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Last Chapter

"Toot-er mine now!" Rini laughed.

"Monster! Devil! Get back here with my computer!" Amy yelled, limping after Rini. She screamed when she reached the living room.


"Oops," Rini said, who had sat on the computer. It was now broken. Amy fell to the ground crying and gathered her beloved computer in her shaking arms. Rini ran away gleefully and Amy stood up with a heartbroken look on her face.

"I'm going to bed, the Demon's done enough damage to me," Amy informed angrily, and went into the bedroom without looking back. Promptly, she was asleep, and didn't wake up even with the most painful of pinching. Rini came back into the room after Amy cocked out, yawning- something not missed by Raye, who saw opportunity knocking.

"We're all going to get sleep," she stated firmly, put Rini in her now clean crib, tucking the child in. Rini's eyes drooped while Raye's heart leaped happily. At last, the Tornado was slowing! She and the Starlights made makeshift beds on the floor, as Amy had occupied the bed, and Mina and Lita had obviously found the closet quite cozy. Raye fell asleep instantly, finally feeling serene… but not for long! The Devil never slumbers for long…


Raye awoke to find two red eyes boring into hers. She gave a muffled shriek, quite startled (A/N: If you've ever had that happen to you, it's quite freaky!). Raye flew up, nearly knocking Rini off of her (which would have been quite fine, in her opinion). The Starlights snoozed right through this fiasco, but then again, they were used to screaming girls in their stardom sensation.

"What is it Rini?" she hissed grumpily, rubbing her sleepy eyes into awareness.

"Jus' teck'in to see if you was awake," Rini explained, crawling back into her crib and going to sleep. Raye groaned at the nuisance of it all.


Raye awoke (again) to find two red eyes staring into hers (again).

"WHAT is it Rini?" Raye asked moodily and with an edge of grogginess.

"Jus' teck'in to see if you was awake," Rini replied again in repetition of her earlier episode. Raye almost screamed in frustration.

"GO to SLEEP!" she hissed loudly, as close as she could get without yelling and waking up the others. Rini crossed her arms in an almost Serena-ish way.

"Can't fall sleep," Rini told seriously. "Sleep wit you?"

"Fine," Raye surrendered, beyond caring what she did next. She just wanted to sleep! Rini crawled into her arms and snuggled in Raye's warmth, wishing it was her mother's. Silently, she began crying. This was the first night she'd ever been away from Momma and she wanted her like a tummy ache that wouldn't go away. Raye felt her chest growing moist and looked down at Rini. She almost gasped, and sat up, bringing the small child up with her.

"Rini, what's wrong?" Raye questioned, concerned.

"Wan' mommy. Miss mommy," Rini sobbed, rubbing her tearing eyes. Raye stroked Rini's pink hair soothingly.

"It's OK, Rini. Mommy will be home tomorrow, kay?" she crooned. Rini nodded, wiping away her tears. Raye laid back down again and Rini snuggled back into her and they fell asleep…..


Raye felt something jabbing her in the side painfully. She opened her eyes and saw Rini poking her (although sometimes pricking), tears running down her face. Raye sighed, annoyed to be woken up again. She tried to keep her voice calm as she asked:

"What?" Rini sniffed some more.

"I had dream where monster ate mommy an' den was chasin' me," she related tearfully.

"But dreams aren't real Rini, you know that, right?" Raye said. Rini nodded.

"It was scary dow," Rini said.

"Try to get some more sleep, and when you wake up, it'll be morning!" Raye alleged, falsely cheery. Rini lay back down again as did Raye, who thought: 'How Serena and Darien do it beats me.'


"Waye….Waye….I hungy and I gotsa wet diaper," Rini was whispering. Raye groaned, wishing she could just ignore the girl, roll over with a pillow over her head, and catch a little more shut eye. She really hadn't slept much tonight! Reluctantly, she opened her obsidian eyes.

"Waye!" Rini cried impatiently. Raye 'Shh!'ed her- the tot had said that quite noisily! Seiya shifted restlessly in his sleep.

"I'm getting up, I'm getting up," Raye mumbled, taking Rini into the kitchen and leading her by hand. She turned on the light and it hit her eyes like a thousand knives, so bright she needed a second to get used to it. Rini tugged on her hand impatiently, saying some incomprehensible word that didn't process through Raye's brain. Her eyes drooped with fatigue. Raye changed Rini's diaper, and being still half asleep she threw it away in the oven. Then Raye set the girl in her high chair gave her milk that Rini took it eagerly, sucking away deafeningly, or so it seemed to Raye.

