shrugged.

Crap. Buffy thought. "Well, your magazine is the supreme nemesis of ours. Congrats." She smiled.

"I'm sure the rivalry can't be that bad." He insisted.

"It is." She confirmed.

"Oh." He sighed. "Look, I gotta go to the restroom, but I'll be back." He grinned and walked away.

No such luck with guys. She sighed again.

When Cordelia entered, everyone noticed, the only one on the same competing level as Buffy, she had a lot going for her. She was from "old money", dressed flawlessly, and had continuous talent in writing. She walked in and saw her newest obsession, Angel O'Connor. She took him by the arm.

"Hey, Angel." She smiled.

"What on Earth are you doing?" He tried to escape her grasp.

"Having a little fun." She replied. She walked over to where Buffy was sitting. "Buffy." She said snottily.

"Cordelia." Buffy looked up.

"Seems as if you haven't changed since high school. Nose, as always, stuck in a book."

"Oh. I see you've met Angel." Buffy raised an eyebrow at the pair, Angel had panic written on his face.

"Yes. Yes, I have. Right, honey?" Cordelia kissed him roughly. Angel shuddered.

"Awwww. How sweet." Buffy got up, giving an insulting smile at Cordelia, she left without her coat.

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