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Chapter one: A life gone sour

Harry James Potter was sitting, very fidgety, in a comfortable armchair across from a roaring fireplace. The red-orange flames were usually very calming to him, because they reminded him of certain figures in his past. But today the flames seemed to be taunting him.

'Where are you Remus?' the man mentally sighed with a hint of irritation. He and Remus John Lupin, once a Professor/Student relationship, were very good friends. Unfortunately, their close friendship was due to the lack of others to befriend.

He and Lupin had lived and traveled together for the last five years. At first, because they needed protection from threats; but now, even after the war, they stayed at each other's sides almost habitually.

Harry thought about the war a lot, atleast lately he did. It had spiraled out of control faster than anyone could have predicted.

In fact, the first large-scale attack at happened at his current location . . .

Harry had finished his sixth year at Hogwarts and had done as he'd promised himself – he'd left in search of Lord Voldemort's remaining soul fragments. Tom Riddle's diary had been destroyed already, as had Marvolo Gaunt's ring. Before the murder, he and Dumbledore were almost certain Slytherin's locket and Helga Hufflepuff's Cup were Horcruxes. His and his Headmaster's assumptions had been correct. The locket, kept safe thanks to Kreacher, was easily attained at Grimmauld Place. The Cup had been much harder to find, but thanks to Hermione's brilliance (his two best mates had joined him, no matter what the risks), they eventually tracked it down and disposed of it appropriately.

The three 17 year olds were proud of themselves. They'd undermined the darkest and most powerful wizard of the time with out his notice, and destroyed four of the rumored six soul fragments he had stashed away. However, their happiness was short lived.

Within hours of successfully tracking and destroying the cup, an urgent owl had swooped in on them and requested their presence at the Ministry of Magic.

"Should we decline mate?" Ron had asked between spoonfuls of soup. In truth, they should have. The three were technically undercover. Only a select few knew of their whereabouts and trials. But Harry had one of those feelings, and they left for the Ministry anyway.

The Ministry Lobby they apparated into was almost unrecognizable. The once shiny and clean marble floors where covered in dust, rock, and what appeared to be blood at ever turn. The damage Dumbledore and Voldemort had produced in their battle there had been minor compared to the wreckage around the trio now.

"Mr. Potter," Auror Shacklebolt, an Order member, greeted as he approached. "We were worried you three would not come." He paused and studied their reactions. "As you can see, there has been a battle here." His voice quieted and he looked to his feet. "Actually, it was more of a Massacre."

The trio was speechless as they put the puzzle together themselves. Voldemort had attacked.

"He came without warning and used the element of surprise to his advantage. From what we can gather, he locked the fireplaces immediately and then blocked the hall that leads here to the lobby. Apparition wards are placed everywhere throughout the Ministry except for the lobby, Harry," Shacklebolt finished, knowing Harry would understand. 'Massacre' had been a correct adjective, for Voldemort had left no way to escape. "The only auxiliary fire place that's connected to the network is in the Minister's office. He lived, I might add. Scrimgeour evaded the Death Eaters. I suspect he was hiding."

"How many?" Harry had asked, his mouth dry.

"We . . . we don't know yet. We're still finding bodies." Shacklebolt choked out the last word in a revolted sort of way. "We were hoping you three would help the search teams." The three had agreed to do so and set off in separate directions. Harry had found no survivors, only bodies of men and women who he'd never met before. It wasn't until he stumbled into a third floor office that he finally threw up.

The office contained two bodies. One was easily distinguishable; the other would be hard to identify for anyone who'd never met the women. There, on the floor of the office, lay one of his best mate's parents: Molly and Arthur Weasley. Arthur was slouched against the wall; his lifeless eyes staring at the spot were Harry stood. Molly was flat across the floor; her clothes naught but rags. She was in an unmistakable pool of her own blood and her limbs were all sticking out at unnatural angles.

He Harry had broke down and wept almost at once. It was bad enough to lose the closest thing he'd ever had to a mother and father. It was, however, worse, to be the one to discover them in this position, and have to be the one to inform everyone else of his discovery. There was no family more closely knit than the Weasley family, and to lose not one, but two of its most important members would come as a devastating blow to the remaining members. Asking around, Harry was informed, via the visitor records, that Mrs. Weasley had come to visit Percy. Percy's body was never found, but then again, there had been many nameless corpses found by the end of the search. Needless to say, the trio had all fallen asleep with tear stained faces that night.

