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D-Day, February 14th… V-Day, March 14th

The Postlude, in which stuff happens and time flies by…

Saotome Ranma was worried, Akane was in pain and there was very little he could do. All could really do was to try and stay out of the way while a horde of white clad doctors and nurses bustled about. Akane screamed in pain... he was worried.

There was a lull in action and he cast his mind into the events that had led to this moment. There was the Valentine's day plot, then he'd explained things to the Amazons… Shampoo had flown into a rage but the old ghoul had actually been rather amiable, especially since Ranma had stated that if someone tried to hurt Akane he would go all out. There was no reaction to that until he clarified to the withered Amazon that he wouldn't just go around things to protect her, he would go through them just like he had gone through Saffron.

That had gotten Cologne's attention, apparently Shampoo had been somewhat vague in her report about the events that took place in Jusendo, in her fear that Cologne would forbid her from chasing Ranma anymore. She was right, as soon as the old bat recovered from her headfirst plummet to the floor, her first in over fifty years, she bashed Shampoo into oblivion and stated quickly afterwards that Ranma was exempt from all kisses of death, marriage and whatever else.

That had been three years ago, and they had been married for almost as long as that. He winced as Akane gripped his hand with that gorilla strength of hers. "Ranmaaaah… no bakaah… I'll kill you when I get up from here, this is all your damn fault. ARRRGH." Ranma winced again as he watched his wife go through her first labour and tried to soothe her by gently stroking her matted hair. That was a mistake as Akane's sharp teeth sunk into his hand, almost drawing blood, luckily there was another contraction that forced Akane to let go.

She stared Ranma with bloodshot eyes. "You jerk I swear if you ever stick that damn thing in me I'll break it off!" She groaned again "Now get here you jerk and give me that hand so I can at least break it in two…" Ranma complied and soon felt like his hand was in a vice… and the labour went on. Several hours later, the whole seventeen hour marathon was over and Akane after having yelled at Ranma for making her pregnant with triplets had swiftly fallen asleep.

Ranma just sat there next to his sleeping wife, not quite believing that he was now a father, and to triplets no less, they had decided no to know the sex or number of their kid/kids so that it would be a surprise. He snapped out of it when someone shook his shoulder gently… it was the doctor who had overseen the childbirth. "Mr. Saotome if you would be as kind to name the babies so that we can then take you to radiology… someone needs to look at that arm of yours, it has to be broken from no less than three places." Ranma nodded dumbly, no wonder his arm was slightly stiff… He walked over the three little bundles and quickly pointed each out.


When Akane woke up she was feeling slightly uncomfortable, she looked about and noticed Ranma sitting next to her bed, absently scratching a bright while cast on his right arm. "Umm Ranma… what happened to your hand? Are you alright? What about our babies?" She really didn't have time to ask anymore questions as Ranma hugged her and then kissed her forehead.

He smiled sheepishly and pointed at the cast. "Well I really wasn't kidding about your gorilla strength tomboy… did you really have to break my arm. But I forgive you if you won't kill me like you promised, it would be cruel to leave our triplets without a father and a mother figure now wouldn't it?"

He smiled at Akane who was fuming on the bed. "Anyway… here's Kimiko, she has blue hair, brown eyes and looks like her mother and her grandmother, hopefully she doesn't turn out to be a macho tomboy like her mommy though… she's also the eldest." He handed the bundle to Akane who was too preoccupied with her daughter to get mad at Ranma… besides she'd already broken a few bones so that was punishment enough… for now.

She looked up to see Ranma handing her another bundle. "And here's Nodoka, she's got red hair and blue eyes like her other 'mother' and grandmother, she's the youngest." He picked up the last bundle and showed it to Akane. "And here's the champ, Tenma. He has black hair and blue eyes, is obviously smartest by sending one of the girls to scout ahead before making his appearance. Also he's obviously superior to others… why just look at him, mom said he looks just like me when I was his age. He got a Saotome appetite too according to the nurses."

Akane just glared at Ranma but couldn't help laughing at the mock-seriousness that the brand new triple dad was exhibiting. Ranma put the last bundle to her lap and then kissed Akane on the lips whispering "I love you…"


Four more years passed, the now twenty four year old couple was sitting in the living room listening as the sounds of their children were fading away. There was a loud "Tomboys!" and equally loud duet of "Baka!" and then there was Nodoka's voice chiding the little grandchildren on their behaviour "Now behave or Panda-ojiichan won't show you any tricks when we get home" this of course elicited a chorus of "HAI Obaachan!"

Ranma and Akane just sat there holding each other and shaking their heads, the kids were really a handful. If it wasn't for Nodoka and Kasumi who both loved taking care of them they would be in a load of trouble… only thing that really quieted them down was a threat not to teach them any martial arts, something that the children shared was a unending love for the art. On an interesting note it seemed that Tenma favoured totally unarmed techniques, while Kimiko seemed to be fond of blunt objects and Nodoka seemed to be into swords… something that caused no end of amusement among those who knew their parents.

