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-2 Years Later-

Serenity smiled at him while he was flying in the air. Seto was right behind her watching their son in sky. He flew every which way with a smile on his face.

"Mom! Dad!" he flew down, towards, his wings flap once-in-a-while, his feet not touching the ground.

"Yes, Sousuke?" she asked him as she ruffled his brown hair.

Sousuke was a miniature Seto, with gray, dragon-like wings. Seto looked at himself. Well, his son.

"Come fly with me, please?" he asked as Serenity kissed her son's forehead.

Seto grinned and wrapped his arms around his wife's petite waist. He flew both of them up slowly as Sousuke tilted his head to the side.

"Mom… where are your wings?" Sousuke asked, as he saw his father carrying her in his arms all of a sudden.

Serenity looked at Seto with a sad expression. What do I say to my son if you lost someone or something important? Seto nodded.

"Her wings were taken away from her, a long time ago," Seto said softly, as Sousuke got mad.

"Who did it? I'll kick his butt!" Sousuke yelled, making tiny fists.

Serenity and Seto laughed.

"He's no longer exists," she said with a smile as Sousuke nodded.

Then, they flew into the night sky. Seto looked at his loving wife, as Sousuke looked at his parents.

One of these days I can have a girl of my own. A girl I can grow to love, and take care of, just like my father. Sousuke smiled at the thought.




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