There were many small attacks throughout Great Britain over the months following the Ministry's fall. Both wizard and muggle families fell victim to Voldemort and his forces. It wasn't until the spring of what should have been the trio's seventh and final year at Hogwarts that another large attack occurred. In an attempt to disrupt the flow of news throughout the wizarding world, Voldemort had disbanded the entire network of Daily Prophet buildings. In the same day, he had dismantled the Wizard Wireless radio center. Everything continued to escalate after that. The Dark Lord had succeeded in his goal; the people relied on the news. Without it, they were in the dark. They were ignorant to what was going on now, and it scared them shitless. The panicked people started traveling to safer locations, predominantly Hogwarts.

As it was, there were still smaller magazines on print. The magazines had picked up in the Prophets stead, and started relaying what news they could to the public. Voldemort had presumably noticed and began eradicating them. It was a sad day on that early summer afternoon, just weeks before Harry's eighteenth birthday, when Voldemort found The Quibbler to be next on his 'to do list.'

After the fact, there wasn't much the rescue party could do. After wand checks and 'time of death' charms, the clean up crew could piece together a rough timeline of events. The day the attack came to pass, Harry's old Professors Minerva McGonagall and Filius Flitwick were on-seen at the Lovegood manor. The Quibbler, which was at the time the largest news distribution service in the wizarding world, was under constant protection, for an attack was not just a possibility, it was imminent.

Voldemort's Death Eaters had fallen upon the manor in numbers that greatly outnumbered those of the protectors. It was concluded that McGonagall had killed Crabbe and Goyle Seniors some time in the battle before she was struck by Avery's killing curse. Flitwick had witnessed the fall of his colleague and had snapped. It was apparent that Flitwick, a known dueling master, had cut Avery down to a size not much taller than himself with a strong cutting curse in retaliation. Flitwick had lasted much longer in the battle. He died of blood loss after a number of wounds from glancing spells bled out. Also amongst the dead was Mr. Lovegood. He was found in his study with a picture of his full family – he, Luna, and Solena – in his lap.

The Lovegood manor had been under such great pressure that no one had a chance to send for help. As such, when Luna left the Weasley's house that evening (she was visiting Ginny), she found her house swarming with Death Eaters. Her body was later found in the back yard of her home behind some shrubbery, her butterbeer cork necklace still around her neck. Harry, Ron, and Hermione weren't even notified of the attack until the following morning.

Following the deaths of their parent's, Fred and George had taken control of The Burrow. Bill and Charlie worked so far from home that there wasn't much they could do. With the help of their joke shop, Fred and George were able to keep their home fit for living in. After the attack on the Lovegoods, Ginny had been moved to Hogwarts where she would be safer.

The trio only abandoned their search once that summer, and that was to surprise Ginny at Hogwarts on her seventeenth birthday. Fred and George had apologized to Ginny profusely the previously morning, but they had no choice but to open their shop for a little while. With the slowly decreasing number of shoppers in Diagon Alley, shopkeepers had to work almost without sleep if they wanted to make any profits. They assured their only sister that they'd close up shop early that evening and they would throw a big party for her. They never made that party.

Ginny had been over-joyed to see the trio, especially Harry. They were still lost in each other when news of an attack on Diagon Alley reached Hogwarts. Ginny's seventeenth birthday would be memorable, horribly memorable.

Voldemort had chosen that day to attack Diagon Alley. Because the economy of wizarding Britain revolved around this center of commerce, its fall would throw the community into further financial unrest. The destruction of Diagon Alley was devastating to many. Those who kept their money in Gringotts found themselves penniless. Those with businesses and those employed in Diagon Alley were now jobless. The Death Eaters were relentless. They had killed without mercy. From what the survivors said, Fred and George had held the Death Eaters at bay as long as they could, giving others the chance to Floo away through the fireplace in their shop. The act of heroism cost them both their lives that day.

Bill and Charlie, the eldest brothers of the torn family, immediately left their jobs once they got wind of their brothers' deaths. It fell upon their shoulders now to defend their sister. Ron, they had no control over. He never told his family what he was doing with Harry and Hermione. It was a sign of loyalty towards Harry that he kept his mouth shut. As far as the trio knew, Voldemort was still unaware of the fact that they were scouring the country in search of his immortality, of which only one piece was left. They had, by accident, discovered that the sword of Gryffindor was a horcrux during their short stay at Hogwarts. Yes, only one remained. Harry had suspicions, but he wasn't positive. The trio would just have to wait and see. As soon as they found her, they'd know.