"I wanna pway," Rini said, kicking the high chair to get Raye's drifting attention. "I wide 'wake!" Raye groaned, eying the beds lovingly. She was sooo tired!

"I'm not, Rini. Goodnight." And with that Raye dropped to the kitchen floor and went to sleep, body unable to stand it any longer. Rini slipped out of her high chair and began wandering the house alone. She looked in the cabinets, and found a kit of makeup. An evil plot formed in the mind of the child, and she took it and went to Raye.


Raye felt groggy, and her face felt weird, almost sticky. Grumbling, she got up and went into the bathroom. Rini followed, giving Raye an eager look that she couldn't say she liked. Upon looking in the mirror, Raye stifled a scream.

Her face was covered in makeup- from lipstick to mascara, you name it. All over. She looked like a demented clown! Raye washed it off with a little difficulty while Rini laughed, thinking she's just done the prettiest job in the world. Raye finished and turned to Rini angrily.

"OK salon queen, you tell me where the rest is," she exclaimed, temper rising. Her eyes ached and she wanted to sleep, but suddenly felt more awake at Rini's response.

"Ate it. Yummy," Rini cooed, pointing to her stomach. "See?" She raised an empty thing of chapstick, strawberry flavored, and an empty thing of lip gloss, blueberry flavored.

"Yummy," the terror repeated. Raye felt faint and grabbed the two things away from Rini, staring at the back of each in terror. Thankfully, they weren't poisonous! Raye felt very giddy about this and did a little jig. She sure wished there was poison at the moment, if it weren't for the fact that Serena and Darien would be home in a mere couple of hours.

"Thank the Lord Almighty!" she cried, then stopped when she remembered there were people sleeping. "Oops."

"Whaz'all the racket?" Seiya asked groggily, half asleep.

"Nothing… go back to bed," Raye reassured believingly, waving her hand as if he could have seen it. She turned around, and Rini was sucking on the soap.

"My God! Every time! Every time I look away, you get in trouble! JUST BE GOOD!" Raye yelled, taking the soap out of Rini's mouth with a jerk. She then picked up Rini and situated her under her arm, then proceeding to wash out her mouth, taking out bits of soap as she did so. 'It seems this job is becoming very mono,' Raye thought with anger. She stole a glance at the clock and her heart lightened considerably. It was going on 5:00am- only 2 more hours and she would be free! Raye laughed gaily and did a little "WHOOP!", forgetting the squiggling girl in her arms. Rini's head connected with the sink and she gave a loud scream of pain.

"Oh god!" Raye squealed, watching as Rini fell unconscious. "What've I done!" This would've been nice a while ago, but not when the happy couple were due home in two hours! She ran into the bedroom and began doing CPR to the young child. Gradually, Rini opened her eyes, apparently unable to remember what happened, and Raye wasn't about to remind her. Raye and Rini fell asleep, cuddled together, two angels in the midst of chaos. Well, maybe one angel…..

Dump! Splash!

Raye awoke with a jolt as ice-cold billows of water poured down upon her face. Her purple-black eyes flew open and the first thing she saw was Rini, bucket in hand, giggling away.

"Wakie-wakie, Waye!"

"You Bi-" Raye screamed, not finishing the swear word she horribly felt like saying. She chased Rini around the house, the Starlights joining in the chase soon enough as they had been awoke by the loud exclamation. Amy kept on sleeping, completely oblivious, while Mina and Lita were contently crazy in the closet. Sad to say, none of them had warning when they heard the lock click unlock, and the front door swing wide open.

"WE'RE HOOOME!" Serena cried joyously, then stopped after observing the frightening sight before her. The house was in complete disarray (if you still call it a house), and the Starlights and Raye were holding Rini in different places, apparently trying to keep her from going anywhere.

"Mommy!" Rini squealed happily, breaking the silence and running into her stunned mother's arms. Evidently horrorstruck, the Starlights ran out the door with a quick "Bye!" Darien turned to Raye.

"WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON?" Raye thought that this question was going to have A LOT of explaining to do.


Darien: "I TOLD them they couldn't handle her but nooooo…. Nobody ever listens to me anymore!" (Begins hitting the desk furiously in anger. Serena pats him on the shoulder)

Serena: "It's OK dear… just let it out…" :)


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