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Summary: The Senshi –persuade- Serena and Darien to take the night off and go on a date, something they haven't been able to do since two-year-old Rini was born. So, the Senshi baby-sit the toddler, thinking it will be no sweat… How wrong they are! The 'pink-haired demon child', as she becomes referred to as, has a lot hidden up her sleeve and turns out to be A LOT more than what the Senshi bargained for. Can they get through this night of chaos alive, sanity still intact? Read on! Also, return of the Starlights!

"Night of Chaos"- rated T

Part 1: "How Hard Can It Be?"

Two figures crouched hiding in the darkness cast by shadows, watching their prey. Their quarry was a little girl, two years old, with pink hair put in small odango. In her hand was a tiny locket which she had stolen. She sat with her back to the figures, giggling and chewing on the locket, reveling in childish pleasure, not knowing she was soon to be victimized.

"Attack?" the first figure questioned.

"Attack," the second figure repeated reassuringly. They jumped out at the little girl but she quickly ran away, giggling. The two bonked heads. Serena Chiba groaned, rubbing her sore head. Her husband, Darien Chiba, also rubbed his throbbing skull.

"How'd Rini learn to run so fast?" Serena moaned in frustration. Darien shrugged.

"Genes, I suppose. That's what you get when her mom's Sailor Moon, her dad's Tuxedo Mask, and she's a future sailor scout. What'd you expect?" he teased lightly. Serena stuck her tongue out at him playfully, then exclaimed:

"Now let's get that Silver Crystal!"

The two found Rini in the bathroom, just pulling up the toilet seat, in the act of dangling the Silver Crystal precariously over the clear, unpolluted water.

"RINI, NO!" Serena cried, an edge of forewarning present in her voice. Rini laughed uncomprehendingly, letting the Silver Crystal slide through her fingers slowly, Serena warning, "Don't you dare, young lady!"

Rini let go of it, and Serena and Darien acted quickly. Serena grabbed Rini and gripped her tightly under one arm while Darien jumped at the Silver Crystal. He caught it, then fell in the toilet, unable to hold his weight in the air. Toilet water splashed everywhere, including on Serena and Rini. Rini clapped with childish pleasure, not knowing the near-grief and almost loss of the future world she had caused. She could be a bit more than the two frazzled parents could handle sometimes, but the two somehow managed to keep her in check most of the time. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, over and over in an annoying repetition.

"Shit!" Darien swore, flinging his arms up and down to rid them of some of the water. The family opened the door to the grinning Inner Senshi.

"Hey Serena, Darien, Rini!" Amy greeted cheerily. "We were just wondering if you…..um….." The Senshi noticed that the threesome were soaking wet, looking more than a little stressed. Mina sniffed them suspiciously.

"Is that toilet water?" she pressed incredulously, eyes wide and looking as if they were in danger of popping out. Serena sighed resignedly.

"To make a long story short, yes," Serena replied. Lita giggled.

"So is Rini a right little terror yet?" Serena and Darien groaned in unison.

"A full-fledged terror," they answered simultaneously. Rini just giggled, still under her mother's arm.

"She's two, right? Well you know what they say, that's the year of the twinkle twos!" Mina chimed. Raye elbowed the bubbly blonde.

"It's 'Year of the terrible twos'," Raye corrected, rolling her eyes. Mina always messed up quotes, even the easiest ones. We should make a 'Book of Horribly Revised Quotes', By Mina Aino, Raye thought amusedly.

"Whatever," Mina said airily, waving her hand unceremiously.

"Anyways, we were wondering if Serena wanted to come to the arcade with us, if that's OK Darien?" Amy asked, finally getting back on track with where their conversation had been about to lead. Serena looked ready to cheer, but put on a simpering expression, puppy dog eyes in place as she looked pleadingly up at Darien. She hardly ever got to leave the house, due to her little spore of an offspring clutched under her arm… at least the child was currently being docile!

"Darien can take care of Rini alone for a little bit, right?" Serena inquired, glancing at her husband as she said so.

"Sure," Darien responded, but his face registered otherwise. "You go on Serena, have a good time." Serena handed Rini to Darien, and the child perched herself there.

"Thanks, Muffin!" she said, kissing him on the cheek and waving bye. When they were gone, Darien looked down at Rini.

"Why they didn't just sign my will now is beyond me," he half-joked, half said seriously. Rini just chuckled.

"Dada," she said, clapping her hands eagerly. "Fun!" Darien gave a weak smile to Rini. Her variation of fun greatly differed from his.

