Danny's Valentine

Chapter 1: The Morning in Class

14-year-old Danny Fenton walked to his school with his two best friends, Goth girl Sam Manson and Techno geek Tucker Foley. When the trio got inside Casper High the entire school was covered with hearts and little pictures of Cupid.

Sam looked at Danny and saw him look at the school in a very weird way.

Sam also noticed something else about the students, so she asked, "Um, do you guys notice anything weird about the students?"

Tucker looked at all the people holding hands and said, "Maybe there's there some memo that we didn't get."

Danny asked, "What are you guys talking about?"

Sam rolled her eyes and said, "Look around, Danny."

Danny then looked at the students holding hands, hugging, kissing and said, "Everyone's paired off."

It's a school wide epidemic; the love bug and everyone but me, Danny and Tucker have been bitten, ugh great. Sam thought to herself.

Just then Valerie Gray came up to Tucker and said, "Hey Tucker, I have something for you." She handed Tucker a card in the shape of a heart that read: Hey Tucker, will you be my Valentine?

Tucker smiled and said, "Sure, Valerie, I'll be your Valentine."

Valerie grinned and then she and Tucker left to class hand in hand.

Danny and Sam sighed and Danny said, "Unbelievable, a week before Valentines Day and even Tucker has a valentine."

Sam shrugged and said, "Don't worry; I'm sure you'll find a valentine soon."

Danny smiled and asked, "What about you, I mean where's your Valentine?"

"W-well, I-I don't really care about this holiday v-very much, you know that, but if I ever get a Valentine card I might consider him." Then Sam walked off to class, leaving Danny alone. Danny sighed and took out a little card and began to write in it.

When Danny entered the class he saw a new boy was sitting next to Sam, Danny was suddenly overcome with anger and jealousy.

When Danny sat down at his usual seat Sam said to him brightly, "Oh, Danny, this is Jake, he just moved here from Seattle."

Danny put on a fake smile and said, "Hi, Jake I'm Danny."

Sam asked, "So Danny, what took you so long?"

Danny replied, "Oh, it was nothing really important."

Sam shrugged and turned her head to the blackboard. When she did Danny sighed and took the card from his pocket and put it away in his backpack. He had a feeling that giving the card to Sam was not going to be easy.