What was left of the resistance had split into two factions. One half was based at Hogwarts, where most of the surviving wizarding families now resided. The other half was stationed at St. Mungo's. Auror Nymphadora Tonks, Ex-Auror Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, and Charlie Weasley were among the St. Mungo's defenders. The weather was just starting to display signs of winter when Voldemort targeted the wizard hospital. As far as anyone could tell, the Death Eaters had been forced to retreat. Instead of fighting head to head, Voldemort instead collapsed the entire building in upon itself, instantly killing everyone within as it magically flattened.

Those remaining defenders at Hogwarts, especially Bill Weasley, Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt and Remus Lupin, were shocked and outraged. Grief stricken with the loss of their brother, friend, or wife-to-be, the three deserted Hogwarts and went on a campaign to reap their revenge.

Almost happening simultaneously with the St. Mungo's attack, Harry, Ron and Hermione destroyed the last horcrux. After searching numerous locations, the trio found Nagini, Voldemort's snake, lurking around in Tom's parent's old house in the city of Little Hangleton. Together, the three of them had no trouble destroying the snake. They had finally, after close to a year and a half of search and destroy expeditions, destroyed the remaining four exterior soul fragments property of Lord Voldemort. All that remained was the fragment residing in his body. Seeing a chance to anger the man, the trio destroyed the manor. When they departed, it was naught but a heap of rumble. They were unaware of the disaster at St. Mungo's and, seeing as they were so exhausted both magically and physically, decided a good nights sleep was in order. As such, when they arrived at Hogwarts, they never even took notice of the site's unrest.

As was expected, when the trio entered the Hospital Wing they were assaulted straight away by Madam Pomfrey. The school nurse had been in the castle all day; had had no visitors; and had no knowledge of any wrong doings in the world as of yet. The three were forced into beds and put under with strong sleep induced potions that would allow them a full 24 hours rest, and would leave them feeling good as new. It was still early in the afternoon.

Harry had, as he was promised, a full bout of sleep. Unfortunately, he also had a series of bad dreams, seemingly courtesy of his imagination, that played out some of his worst fears. He watched, as if through the eyes of another, as Bellatrix Lestrange tortured and murdered his only remaining family on Private Drive.

Harry had watched as she, Snape, Malfoy senior, and a handful of others Death Eaters exited the house and came face to face with Bill Weasley, Kingley Shacklebolt and Remus Lupin.

Harry had no choice, but had to observe as Bill killed Malfoy senior. It had somehow leaked out that Malfoy was not only responsible for the murders of Molly and Arthur Weasley, but for Fred and George Weasley aswell.

Harry was horrified to see Shacklebolt fall under Bellatrix's wand, and then watch as the same fate befell upon Bill when Snape broke through his defenses. Harry saw, as if from afar, a number of bodies spread haphazardly around Private Drive. Each of the three avengers lay still. Their quarry wasn't so lucky either. Throughout the course of the war, Voldemort's forces had slowly diminished. Now, at the high point of the war, he had but two faithful Death Eaters left: Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape.

Taking no chances, Voldemort and his two servants departed quickly without bothering to check for survivors of the scuffle.

Harry, continuing to watch, saw the scene of his day's work. Harry could clearly see through Voldemort's eyes, as he had attributed this sensation to, the ruined manor that entombed Nagini. Through his awareness, Harry could sense a mental battle raging through Voldemort's mind. It couldn't be. No. Never. I would have noticed. I would have felt it.

In quick succession, Voldemort traveled to six individual locations. At each scene, he found destroyed property, and no horcrux. How could this have happened? He is just a boy!

Scenes seemed to fade in and out after that. Harry witnessed bits and pieces of Voldemort's evening. He saw Tom send Snape and, to Harry's outrage, Draco Malfoy, a new recruit, to complete some task for him.

The next bit Harry could discern was seeing a very proud looking Draco and Severus strutting up to himself (Voldemort) and telling him the task had been completed superbly. After this proclamation, time seemed to whirl, and Harry found himself looking at Ron and Hermione through the eyes of Lord Voldemort.