After the children's voices had faded into the distance Akane began slowly nibbling Ranma's neck. "Ne Ranma… I was thinking, while it's obviously your fault that we got triplets it's not so bad right… and I was kind of thinking that maybe we could have more kids." She now moved towards his earlobe while slowly standing up and pulling Ranma with her… leading him towards a closet which she opened revealing a large cardboard box.

Ranma enjoyed the slow ministrations while eyeing the box with interest. "What's that?" he asked in a suspicious tone. Akane just smiled and opened the box revealing… soap. "Waterproof soap from Jusenkyo? Wow, this is really neat… now we can go to the beach and stuff… thanks 'Kane-chan."

Akane just smiled ruefully and said "No silly… that's for totally another purpose. Remember when you said when I commented on how hard it was to give birth… no? Well I do. You said 'Bleh an unfeminine chick like you would probably have lots of trouble… now me I…'" Ranma began to sweat at this. "Sooo I was just wondering if it would be your time to take part on the 'motherly' duties." She smiled at Ranma's obvious discomfort. "Or are you scared you can't hack it?"

Ranma cleared his throat, now that was a challenge. "No look Akane it's not about that it's just I mean who would be the father… and I mean I don't think I could you know… with a guy."

Akane smiled evilly -Almost there, challenging him always works… not that I want to make him do it if he doesn't want to but that pregnancy was a hell… and I still want more kids.- She kissed his jaw and traced a finger across his chest. "Well that's already taken care off… there's a rather generous sample from 'Akane-kun' at the left wing of Nerima General. I ordered some instant Nanniichuan too and put it to good use." She began to run her hand along Ranma's lower back.

"So how about a little bet…" Ranma quirked an eyebrow and nodded. "We have the whole weekend and I really wouldn't mind more kids… I haven't renewed my prescription of pills…" She breathed the last part into his hear making him shiver. "So… if you can't get me pregnant during this weekend then…" She felt Ranma stiffen slightly -Gotcha, hook, line and sinker…-

Ranma pondered on the situation, he had over the years come to accept that the curse was permanent, especially after what had happened to Taro when he'd attempted to jump into the Nanniichuan… there were still several teams of biologists, archaeologists and miscellaneous scientists looking for the mythical Pan/Minotaur/Bull man/whatever. Still, they hadn't really ever talked about him getting pregnant… it was interesting, yet frightening idea. However, there was a challenge thrown towards him, he was the damn wild horse after all, no way could he fail in what Akane proposed.

He snorted "Hah, I'll even give you a handicap and stay girl every few times…" good thing they didn't have any classes during the weekend, this was just the two of them… a little quality time without the kids. "Anyway… I wont promise anything though, I mean we would have to think it through carefully… but… I promise I'll let you try and talk me into it if you won't… you know."

Akane beamed, she wasn't really trying to make Ranma go through pregnancy… that was just an added bonus possibility, what she really was after was Ranma… a highly motivated Ranma focused on only one thing. She put her head against his chest and said "So love… what are we waiting for… time without the kids is wasting!" She squealed when Ranma grabbed her and began to lope towards their bedroom.


Meanwhile, somewhere in Japan. "Aarrgh where am I now? Ranma this is all… oh time for my medication." A strong looking young man popped a few pills into his mouth and looked around "Ahahahaha where am I now? It's so great to always see new places… I'm so happy!"


And herein ends the Postlude: in which stuff happened, time went by, Akane and Ranma copulated like wild rabbits for one weekend and Ryoga was happily doped up to his eyeballs with antidepressants. Also Kimiko, Tenma and Nodoka learned that when you kick panda in the groin, it will kneel over in pain and that whenever they spent the weekend away, mommy and daddy would walk differently few days afterwards and be in a really good mood.


It's unknow whether or not Akane or Ranma got 'knocked up' after the weekend... whatever floats your boat I guess...

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February 14th… Valentine's day (If you don't know what it is then get out from the closet you live in)… in Japan girls give chocolate to guys they like during Valentine's day.

March 14th… White day, one month after Valentine's day the guys who got chocolate from the girl they like return the favour by giving chocolate and/or gifts such as jewellery to that particular girl.

D-Day/V-Day… D-day marks the day that a military operation is to start. There's only one really famous D-Day so if you have never heard the term D-Day then watch 'Saving Private Ryan' if you still don't get it D-day as in 'the' refers to the day when allied forces began operation Overlord and landed into Normandy during WWII. If you don't know what WWII is then… uh don't know really what would help on that.

V-Day stands for Victory Day… so in this fic it would mean... blah I'm sure you figure it out right?