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I know I just started a new story and I told y'all I wanted to finish Satanic Embrace first. It really breaks my heart. However, this is a new story I came up with recently.

As for the vampire story, I will be doing working on it on paper. Yes, this is the one where Serenity is a bunny stripper. Hey, it's something different for her instead of being called a "sex kitten". I keep looking over the manga Love Celeb, by Mayu Shinjo, way too much. If you want to know what I'm talking about, I will put it up on my homepage. Gin and Kirara are just so cute together!

Enough of that.


I like to thank Ceara Corey for being my beta-reader and helping me out with my grammar. Please check out her story After Hours. It's a Seto x Serenity fiction.

Summary: AU She is His slave, He is Her master, He hates Him and will do ANYTHING to KEEP Her away from Him. Serenity x ?

Characters (they are chibi for the time being):

Seto, Atem, Joey, & Tristan are 8 years old.

Mai & Tea are 7 years old.

Serenity is 6 years old.

Mokuba & Rebecca are 4 years old.

Oh… everyone will have special abilities…

Italics are thoughts




Serenity flapped her white angel-like wings and jumped off the black spiral staircase, but ended up falling again. She still wasn't able to fly like her friends. Seto caught her for the hundredth time, but didn't mind. She, of course, was different from the group. Seto watched her over and over, telling her to practice and never up. She believed in his words and he believed in her. No matter how many times she tried, she just kept falling. Every time Seto caught her, she immediately blushed and made Seto chuckle.

Mai, and the other younglings watched from afar. Tristan and Joey hated seeing Seto help Serenity, but they were inside because they didn't finish their homework so they didn't see him today. Tea and Mai were busy helping each other making food for the other kids. Marik was practicing fighting in his own way and Mokuba and Rebecca were playing in the sandbox.

They lived in Domino's Orphanage Center. It was in a small village, where everyone's fantasy was to live in a castle. Everyone had wings and it felt like freedom. If you wanted to be alone, you could…without a trace. That was why it was forbidden to have them removed. If you had them removed, you were immediately the lowest rank of all: Slave.

"You okay, little one?" Seto asked Serenity as he put her on floor and she stretched her small body.

"Yes. Thank you again for catching me, Seto," she said nicely, looking away, noticing his knuckles were messy.

"Seto, you're bleeding," she noticed as she took his hand.

"It's okay. I must have scraped the concrete floor when I caught you," he said, expressing no pain, and blew on the wound.

"No! It's my fault. Here, let me help you," Serenity said hurriedly as she inspected his hand.

"Serenity, it's no big deal. I'm perfectly fine. I-," Seto started to say until Serenity's face became joyful.

"All better now," she expressed ecstatically as Seto's eyes widened at her ability to heal.

"Serenity…I didn't know you had a special ability. When did you learn that?" Seto asked, pleased to learn what Serenity could do.

"I'm not sure. I just saw your wound and became worried. I have never done such a thing… This is the first time I've done it," she said happily.

Seto saw her smile and grinned, showing off his white teeth and white bottom and top canines. He gently took his right hand and placed it underneath her small chin.

"Thank you Serenity. As for flying, all you need is patience, little one. Practice, and the time will come. For now, it's getting late. We need to rest," Seto said gently, picking her up in his arms.

She nodded to him and he flew up to the clouds, with his black demon-like wings. He always flew her to the sky that way she could be happy, since she wanted to fly badly but for some reason couldn't. The sun was setting and colors of yellow, orange and purple were starting to show.

"Okay, I'll practice and try harder! I will continue to practice and I will be able to fly!" Serenity said cheerfully. Seto gave her a smile and slowly flew down to the wooden building.

When Serenity was on the ground again, Seto took her small left hand with his right, and her face turned red. Seto chuckled.

"What's so funny?" she asked, slightly fuming.

Seto laughed even harder. "You look so cute when you get embarrassed and angry. I just have to tease you. I love it when you do something so cute and funny, because it makes me happy, lighthearted, and warm inside," Seto said as Serenity looked up, not believing what he said.

Serenity liked Seto very much, not only as a friend, but something more. She knew she could never tell him how she felt because she was afraid that their friendship would be broken.

They both walked inside and headed to their beds. Seto tucked in Serenity and said his goodnight and sweet dreams to her. Serenity said the same thing to him as she closed her eyes.

Seto heard the T.V. was on next to his bed, in their room. He was lowering the volume a bit when he heard, "Gozaburo Kaiba will be heading to Domino's Orphanage Center tomorrow in the afternoon to give them a check worth ten million yen. We will have more on the report tomorrow," the anchorman said.

Seto knew that Gozaburo Kaiba had money and power, and nothing and no one could stand in his way. Seto smirked and thought of an idea on how to get Mokuba and himself adopted by challenging the old geezer.

Seto blinked for a second and turned the television off. He turned his attention to Serenity, who was fast asleep, hugging the Blue Eyes White Dragon plush he gave to her on her birthday. Seto looked down and realized that she couldn't go with him and Mokuba if they got adopted. His feelings for her were more than just treats. She always ended up surprising him with something new. He started to develop a crush on her when she started talking to him. Seto liked her more than just a friend, but was afraid to admit his feelings for her.

Seto pulled the blanket over his head and fell asleep.


Okay! Well, I hope you enjoy my new story. I know y'all are waiting for the epilogue to Ugly Duckling. I had this checked over, thanks to my beta-reader Ceara Corey. Please check out her story After Hours, if you like/love Seto x Serenity stories. Thank you, Ceara!

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