Harry could do nothing but watch as Hermione shielded Ron from Draco's killing curse, then crumpled to the floor at her boyfriend's feet. Ron swiftly beheaded the ferret, and then joined his girlfriend on the floor after a quick flick of Snape's wand issued an unearthly green light.

Harry had awoken with a start. He'd sat up so fast he almost passed out. He'd found Ron and Hermione's beds empty and started to panic. Madam Pomfrey's shouts fell on deaf ears as he hurtled down and out of the castle. With such a large number of inhabitants living at Hogwarts, the more able bodied of them slept on the great sweeping lawns out front. What he saw almost made him wretch.

Hagrid was walking threw the campsite checking tents, as were a few others. Every now and then, Hagrid would pull out something and toss it in a massive wheel barrow he was pushing along. When Harry realized that those were all bodies, he felt the bile rise in his throat, and he had to fight to keep his composure.

"Hagrid!" He'd yelled in a mixture of disbelief and disgust. "What happened?" He demanded to know.

"'arry," Hagrid choked out between enormous sobs. "'arry, I'm sorry. I fell asleep an' I didn' see 'em or hear 'em. T'was bloody Malfoy an' Snape 'arry, I'm sorry," Hagrid cried, tears dripping from his beard. "I didn' move 'er, 'arry."

'No!' Harry's heart plummeted. He ran. He knew which tent she was in, but it was so hard to keep moving. When he reached his destination and pulled back the flap that allowed for entering and exiting, the sight that met his eyes was more heart-wrenching than any he'd seen before. Harry held in the sob that threatened to claim him, and instead, broke into a fit of the shakes as he looked down upon the body of Ginny Weasley – his first and only love.

She was still covered up mostly by the green blanket that came with her portable encampment bed. Her silky copper colored hair was fanned out all around her head. On any other day, her position could be described as nothing but beautiful, if it weren't for the horrified expression on her face; her eyes wide open and staring into the abyss.

Harry couldn't stand it any longer. Before leaving, he closed Ginny's eyes for her, and smoothed her face out with his hands. She looked oddly peaceful when he'd finished. Pulling the blanket up higher and giving her a swift kiss on the forehead, he'd left the tent with no intent to ever revisit it. On top of it all, Hagrid informed him that Neville and Professor Sprout had also been killed.

"I have to go check something out Hagrid, I'll be back later." Hagrid gave him a questioning look and Harry, who'd mastered some of the basics of legilimency, realized Hagrid was concerned the he was suicidal. In all truth, the idea didn't sound too bad at the moment, but he had some things to take care of first.

Harry apparated to Private Drive and found the scene un-touched. Harry's eyes started to itch. The sight before him just about confirmed the death of his two best friends. He went around and started attaching port-keys to his comrades.

"Harry?" someone rasped from somewhere amidst the dead. "Harry, is that you?" Harry quickly found the source of the voice and started to cry harder.

"Professor," he'd sobbed out lovingly before dropping down and fiercely hugging the man before him. "Here, hold this, I'll send you to Hogwarts. I'll meet you there as soon as I can." Lupin just smiled before he disappeared.

The war had hit Harry hard. He had promised himself he wouldn't hide behind anyone any longer at Dumbledore's funeral, for that meant almost certain death for his protectors, and so, he hadn't. Look where that had gotten him. It didn't matter if he didn't associate himself with people. They all seemed to die anyway.

After transporting Ron's and Hermione's bodies back to Hogwarts, Harry found himself demanding answers from anyone who'd respond. Hagrid had told him that he'd seen Ron and Hermione take off shortly after they'd found Ginny's body. Madam Pomfrey said they up and left before she had a chance to say otherwise. She said she must have measured their sleeping potions a little short, because they shan't have woke until he later.

The war continued on in a blur of muggle and wizarding family's deaths, natural disasters and political assassinations after that. It was rumored that Snape and Bellatrix, seeing the odds, had eluded their master and went into hiding. But before they'd done so, the pair had ruined another life of someone close to Harry – Hagird – and killed his big little brother Grawp. Hagrid died roughly six months later in the middle of summer. Fang, who was only getting older, had past away that spring, and that seemed to break what was left of Hagrid. He'd become very depressed and eventually passed away of 'complications' according to Madam Pomfrey.

