A/N: So the lunch ladies were giving out those little valentine's day hearts that taste like chalk, and I was inspired. So read. it's a sort fluffy thing that I want you to read, so yeah. Do that.


They were disgusting.

Those nasty little pastel colored hearts with their sappy messages written on them and their chalky taste.

Absolutely disgusting.

Yet there she was, eating them like she didn't know how gross they were. Sitting on the bridge rail without a care in the world she popped on after another through her pink lips to their crunched doom. Naruto sat next to her, eyeing the heart shaped candies with fascination.

"What are they Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked. He leaned closer to the plastic bag full of candy that rested on her lap.

"They're valentine candy. They have cute little sayings on them," Sakura answered cheerfully. She popped another in her mouth. She reached for another small fistful of the gross candy and looked down. She smiled. "Here, this one is for you."

Sakura handed Naruto one of the green chalk hearts. The blond boy looked at it carefully. He smiled cheekily. "I am great, aren't I?" he said. He popped the candy into his mouth and chewed on its nasty flavored.

I cringed.

They were a pointless candy for a pointless holiday.

"Where did you get those?" Naruto asked.

"Lee-San. He asked to be my valentine," Sakura said casually as she tossed a pink heart into the air and caught it in her mouth.

I nearly keeled over.

"I said no, but he still insisted I take the candy."

Leave it to Lee to give such a corny gift of such a stupid holiday.

"Sasuke-Kun!" Sakura called. She jumped down from the railing and walked over to me. The weather was cold because of the recent snow so her usual outfit was ditched for a heavy red petty coat and a red boots.


"Want a candy heart?" She asked. Her hair whipped around her face that was flushed either from the cold or from being around me. For some reason that always happened to her.

"Why would I want a disgusting piece of chalk candy?"

"Cause it's got a special message on it!"

Her childlike innocents annoyed me. I tried to look away, but that warm smile kept pulling me back.


She squealed happily and placed the yellow heart in my hand before skipping back over to Naruto. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked down. "KISS ME". Well that was subtle.

As I thought about this I put the heart in my mouth.


I looked over at Sakura and thought of something.

She looked up, unawear that i had now stepped in front of her. "Gasp! Sasuke-Kun!"


I kissed her.

Much better then those nasty chalky candies.