"You'll be a good girl for daddy, right?" he begged.

"Good girl," Rini repeated. Darien cautiously set Rini down. For a minute, she just stood there, not sure what to do. Then, the bowl of roses caught her eye.

"Wosies," she said in her cute voice. Then she began running for it at full speed.

"No Rini! Not my roses!" Darien screeched, running for the little girl. 'Serena, why'd you leave me with this thing? I'm gonna have gray hair before my next birthday!' Darien thought desperately and self-sorrowingly.

At the arcade, the girls were sipping sodas.

"So Serena, are you sure Darien can handle Rini alone?" Mina asked.

"Truthfully, no, but I had to get out of there. Rini's been a right little terror, what with trying to eat the Silver Crystal, drop it and other things in the toilet, knocking everything glass or fragile over, and her incescant wailing," Serena replied. "If this is the way she's gonna act years from now, I have a feeling she'll give me a heart attack!" Raye placed a hand on Serena's shoulder.

"I've got a great idea! How about we baby-sit Rini for the night while you and Darien go off!" Raye said complient. "We can take care of Rini!"

"Raye, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into!" Serena cried, reluctant.

"Serena, trust me. How hard can it be?"

(Back at Darien's apartment, Inners looking in)

"OK, so maybe it is harder than I thought," Raye intoned, breaking their silence.

Shards of broken glass and roses lay on the ground, toys were strewn everywhere, and it looked like a tornado had blown through. On the floor was Darien, picking up tiny bits of broken glass. Sitting in the middle of the room was the cause of the destruction herself, sniffing and hugging her little bunny rabbit stuffed animal. When Darien saw Serena his face grew bright.

"SALVATION HAS COME!" He ran up and hugged Serena, sobbing his eyes out. "She's a menace! I couldn't take it anymore!" Serena hugged Darien consolingly.

"I'm here now, Muffin," she said soothingly. "The Senshi want to baby-sit for us all tonight!" Darien's head jolted up, face registering shock.

"But we haven't left Rini with anyone yet before," he said.

"Darien, we'll take good care of her!" Lita put-in reassuringly. Darien looked at the Senshi skeptically.

"She's a horror. You'll wish you never took care of her," he told them in monotone.

"Darien, we've got Amy! And what with her extensive knowledge, we can take care of Rini!" Raye added. Amy blushed.

"But I don't know very much about baby-sitting a terror child," she hissed for only the Senshi to hear her. Raye stepped on her foot subtly and painfully.

"Leave it to us, you'll be just fine!" Mina responded at ease. Suddenly, a little noise came from in the room and Rini had a little look on her face like 'I'm gonna cry NOW'.

"Uh oh," Darien said, preparing himself. He ran over to Rini just as she started screaming bloody murder.

"Come here, pumpkin," he cooed, but Rini pushed him away quite forcefully.

"Wan' Momma!" she chagrined loudly. Serena ran over and picked up Rini, following the child's wishes. To hell with not pampering a child, as doctors always instructed! Rini wasn't exactly a normal child, and considering Serena and Darien both knew this would be their only child, a little spoiling was in order. Hey, they already knew she was a spoiled brat when she was older, and it isn't good to change the future (wink wink)! This was always the two parents' defense. Besides, at least Rini would (but not yet)inherit Serena's kind and loving heart. Rini cuddled up in her mother's protective arms and yawned.

"Awww…… my wittle baby's tired!" Serena crooned, rocking Rini back and forth comfortingly. Quick as a flash, the Senshi had Serena and Darien's things ready and out the door in the hall as the two preoccupied themselves in their daughter. Serena handed Rini to Raye, who was offering to hold the toddler, and then they were suddenly pushed out the door quite vigorously.

"Hey! Let us in!" Serena cried, banging the door. Her husband followed suit, but it was to no avail. Serena sighed.

"They're not going to let us in, are they?" she surrendered.

"Guess they got their minds set on baby-sitting Rini for us. But I told them, they're gonna wish they never did," Darien said. "So what'd you say we go to a restaurant? We haven't been able to do that for ages!"

"Yah!" Serena agreed eagerly. "I suppose we should take advantage of this 'offer'." Darien slid his arm around Serena's waist and they left, free at last…

Inside the apartment, the banging soon ceased. Mina was listening at the door for any noises.

"They're gone," she informed, almost unbelievingly. She turned to look at them and for a moment, and they just stood staring back in silence. This was it, no turning back. Rini was theirs' to take care of for the night. Lita voiced their opinions.

"We can do this! I mean, how hard can taking care of Rini be?"

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