Those witches and wizards who remained in Great Britain, including Madam Pomfrey, left and moved to safer countries starting in the summer around Harry's nineteenth birthday.

But He and Lupin stayed. They decided to finish the job that started almost 60 years ago. Together, they trained to become more powerful and adept in the ways of magic. That knew what was at stake, and knew they had to hurry, for Voldemort was still afoot, and he was messing in muggle affairs now too.

Almost a year later, closing on Harry's twentieth birthday, he and Lupin finally set out to kill the most powerful dark wizard of the age.

The pair cornered him in September near a German military base. Voldemort was attempting to jumpstart a war between countries, but would be unsuccessful. Lupin had immediately erected an apparition ward, and it proved to be effective when Voldemort gracefully spun on the spot, but remained there none the less.

"Clever." He'd sneered. Voldemort had aged appropriately over the last year and a half. It seemed his Horcruxes had an added bonus of temporarily freezing his age. Without them, Tom was pure mortal.

Harry and Lupin had been going over this moment in advance for quite some time. They determined that the sharing protection of blood magic, courtesy of Harry's Mum, would render the killing curse ineffective. Voldemort would need to be defeated with something else.

All they had to do was get past his defenses. Harry had dodged for all he was worth, sending a spell here and there when he could. If it wasn't for Lupin on the attack, Harry may never had made it. After a quick succession of attacks between Lupin and himself, Voldemort was forced to solely defend himself. Lupin and Harry battered his shield, watching as it slowly weakened. At last, Harry slipped a blasting curse through Tom's shield and Lupin's disarming charm hit its mark. Not wanting to take chances, Lupin took a leaf from Snape's book (no pun intended) and banished Voldemort's wand. Lupin had informed Harry that it was this trickery of Snape's that was responsible for Bill's death.

The Dark Lord was wand-less and exposed. Harry, remembering everyone close to him who'd lost their lives throughout the war – Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Percy, McGonagall, Flitwick, Sirius, Dumbledore, Mr. Lovegood, Luna, Fred and George, Moody, Charlie, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Bill, Hermione and Ron, Hagrid, Neville, and. . . . Ginny – gathered as much magic as he could muster in his body and cast the strongest reductor curse he could.

The power Tom knew not was simply the power of emotion – the power of feelings – the power of friendship – the power of love. Tom avoided friendship his whole life. He evaded love of any kind. He eluded any and all feelings of companionship. In committing such actions, he condemned his own life. Dumbledore had tried to explain it to Tom in his youth, but Tom was unwilling to accept such facts. You draw magic from your emotions. Tom had many strong emotions, that is undeniable. But as it is, feelings such as anger, desire, and ambition are not as strong as the feeling of love, trust, or companionship. Harry's use of these feeling drew upon magic that was untouchable in regards to Tom. The use of Harry's magic was overwhelming and its force proved to be greater than anyone could have hypothesized.

Harry had passed out after his magical overload, and according to Lupin, slept three straight days. They'd done it, Harry's spell had made Pettigrew's thumb look like a large piece of matter.

"Who's next mate? Snape?" Harry croaked the afternoon when he'd regained consciousness. Lupin just chuckled.

"No, I don't think so Harry. Lord Voldemort had quite the hidden agenda. He never told his followers, but if he died, so would everyone connected to him through his Protean Charm. I doubt so many would've joined him had they known that."

"Shoot," Harry murmured sadly, which earned him a questioning look from Lupin. "I really wanted to kill him." Lupin just nodded. He probably had the same feelings in regards to Snape.

The sound of a door opening and closing in the distance momentarily brought present day Harry Potter out of his mental diary. He was 25 now. He never would have reached his 25th had it not been for his friend. He would have succumbed to death long ago had it not been for Lupin.

After he'd brought down Lord Voldemort, he'd felt lost; almost purposeless. The only thing that had kept him going during the war was the promise of killing Voldemort. With that finished, Harry couldn't truly say he had a reason to continue living.

Lupin, always perceptive, had seen these emotions coursing through Harry, and in an attempt to steer him in a more lively direction, suggested moving to the vacant Ministry building.

At first, Lupin felt as if this was a bad relocation. He had never known Harry had found the dead bodies of his, metaphorically speaking, adopted parents there. He'd done his best to cheer Harry up, but was unsuccessful. Instead, he let Harry be; a choice that did more good than he would ever know.

Harry had just wandered around the Ministry at first. There were many places to explore. Some rooms looked as if they'd been untouched since the day of the fallout. One room in particular still held the scent of tobacco, and another contained an unopened paper airplane memo that was fighting to stay off the ground as its magic died out.

Harry had never been fond of the Ministry, but each room still held memories – memories of surprise attacks – and with each passing office Harry felt himself die a little bit more.

Close to a month after Voldemort's defeat, Harry had found himself wandering in the eerie corridors of the Department of Mysteries. He'd purposefully avoided the area since the move. There were, in his opinion, only more sad memories to find there. At first he had been correct. But his views would change.

The door to Harry's quarters opened wide and Harry leapt from his armchair to find Lupin standing in the doorway.

"You're late Remus," Harry said in mock anger. He failed, and a smile broke out across his face as he approached and embraced his friend. "How did it go?"

"How did what go?" Lupin asked innocently. "Hell, I'm starving – food?" Harry agreed, and together they made some ham sandwiches from the previous nights leftovers. Half way through his second sandwich, Lupin came up for air and began. "You know Harry; I wish you weren't doing this. At least not until after you develop a more comfortable way to Time Travel. I'm getting bloody sick of the sensation."

The day Harry had explored the Department of Mysteries, he was not surprised to find it almost untouched. With out Death Eaters crawling down his shorts, he was freer to look around at his leisure. Over the last five years at the Ministry, Harry and Lupin and learned a great deal from many texts and manuscripts in the DoM. One thing they had taken a strong liking to involved the production of Time Turners. Together, after Harry had come out of his depressed state, and after two years of research and development, Harry and Lupin had developed a number of ways to breach the laws of time.

"You'll have to figure out a new way on your own. I won't be here to help much longer," Harry said between mouthfuls of his own sandwich. He was bubbling with excitement. He was set to leave on Friday.

"Yes, I know." Lupin was a little sad at the prospect of losing Harry.

Over the years, between mastering many aspects and arts of magic, some of the most well known being Legilimency and Occlumency, Harry and Lupin had discovered why the Department of Mysteries was always under lock and key. Some of the information stored within was utterly disturbing.

One day, while exploring the Time Room, they'd come across a book discussing the idea of time-travel. From this book, they had developed their original time traveling methods. But deeper, towards the back of the book, there lay chapters on the theory of soul transportation. The book had, in short, stated that soul transportation may be possible, but it was yet to be trialed.

Harry had merely skimmed over this section at first until his eyes picked up the words '. . . find . . . inhabit . . . body.' Quickly skimming back, Harry reread the passage.

'The separated soul will, on its own accord, search, find and inhabit its appropriate body in the time in which it is placed. The soul would, in theory, remove the resident soul; regain consciousness upon its union with the resident mind, and take control of the present time body.'

He and Lupin had discussed the possibilities. Harry had, in short, ordered Lupin to help him achieve this end. Harry didn't care if it killed him; at least there was hope this way for a better life and future. In a short time, the pair had discovered 'time' was a much more complicated and twisted phenomenon than most books postulated. There seemed to be an infinite number of time planes. No matter what they changed in the past, their future would never produce similar results. In other words, once Harry's soul was transported back, the chances of Lupin finding Harry's current time plane was very low.

"You could always go back as well Lupin. Change the world in your realm. You know where all the horcruxes are, and you could make short work of Voldemort at the level of power you possess now." The book had also hypothesized that one's magic ability would carry over with his or her soul, for one's magic core was interlaced with his or her soul. The transportation of one element was impossible; the two were inseparable. "Not to mention, you could get together with Tonks." Harry egged. As of late, Harry was able to talk about his past friends and family more openly. It must have been the feeling that he might be seeing them in the near future; he hoped atleast.

Harry had never actually time traveled before. Not since he was thirteen. As such, Harry hadn't seen any of his departed comrades since their deaths. Lupin, on the other hand, had traveled through multiple timelines.

"Harry –"Lupin choked on what was left of his sandwich. "Not funny." Lupin was not as open about his past. Harry knew full well Lupin planned on staying and to help rebuild this timeline.

"Sorry," Harry sighed. It was only Wednesday here. He'd have to endure two more days before he either died, or moved on to a much more promising life.


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